Power Lords Elite Soldier
& Power Soldier Review

The articulation gets a little more impressive: other than the ball-joint at the top of the neck, all of the articulation points feature Glyos pegs! The wrists and ankles utilize that smaller peg size first used on the OSM, but the rest of the figure is Glyos compatible. This is where my comment about a ton more pictures comes in. These are fully-articulated, traditional 4” scale figures combined with the Glyos system. If the aesthetics of the figure are a wet dream for kids of the 70s and 80s and the articulation is on par with what collectors have come to expect, the Glyos joints could be what takes things to the next level.

Not everything is rosy – the Power Lords legs feature pegs that point upwards while Glyos guys tend to point downward, and the neck ports are recessed making straight head-swapping with Glyos guys difficult. There are pieces to work around these issues, but I’m hopeful the alien compatibility will be better. There are some fun features though – notably the Glyos port on the back. Wings anyone? For now, I’ll direct you to the Power Lords Blog for some great pictures featuring Glyos parts.

For the most part, we can expect these “pre-paint” figures to mostly be molded in the appropriate colors. That’s not a problem, particularly on these two, as the white & black look classic, but there is some paint to help give the figures a more finished look: the belt, power symbol, and the faceplate. The simple paint apps are sharp on my two figures. Hilariously, a mold line in the plastic of my Power Soldier makes his red faceplate appear cracked, but that’s not a paint issue and it’s kinda look, like a scar. While I’m talking about the faceplates, check out this Sneak Peek at SourceHorsemen.com. It shows the black & white helmets, but in reverse colors. I need those!

The Power Soldier & Elite Power Soldier both include two accessories: a staff and a laser rifle. I prefer the rifle to the staff, but the great thing is the figures appear to be largely compatible with weapons from my Joes and Star Wars figures. I haven’t unpacked my Star Wars figures yet (oops!), but I can’t wait to hook these guys up with some of their gear.

Overall, these guys are just one more example of the Four Horsemen converting me into a believer. I won’t lie. If I had to pick a property for the 4H to revive it wouldn’t be Power Lords. I’ve got a list of 80s toys I really want brought back (sounds like a good Top Ten list) and that weird orange guy that turns to a blue guy on the back of those old comics wouldn’t have been on the list. After getting these two guys in hand though? I need more. I’m excited just to have these two in their additional colors. And then there’s that whole little matter of the regular cast the 4H need to attend to. I’ve already missed the NYCC Ggrapptikk Grunts, but if the whole line is going to be this good, then I’m going to be on the hook for a lot more figures. This will be the OSM all over again!

Thank you again to the 4H for sending these along!

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4 thoughts on “Power Lords Elite Soldier
& Power Soldier Review

  1. Great review, pics, and comics, as always. These look like a ton of fun.

    Unfortunately, as soon as a line starts churning out cool online variants that are only available for a matter of minutes, I tend to switch off. I’ve been frustrated by Palisades’ Evil Dead line in this way, and Spirit of Hordak is really pissing me off. If they’d waited until MOTUC was dead, I might’ve collected this line, but as of now, I’ve got my money earmarked for other stuff.


  2. Talk about timing: I just received word from FedEx that these guys are shipping. I know how you feel in regards to the nostalgia aspect: They look like something I might have overlooked from lines such as Mego’s Black Hole or Tomy’s TRON. Stuff that I was never into as a kid (much like Power Lords) because I was too busy collecting Star Wars, GI Joe, or MOTU.

    But when the chance to sample a second batch chanced along, I made sure not to miss out again. The 4H are short a line over at Mattel with all things DC winding up for them and this looks like a neat replacement. It’s also going to be my first experience with the Glyos system, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

    Excellent work as always, Noisy. Loved the dio pics and figure selection for this one! LOL. That scar does give the Power Soldier character! And here’s my vote for a Top Ten list of 80’s lines that deserve to be revised. I have a bunch already just off the top of my head that I would love to see the 4H tackle!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Vault, the 4H, your families, friends, and everyone who visits or posts on the site. 🙂

  3. Nice! I especially love the last pic! I considered nabbing these but didn’t have the chance. Looking forward to seeing future Power Lords releases!

  4. I just got these guys in the mail today… I am totally loving them. They kind of have a Tron Legacy vibe going on. I need to give them an identity disc. Great figures.

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