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Exclusive Goat Man Review

When you’re a Club Eternia subscription holder, you generally want (or at least are willing to purchase) 100% of what Mattel put outs for Masters of the Universe Classics; to avoid having to go to the website month-to-month to order the latest items. To rest easy and let the products flow. Well, that was the idea anyway. I think I got five whole months last year where I didn’t have to go to Mattycollector, purchase something manually, and pay double shipping that month. (About 70% of 2013 items were included in the subscription).

I’m not bitter. In actuality, I would be happiest if the other 30% were included in the subscription too. No fretting over convention exclusives or fear of forgetting when one of the items goes on sale. No crazy dash for online “Chase” figures released randomly (who still thinks that’s a great idea?).

Anyway, I say all this as a collector who completely forgot that April 15th was my easiest chance to pick up Goat Man, Loo-Kee, & Kowl until the end of the year. Doh. I remembered about two hours later, but it was too late. They should be offered again in EA towards the end of the year, but I’m really bad at waiting. Luckily, friend, brilliant reader, and Fwoosh Contributor fireball13z snagged an extra Goat Man for those foolish like myself and hooked me up for this very review. Thank you!

When Goat Man was announced last year, I did partake in the collective “who?”. Goat Man has the humblest of beginnings, appearing in only one story: a Golden Super Adventure Book titled, Secrets of the Dragon’s Egg. He only appears on a handful of pages, gets tricked by a horse, and takes a sucker punch from Fisto. That’s pretty much it. That’s almost more embarrassing then his bio saying his real name is Klacky.

The issue is available online at He-Man.Org, though in the synopsis, the writer trashes Goat Man – and takes a cheap shot at Snout Spout – indicating happiness that Goat Man was not given a figure. Well, the jokes on you, nameless He-Man.Org contributor! Cause Goat Man has finally come into his own.

Goat Man features a decent chunk of new parts to get his signature look not only down, but thankfully updated with a little more detail. The forearms and thighs are new to get the bracers and bondage thigh gear represented appropriately. We’ve also got some swanky new armor and a new noggin. The only bad part here is the armor and it’s that same stupid Mattel mistake again: having the clasps on the sides. Mattel has stated they’re aware and working on this – but that simply going back to what they were doing 2-3 years ago is difficult. While I like the overall sculpting work on the armor fine – the leather texture and studs are a nice touch, it’s just hard to love with all that bulk.

The new noggin’ is probably one of the nicest parts of the figure. I wish his expression were a little more menacing – he just looks a tad bewildered. I think that would’ve helped to cover up the costume look the figure has. We know from the bio that Goat Man is truly part animal. He’s not a guy in a goat mask, but man the figure looks like it! Some red paint on the neck, or trying to blend the colors together a little more (As was done with Clawful, another guy-in-a-suit figure) would’ve helped the figure tremendously. I do like him, but I just am left wanting a little more after having had him out of the package for a few days. Continue to Page 2…

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Exclusive Goat Man Review

  1. I like him well enough; though, a friend of mine and I both got terribly loose right ankles. How is the right ankle on your figure?

    Oh, and I picked up that infernal chase “pack-in” two pack as well. I keep looking into my wallet hoping the cash I spent is hiding in there.

    Love the Fisto pic.

    1. Same problem with mine’s right ankle. Was a bit sad since we haven’t had loose ankles for over a year now.

      1. Thanks, Jon. Good to know. Makes me wonder if it is worth it to get a replacement, or if I’d get more of the same and maybe worse. Wonder why Mattel used the old Skeletor ankles when they have new ones tooled?

  2. It’s like Red Skull and Mr Sinister had a medieval viking love child way into S&M.
    posing him with the similarly attired Mr.T-wannabe there and you’re missing out on some prime Folsom Street comedy fare. Oh Myyy!

    In just looking at him, tho, I think my only complaint is that his hands appear oddly small? Is that just an optical illusion made from the new wrists or what?

  3. “Dude, I punched a lot of people in 1985.” LOL.

    This guy reminds me more of Aries (or is it Capricorn?) from the Marvel super-villain group Zodiac. It’s gotta be those horns. He does fit in with those other red-clad bad guys, but he’s otherwise a third tier character and an easy pass for me. Maybe if they had painted his neck or something?

    1. Oh, man, I could had a field day with zodiac jokes…

      I do wish they’d painted his neck. That would’ve been more accurate to the comic too.

  4. Awesome review, man.

    I love this guy. He definitely kind of has some Clawful syndrome going on with the human body and animal face, but I’m going with him being some evil Eternian guy who tried to make a pact with a demonic entity and ended up getting hosed in the deal. He didn’t get the power or things he wanted but ended up becoming an insane menace. His appearance changed and while he grew stronger and more powerful in his physical abilites, he also became a pariah to society. Like the Gerasene Demonianc, Goat Man roams the outskirts of Eternian burial grounds. Eventually, Skeletor and Beast Man tracked him down and placed those wristlets on him. The unique designs on them are ancient symbols that help to control the savage Goat Man, allowing Beast Man to command him.

  5. I was amazed at how easily I was able to get Goat-Man and the Lookee/Kowl pack during Early Access. I logged in early and when the time hit I was able to add them to my cart and check out with absolutely NO screen of doom, red OR white. And with both lasting at least a couple hours (I believe) it leads me to a couple realizations… 1) they didn’t limit these as much as they said lead us to believe and 2) MOTUC demand is on the decline.

    Regardless, I popped in and picked up the 2 Goat-Man that I wanted for my collection. I’d normally have waited for Power-Con later this summer but since they are moving it to New York this year I won’t be able to go. And getting Lookee/Kowl just saved me some stress later on down the road.

    1. It’s been better lately, but some folks still have trouble. Remembering has become my greatest weakness!!

      Definitely makes sense to get ’em now. Less to worry about later!

  6. Great review and excellent pics & comics.

    I just had a nasty thought of those things on his thighs being celices.

    Anywho, I managed to get a couple Goat Men and some Kowl & Loo-Kee 2-Packs, for myself and to share around with others, but I didn’t have an easy time of it. Yet again, I got everything in my cart and ready to roll, and the glitches and errors started. Third EA in a row for me this has happened. (I skipped March, but posts on the MC Facebook page were saying that March was a glitch-tacular month as well.) Called through and get them to sort it out, and in TWO AND A HALF DAYS, they arrived in Devon, courtesy of DHL. Love those Germans.

    Now, if only MattyCollector would sort out that sodding website of theirs . . . .

  7. I totally agree with all you’ve said. I also missed the oportunity to buy those figures in this last early access. I live in Brazil and unfortunately I can’t use internet at my work, and when I got home that day and tried to buy my figures….SOLD OUT…..It pissed me off!
    Like you I hate waiting and I had to buy my figures on ebay and paid almost double the price.
    Every subscriber must have the right to buy at least one of every figure released with a very limited quantity per person (even if it’s an exclusive one). If the person don’t want it, then Mattel can offer the figure later in the website.

    1. I know Matty is always worried about leftover stock, sometimes rightfully so, but I always wonder why a subscriber isn’t limited to the number of subscriptions they have. (other than that it’s too difficult for them to administrate… lol)

  8. I love the review, and the figure itself. I love that old Sega Genesis Game – The Immortal. The trolls in that game are man-sized, have horns on their heads, and human feet just like Goat Man. I’ve already taken to thinking of him as an eternian troll from sub-ternia.

    And for those who were wondering, my Goat Man does not have loose ankles. All his joints are tight.

  9. One of those figs can.debate about getting. A great review and pics and the one fisto comic is funny.

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