MOTU Minis Stratos
& Scareglow Review

I’m at a place in my toy collection where I want “definitive” versions of things. I don’t need dozens of Hulk. I need one “the Hulk”. I’ve successfully pared down to just 19 Batmen on my shelves (hey, 19 isn’t that many considering…). These 6” lines I’ve been collecting are, in theory, supposed to be “it”. Masterpiece Transformers? The last TFs I’ll ever buy, right?

Except that’s just not how it works. If you like something, you buy multiple versions. I have Prototype Boba Fett in both 4” scale and the 12” Sideshow figure. Eight of those nineteen Batmen are Keaton Batman. I have a modest Dr. Fate collection. You buy stuff. It accumulates. That is the life of a collector.

With Classics, I’m on my third run of collecting MOTU (four if you count the Stactions separately). For the most part, the current Classics are all that’s on display. A handful of characters, favorites, have their vintage & MO2K versions hanging out with them. Faker, most notably. Vintage, MO2K, Classics, & Battle Armor are all chilling out. The parts are gathered for a fifth as I await the battle-damaged Faker head coming with NA Skelly. If there is ever a way to get the 4H Staction, I would try for it. Rio Blast, Snout Spout, and a few others are similarly represented.

When Mattel debuted Mini Masters, or MOTU Minis, I thought they were neat/cute but with my original intention in mind, I ignored them. Only for the latter part, about buying favorite characters, to come smack me in the head.

I skipped the SDCC 2pk last year and avoided those being incompatible with this year’s versions (the new ones are smaller). I also skipped the first two packs, which was difficult because He-Man & Skeletor were Battle Armored. Mer-Man & Moss Man were cool, but I was good. At $20 a pop for two Minis and a stylized Castle Grayskull piece, I was good.

Then, it turns out, the next two sets include Scareglow & Faker. Cha-Ching. I still didn’t really want to pay $20, but I didn’t think twice. I ordered during Early Access lickety-split and the stuff actually showed up the same week. Something must’ve been in the water over at Digital River (if you’ll recall Extendar arrived early enough that I reviewed him before he went on sale!). Continue to Page 2…

14 thoughts on “MOTU Minis Stratos
& Scareglow Review

  1. Great review, pics, and comics, but these things are not my goblet of mead. I’m glad they’re finding a market for people who like them, though.

    1. “Not my goblet of mead” !!! I love this saying. You are to blame for the annoyance my friends and family will feel as I will now be saying this repeatedly and without explanation.

      1. Thank ‘e, mate! I coined this phrase back when I could drink alcohol, and found a local place that serves mead. Plus, I don’t drink much tea. };D

  2. I will say it again, Mattel is really missing a perfect opportunity. They should have just designed MOTU Imaginext. It’s a perfect fit. The stuff they’ve done with DC Superheros has been so amazing…

    They’ll always get you, Noisy. Ya think you’re out but they’ll always pull you back. 🙂

    1. As long as they hold the license to Faker & Scareglow, they sure do!

      I don’t think Classics would sustain itself if there was a thriving retail option. Stuff like that may be a silver lining to 2016 & Beyond.

  3. This review reminds me I have an entire box pretty much just swimming in nearly every Robot Heroes figure Hasbro released. Maybe it’s time to dust them off and make a display or two.

  4. I don’t not like them. Ive bought them up to this point, because a mini Grayskull is cool, but yea, they don’t stand up ever, also, they are too expensive. Id be hard pressed to buy them IF they continue next year. (They may not! Toyguru mentioned these aren’t selling too great) I at least hope they finish off the year for Grayskull though. My guess is they’ll finish off the year with Teela vs Evil Lyn and a Beastman vs ? Mekaneck maybe Zodac

    1. Once I get the hips lined up and have the arms forward, they balance better. Like you, I’m not completely sold that I need em all other then having my fave around Grayskull.

  5. I am a HUGE sucker for these kinds of figures but the price for them is easily double what it should be and that’s not even factoring in shipping!

    I really appreciate the write up on these guys, it’s always nice to know I’m not alone in purchasing literally everything available for certain characters.

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