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So there I late last week, taking pictures of the Star Wars Black 6” Stormtrooper for today’s review, when I had a realization. Extendar had arrived on Friday. One of my most anticipated MOTU figures since… well, since the MO2K line didn’t even get to him. I opened him, played around with him, showed off his features to my politely interested wife. I didn’t want to rush his review. I wanted to enjoy the line finally getting to Extendar.

But that realization while I was taking endless Stormtrooper pictures? Extendar hadn’t gone on sale yet! I had him, very much technically, before he was released! Since IAT is not on par with the greatness and reach of sites like the Fwoosh, AFI, or Pixel Dan, this is a rare occurrence. I know it’s not that cool; something just likely brought on by the weekend delaying the sale and Digital River & DCL having imaginatively drank some magic elixir that got my figures to me quickly. But it’s awesome! And I couldn’t pass up the chance to post a review before the sale date, right? I could almost call this a “First Look”, but I’ll try not to get carried away!

Extendar was a mythical character to me as a kid. I knew of him, but never had him.* To me, back then & now, he was MOTU’s Knight who just happened to have a pretty awesome super power, he could cybernetically extend his limbs, as well as his neck & waist. He’s like Mekaneck on steroids. And in addition to looking cool and having a fun action figure, his back story only furthered my interest in the character.

* – Earlier this year, I found a vintage figure in great condition, shield included, and snagged him. Regretfully, I couldn’t find him in time for the review. I may have an “early look”, but Pixel Dan is still the master of “Comparison Time”!

In the licensing kit (& maybe some UK comics, I’m not sure), Doodon & his friend Theydon were Etherian athletes experimented on and brainwashed by Hordak. I’m not sure if he wanted to make them evil warriors or just change their awful names, maybe both. Ultimately, Extendar overcomes that brainwashing. Theydon had helped him when injured at the cost of winning a race and Extendar fought off the brainwashing to help his friend in return. Extendar broke free to fight alongside the heroic warriors, but tragically Theydon became the evil warrior, Dragstor. (Speaking of, when are we getting Dragstor again?)

As was long expected due to his lengthy absence from the Classics line, Extendar requires a lot of new tooling. Mattel was able to reuse the standard chest, the inner hip assembly, and the hands. That’s it. Everything else, even some internal bits to connect the upper & lower torsos had to be tooled from scratch to get the Tower of Power just right. And, boy did they; the visual on him is simply stunning, particularly if you’re one of the seemingly few Extendar fans (his late inclusion in the line and limited appearances in media make him more of a niche character, it’s a shame).

All the newly sculpted pieces appear to be spot on to the original, including the strange pattern on the back of the armor. The only thing that stands out to me is the thicker gold belt. This may be to accommodate the torso being removable, but it blends into the figure so well, that I could see it being an aesthetic choice too. The armor is still, by definition, bulky; but Mattel can get away with it here because the vintage Extendar was similarly bulky.

The six extension parts all work particularly well. I worry a little bit about the harder plastic on the torso piece, but it feels sturdy enough that it will hold up. The detail work on these pieces are true to the original, including the peace sign on his neck, but are thankfully sharper than their vintage counterparts. Extended, Extendar is convincingly tall and looks pretty good, but does reveal the one sculpted detail I’m not as hot on: the face. It’s not bad by any means, but I’m used to the older, wider head on the original and it’s been narrowed here. As a result, the angles on his face create an odd expression that I can’t quite place. Much like the armor hiding the bulkiness though, I can keep Extendar unextended on the shelf to spare myself from contemplating his emotional state. Continue to Page 2…

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Extendar Review

  1. That last picture is a bittersweet riot.

    I’d pick up a second Extendar to scratch that itch for additional extension, but since I already got things in EA, I’m not paying to just ship him.

    It’s a great figure, I just really wish that they had made his forearms and hands as bulky as the rest of him, since they are also new tools, well at least the forearm is. They’re just a bit lanky, maybe I can get a set 3D printed somewhere.

    1. I ultimately decided the same thing. I’d already ordered that little teeny & Scareglow & Ice and didn’t feel like paying Mattel to ship a third, separate box the same week.

      I can see a lankiness when pointed out, but I’m still a fan of the proportions as is.

  2. no Extenze joke? paging Dayraven! LOL
    He’s got a nice look and just different enough from Mek, like Ralph vs Reed, that it works. of course, now he needs a steed…. 😉

  3. Great review, I especially like the pics.
    Extendar was always a must get for me when the line started but as time went on I lost interest and sold them. As much as I like Extendar I won’t be buying him as financially it would just cost too much getting him and all the main characters again here in the UK.

    1. Thanks! If I ever pare down, Extendar was likely to stick around even if he got a bad figure, so this was good for me. I can see selling off parts of the collection at some point, but I’ve got to wait until the bitter end to be sure.

  4. Excellent review, pics, & comics, as per.

    So looking forward to getting this guy. Had the original (long ago given to a buddy of mine), and the pearly armour on top of the gimmick made him one of my favourites, but his bulk was a bit of a put-off. This version looks slightly more believable as a warrior. Not so fond of the new waist/groin armour, though; the proportions look “off.”

    1. Thanks! The color is great, isn’t it?

      I’ve heard the complaints on the belt, but I guess I’m lucky enough to just not see it. I think it might just look better with the bigger gold band.

  5. Great review, man. I’m so pumped for this guy (I hope I get him by Thursday, as I have the cheap shipping).

    I had Extendar as a kid and have always liked him. I’m a bit younger than many MOTU fans, so I was really just getting into the line when guys like Rio Blast, Clamp Champ, and Extendar were joining the heroic warriors, thus I love these guys!

    1. Thanks!

      Defintely some great characters for the kids that got in late! The funny thing is that I had a lot of the early guys, but it’s that list you mentioned that holds a special place. Extendar and Rio Blast have made me a happy camper for 2014.

    2. Same here Barbecue17! I was born June ’82 so I was a bit too young for the early stages of the line but I was definitely around for the tail end. One of my most favorite Christmas memories is when I got Extendar, Clamp Champ, and Rio Blast (along with Randor and Sorceress) all wrapped up in a big box. I was so excited!

  6. I too got my figure before sale day (Thursday last week). I’m in L.A. same as the distribution center and pay for the UPS shipping so my figures don’t go on a “3 hour tour” before arriving. Anyway…

    I haven’t opened mine yet (not sure I’m keeping him) but I’m curious if the waist/torso connection is the same as King Hsss.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything this early before. I loved it!

      You know what? The Hiss torso didn’t even cross my mind. I’m getting old. I just tried it and they are compatible. The hip assembly is different, but the peg is the same for both. Neat!

      1. I just think the armored knight look is executed so perfect, I don’t *want* to display him with any extensions, except possibly the mid-section one.

  7. I made my peace with the belt. He is wearing a single gold band as a belt and the red piece is a fanny bag. Am I the only one who feels that the forearms look a bit too long in normal mode?

  8. While this guy has fascinated me since the vintage days, I can’t help but feel that the color scheme was always “wrong”. Not sure what I think would look better, but the pearlescent white and gold combo always struck me as “odd”.

  9. Well one fig never had but man he does look nice. Sold out at Matty but sadly the toy show I go to moved to location I could get to via bus but coming home with what I usually do on the bus would be wrong. Skipping this year.

    He would be a buy if spot at good price, unless see some figuarts that catch my eye.

  10. Have to say the reviews here are head and shoulder about those of matty mouth piece pixel Dan.

  11. I was not really looking forward to Extendar, as I’ve never been a fan of his design and his action feature didn’t interest me. I have to say he is a lot of fun once in-hand and I am really happy to have him.

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