Mattel Reveals some SDCC
Exclusives for MOTUC & DCUC

It’s nearly May which means it’s time to start getting your SDCC Exclusive want lists ready. Mattel has offered up two new ones (well, one we knew, but this is the official announcement) at Mattycollector today:

Masters of the Universe® Classics Hordak® with Imp

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of She-Ra® and Princess of Power® with the first-ever Filmation-style Hordak® figure! Inspired by his ‘80s animated appearance, complete with blue skin and interchangeable cannon/”human” arms, this figure includes a snap-on claw hand for his cannon arm and a Horde magic staff. Joining Hordak® is his sarcastic sidekick from the series, Imp, in his first appearance as a Classics figure.

Added Bonus Only at SDCC! When you purchase this Hordak® figure at the show or pre-order the figure to be picked up at the show, you also get a bonus “Imp as a Treasure Chest” figure! Packed in a separate poly bag (not on the blister card with Hordak® and Imp above), this special item is available only at SDCC and will not be included with the Hordak® with Imp figure sold at after the show. First come, first served. (Can’t see him? That scamp! He’s around here somewhere…)

This item will be available for pre-order at on June 24, 2014, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con and sold at the show. It will also be available at on August 5, 2014, without the bonus “Imp as a Treasure Chest” figure.

DCU Classics Doomsday

One of the most demanded figures in the DCU Classics Signature Series finally arrives! This massive maniac had the ultimate face-off with Superman™ in the best-selling issue #75, and now, in his first-ever appearance as “prison suit” Doomsday, he joins our DC Universe Classics line. Standing at over 9” tall with 16 points of articulation (16!), the Kryptonian killer arrives in his prisoner suit. (How in the world did he fit all of his spikes and bones inside that suit? Some mysteries may never be solved.) Doomsday comes in a custom window box that pays homage to the cover of DC Comics Superman: The Man of Steel #18 (November, 1992), the issue where he made his first full appearance.

This product will be available for pre-order at on June 24, 2014, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. It will also be available for purchase at the show, then at on August 5, 2014.

Check out this post at ActionFigureInsider for some great shots of Doomsday including his SDCC packaging!

See Them at Comic Bug’s Free Comic Book Day Event 5/3

If you’re in Southern California, come to The Comic Bug store at 1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, California Saturday, May 3, and get a up-close look at Hordak®, Imp, and Doomsday. Not only that, but Comic Bug is giving away thousands of comic books during their annual event that features a ridiculous roster of popular writers and artists doing in-store sketches and signings. For more info on Comic Bug’s event, click here.

Not in Southern California? No worries, because Free Comic Book Day events are held at comic stores nationwide. Just click here for all the details on Free Comic Book Day.

Mattel will be releasing more SDCC exclusives, including more possibly for MOTU & DC, each Tuesday for the next few weeks!


19 thoughts on “Mattel Reveals some SDCC
Exclusives for MOTUC & DCUC

  1. So they’re going down the Gleek route with Treasure Chest Imp this year. The She-Ravers will love that.

    Easy pass on everything Mattel for yet another SDCC. My wallet will breathe easy.

  2. Hmm, well don’t have a Hordak but really much more woulda sold me on this. Drill arms, Hordak Rocket mode, another Imp mode, anything then just imp.

    Doomsday, actually pretty cool to me. Though I recall only one arm being free as he trashed thru the states and the Justice League.

  3. Thumbs up for Filmation Hordak. I will finally take advantage of my Early Access, which I’ve been ignoring all year, to get him.
    I don’t think Doomsday is a bad figure, but he just leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I still think the DC sub could have made it if they had just offered the Doomsday everyone wanted and skipped the two tier gamble.

  4. Saw this first on ThefwooshI think They were tipped off to this before they made their comic-con guess list. I mean, last year when they “guessed” who was gonna be in the DCSC, they got four out of five right, I believe. Then they make a MOTU guess list, and their number one happens to be right on the money? I don’t buy it. And I shan’t be buying those either. More money for whatever ML/ Star Wars Black exclusives Hasbro puts out.

  5. Probably gonna pass on Hordak. I know I’m in the minority, but the main things I wanted were new armor and to be rid of the smooth abs. I really hate the smooth abs. Matty didn’t fix those issues so 95% sure I’m not buying.

    Doomsday is a must have. Awesome. Fingers crossed that somehow this leads to the unleashed one getting released in a manner where the fans who want him can get him for a reasonable price.

    1. You’re definitely not in the minority. Most fans have expressed disgust at them doing a cheap repaint rather than giving him a Filmation head, amongst other things. He really could have been a nice deluxe set with heaps of cool things. But that’s obviously too difficult and they’d rather slug $30 (which is $45-$50 for most people who can only buy it from their website) for an Imp figure and a blue version of a figure most already have. Not to mention have something like the chest that the majority will never get to have anyway.

      Absolutely disgusting and bewildering decision for them to cheap out on this.

  6. I’ll be getting at least one of those Hordaks. Rather annoyed by the treasure-chest Imp. The piece itself I could take or leave; it’s the principle of the subbers getting left out again that grinds my gears.

    Still got loads of SDCC exclusives to reveal. I hope they don’t have too many MOTUC items; my wallet will be screaming in July / August as it is!

    1. sadly, they copied the “Cheap version” that Emiliano proposed and made it even Cheaper!

      1. Is it really copying if he just drew the character in the figure style? I mean, if I drew a Ragman figure in DC Classics style and the 4H then made one and they looked the same, it’s not really like they sculpted my artwork in 3D.

        1. Its not copying at all. Any old fan with some kind of art skills could have designed the same figure. I mean, look at all the custom filmation hhordaks that fans have made.

  7. I shared this Doomsday “news” with Mike Carlin, saying I hoped they all got a free figure, and he geeked out and shared it with the rest of the SuperTeam. I hope Scott saw that and at least gives Mike one, if not Ordway and Gammill, too.

    honestly, I think it might be cool, but I won’t buy it unless it’s at holiday clearance.

  8. Not to be an apologist, but a lot of people are comparing the imp chest to gleek. Its nothing like gleek, we still get an imp if we buy outside of sdcc, you didn’t get gleek at all outside sdcc. If anything this is like the plastic man suitcase, or the mini starros, you’re not missing a character in your collection like you were with gleek. its still a load of crap though, But if I cant make a deal to get the chest, ill still at least get an imp

    1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought he was coming with two cannon arms, as well as a claw hand to attach to one? If not then I’m not interested in him.

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