MOTU Minis Stratos
& Scareglow Review

When they arrived, I was happy. Even though I knew they’d been shrunk down, they are still smaller than I expected, clocking in at slightly over 2”. The sculpts themselves are sharp and cohesive. I love the smug look on Stratos and the crazed head on Scareglow. They’re successfully cute without being dumbed down. I’d be lying if I didn’t check eBay for the cost of the first two sets.

There are four points of articulation. The head is on a pretty restricted ball-joint, there’s a waist swivel, and even though the shoulders look like they could be ball-jointed, they are just swivel joints too. I’ve noted before that the smaller the toy, the more slop seems to be allowable. These two are a bit of a contrast; Stratos has red plastic poking through areas on his face sculpt that throw him off, but Scareglow is just flat our well painted. And that’s not counting that he glows in the dark.

Each Mini included an accessory, Scareglow brought his traditional weapon while Stratos brought a version of the Staff of Avion. They’re cute, nicely sculpted pieces, but are particularly soft. Also included, is a piece of Castle Grayskull. Even though it’s just the top of the right pillar, it’s a neat little tower and makes me realize the Castle, when assembled, is probably bigger than I expected it to be. I don’t think I need it, but I realize now it’s going to largely depend on who the last four Mini characters are.

The only real flaw I found with these is in their balance. They tend to topple too easily unless the arms are in the “right” position. On the one hand, I get that, but on the other, maybe a little more could’ve been done to balance them in the design stage to make up for that.

Overall, I’m somewhere between hooked & marveling. The jury is still out on whether I grab the sets I missed and plan for completing the Castle – that’s at least 4 more $20 sets to get everything. I know these are limited release and small run, but I’m not sure if I have $60 more to spend on these (Faker’s a given). It’ll depend largely on who’s chosen for inclusion, but if they’re all as nicely done as these two, that’ll make it a much easier amount to swallow.

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14 thoughts on “MOTU Minis Stratos
& Scareglow Review

  1. Great review, pics, and comics, but these things are not my goblet of mead. I’m glad they’re finding a market for people who like them, though.

    1. “Not my goblet of mead” !!! I love this saying. You are to blame for the annoyance my friends and family will feel as I will now be saying this repeatedly and without explanation.

      1. Thank ‘e, mate! I coined this phrase back when I could drink alcohol, and found a local place that serves mead. Plus, I don’t drink much tea. };D

  2. I will say it again, Mattel is really missing a perfect opportunity. They should have just designed MOTU Imaginext. It’s a perfect fit. The stuff they’ve done with DC Superheros has been so amazing…

    They’ll always get you, Noisy. Ya think you’re out but they’ll always pull you back. 🙂

    1. As long as they hold the license to Faker & Scareglow, they sure do!

      I don’t think Classics would sustain itself if there was a thriving retail option. Stuff like that may be a silver lining to 2016 & Beyond.

  3. This review reminds me I have an entire box pretty much just swimming in nearly every Robot Heroes figure Hasbro released. Maybe it’s time to dust them off and make a display or two.

  4. I don’t not like them. Ive bought them up to this point, because a mini Grayskull is cool, but yea, they don’t stand up ever, also, they are too expensive. Id be hard pressed to buy them IF they continue next year. (They may not! Toyguru mentioned these aren’t selling too great) I at least hope they finish off the year for Grayskull though. My guess is they’ll finish off the year with Teela vs Evil Lyn and a Beastman vs ? Mekaneck maybe Zodac

    1. Once I get the hips lined up and have the arms forward, they balance better. Like you, I’m not completely sold that I need em all other then having my fave around Grayskull.

  5. I am a HUGE sucker for these kinds of figures but the price for them is easily double what it should be and that’s not even factoring in shipping!

    I really appreciate the write up on these guys, it’s always nice to know I’m not alone in purchasing literally everything available for certain characters.

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