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Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars: Black Series
Prototype Armor Boba Fett Review

And that solid, detailed sculpt? Well, it’s here too – which trims some points from the figure. See, this Prototype Armor is brand-spanking new. Or, it’s supposed to be. And that detailed Boba Fett sculpt comes back around to make this figure slightly off kilter with each and every dent & ding. For the most part, I don’t care much. ‘Cept that big ol’ dent in the helmet. In that sense, this figure just came too soon. Jango will have pristine helmet someday. For now, this guy works and I’ll enjoy him as is. Even with that big black holster that oughta still be white!

The paintwork on my figure was mostly good. I got to pick one with a clean black visor, so I took him even though there are a few spots of black paint where it shouldn’t be here and there. It was worth the tradeoff. I might like if the figure were a brighter, Mr. Clean white, but this is infinitely better than the grey on the 4” version. That bright white cape serves a good reminder of what I would’ve like to seen.

Boba’s standard two accessories are included again, his rifle and pistol. Both are cast in black and he holds both well. The pistol should hang from the belt here, but it does have that aforementioned holster it fits in. I’m cool with that, but I would’ve liked to see that holster in white. So much that I’ve mentioned it twice.

Overall, I’m happy this figure got made. A little more money in the budget might’ve made it better, but it’s exciting to get a toy of something that I really like in my preferred scale. I love the Sideshow version – it’s awesome. The 4” version is okay, but clearly I never opened it. This figure is the one I was waiting for and it lives up the hype. It even had some old fashioned toy hunting mixed in thanks to Walgreens. And now my Prototype Fett itch is soothed… until Hasbro, or heaven forbid Gentle Giant, offer up a vintage version!

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40 comments to Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars: Black Series
Prototype Armor Boba Fett Review

  • Jon

    Damn that was a quick review! What did you buy it like a few hours ago?

  • Clutch

    Dude, two words: Arctic Boba. Every dent and ding will make sense that way.

    I don’t view this as a prototype armor: It’s one’s of Boba’s various means of earning his keep. Is yer bounty running around loose on Hoth? Use this guy.

    Not getting Bespin Luke, though? That’s a true headscratcher. Bespin Luke is freaking iconic. How could you NOT get him? 😀

    • lol Hoth Fett!

      I just don’t feel inclined when I see Luke! I thought I would, but it just never clicks when I run across him.

      • I’m with you on Bespin Luke. For $20, he just doesn’t grab me like he should. Maybe part of it is frustration with the line overall. Why would I want 2 Lukes when I can’t find any Storm Troopers (or, until he was in the refresh cases, a Boba Fett)?

    • Brainlock

      I can see that with this guy, “Arctic/Hoth Boba”. I’ve only recently found the regular version, tho. I may have missed out last week, as I stopped in to see if my Walgreens had Venom yet, only to turn around and nearly walk into the guy with two display boxes of Venom slung over his shoulder. I wish I had looked them over, first, as both of mine have a weak white paint on their chests. ah well, one’s is definitely getting customed, and not just a layer of red over the white for a “T-bolt variant”.

      back to 6″ Black: My main problem with Bespin Luke is the head. It’s a new sculpt from the X-Wing (pictured above) and it looks like he just got his head slammed in a door or something. It’s squooshed and dazed. Body is great, tho. I’ve snagged a couple BL’s and Han’s for my 6″ Joe customs.

      I’ve forgotten who is in what wave, but I know I’ve seen Anakin and Clone Trooper, no Chewie or Vader, as yet. Still annoyed we don’t have ANH Luke or ANY other Leia announced, yet. We need her in either ANH, Bespin, or any Jedi outfit.

      • Chewie & Vader have been showing up at Walgreens too, so hopefully I can wrap all that up in one shot.

      • Brainlock

        so…repost SW7 “Force Friday” 2015.
        that Walgreens had a good dozen right as you walk in the door. things were tighter than I realized last fall, so I had to pass on him. The I went in one day and….not a trace they were ever there. Not sure if one of the locals who run the ToyMan toy show grabbed them, or someone selling them on ebay or they were simply “sent back”?

        flash forward to a couple weeks ago, suddenly, four new Venom show up with Black Ant. yeahbuhwha?

        tonight, no one’s touched those Venoms, and two more have appeared?
        I did score a DD (red, need BAF arm to redeco a Hobgob into Green) while others are finding HBIM wave t theirs more than anywhere else. checking out, the cashier notes she found “several” Ants at a “not Goodwill” up in StL County, which she scored for $2 each. She was also familiar with the older figures, mentioning “individual fingers” AND happened to be somewhere above me in the balcony at June’s Weird Al concert, as I am still wearing my MF cap. LOL

  • Mark

    That is one cool figure…if only we had Walgreens in the UK. As much as I keep saying I have given up collecting anytime I am in a shop with toys I always have a look for Boba Fett.
    If I bought any of this line the only Luke I would want would be the Jedi Knight version.

    • Jedi Knight is tempting too. And I did buy X-Wing. I think I may just want the basic ANH Luke. I’m not sure.

      • Mark

        I always like the Jedi Knight version as that was the only one I grew up with. I seen ROTJ when I was three but I didn’t see any of the others until 95 when I was ten.

  • Ian

    I didn’t even think this was out yet! It’s hot!

  • No white Fetts around here, and no sign of Agent Venom. Honestly, Agent Venom’s more of a must-get for me (I love the design and am quite fond of the character as well). I’ve gone to Walgreens more often (and to more Walgreens) in the last few weeks than I have probably the rest of my life combined. And the people there think you’re nuts if you tell them you’re there trying to find exclusive action figures. Because Walgreens is not a destination for action figures, and the people that work there probably all forget that they sell them most of the time.

    On the subject of the Black line itself, I wish I was still enthused about this line. I enjoyed wave 1, and liked most of wave 2. Leia isn’t that great, and Fett I just found a couple weeks ago (as a refresh in the new cases). But I then went 8-9 months without seeing any new product on the shelf, and when I did, it was pinhead Obi-Wan (still a decent figure, but for a $20 collector line I expect better) and Bespin Luke. And a ton more Hans, even though the first release Hans were still in decent supply. Then I went a couple more months and found a Clone Trooper and Anakin, but I passed on Annie for now. He looks okay (at least as good as Obi-Wan, for what that’s worth), but, much like I mentioned a few posts up with Bespin Luke, he’s not grabbing me as a “must buy” toy. To keep my interest, this line has to be more consistent with its releases, and especially with availability. And stop making the most worthwhile accessories convention-exclusive.

    • Celticsfan

      One of the Walgreens I visited had a display on the top shelf in the toys containing eight of the Agent Venom exclusive. He seems to be easier to find than the Proto Fett figure.

    • Taro_BCN

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure some forget they sell toys but I’m also pretty sure others that work there resell those figures at online sites

  • Celticsfan

    Great review!

    I personally had to visit 8 stores before finding one of the Proto Fett figures. They also had a Chewie which I grabbed. Walgreen got wave 5 shipped with the exclusive Fett, so along with the white Boba and Chewbacca, there’s been numerous reports of people finding Vader and Jedi Luke there, as well as the new Sandtrooper with black pauldron. Now that I’ve got Proto Fett and Chewie, I’m searching for those other three. I really want to get my hands on Vader and Jedi Luke.

    • Thanks! I have four local stores and two reasonably close that I’ve been hitting. This one had a case of MLs but no Venom and then Fett, but no other SWB.

    • Spoon

      I have extra Agent Venom, Carnage and colored Boba Fett figures I’d be willing to trade straight up for Proto Fett, Luke, Chewie or Black Sandtrooper.

      I have a bunch of other stuff for trade on FigureRealm & Toyark too.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    If they had just tooled a new helmet I’d be out hunting for this. If Sideshow can tool a new helmet then Hasbro can do it too. It’s not like they won’t use it eventually for Jango.

  • De

    It’s Boba the White, after his ordeal in the Sarlacc Pit.

    • I was trying to remember who said this! I did a strip with “Boba the White,” and I think I’ve given him more love than the regular version. I have seen him marked up like crazy by scalpers since then, though.

  • Andy

    “And don’t even get me started on Jabba”

    Allright, I’ll bite. Did you miss out on SDCC version or are you down on the figure?

  • Ian

    Pretty disappointed that you can’t get any of the accessories unless you get the SDCC Jabba. Aside from that it is a great figure….but the SDCC exclusive stuff is nonsense. It would be nice if there’s going to be a separate kit at some point.

  • Andy

    Well even if you did get the SDCC set, you’re still without a dais. Luckily, The Fwoosh has a recipe for a custom:

  • Ian

    SWEET! Thanks for the link!

  • Got a few of the 6″ figures. Got a Stormtrooper to mix in with my Horde Troopers for a laugh. Got some Greedos (because Rodian customs, including a 6″ Beedo that can interact with MOTUC), and few Bobas, also for customs, and I think I might collect the Bounty Hunters. If they make ’em all, I’ll buy ’em.

    For the most part, though, these aren’t my goblet of mead, and to be honest, I think I’m losing interest in 3.75″ Star Wars altogether. They’re gonna have to come up with some neat-o stuff, or I might drop the line next year.

  • This will be my first SWB purchase (if I can ever find one) and I’ll buy the Holiday Special armor, too, if they ever get around to that.

  • Ian

    You and me both. Agent Venom’s are easy to find in my area but I have gone to 5 Walgreen’s in the area and not a single Boba Fett.

  • sgf1974

    I found both Boba and Venom and Wave 4 of SWB and the Spiderman Legends wave in bulk at multiple Walgreens locations in Charleston, SC. This has been the easiest exclusive I have ever tracked down, by far. If only I could get the ML Storm that TRU cancelled off of my preorder that I had for $8…At least, I got that crappy XMen ML box set for under $50 this week with free shipping. They are a lot less objectionable at less than $10 each.

  • clark

    Just got this guy and love him. I prefer Boba in all white, he just looks sleak and cool. Have you considered turning his belt around backwards to free up those hips?

  • Ian

    There are 6 Wal-Greens between my neighborhood and my job that I frequent regularly. I see Agent Venoms like they grow on trees but haven’t seen a single white Boba Fett. I am close to just giving up and paying twice as much for one on eBay. 🙁