BMOG: Bio-Mechanical
Ordnance Gestalts Kickstarter

We don’t feature a lot of Kickstarters here at IAT (mostly because we get a lot of requests to feature Kickstarters here are IAT), but occasionally we’ll dip our toe in the KS water if we think something is novel or if we have a fun connection to it. In this, it’s both! We’ve been meaning to post about the BMOG project for a few weeks (it’s funding period wraps up on Friday… oops!) because both Vault and I thought the idea of figure accessories combining into original toys in their own right sounded cool, but it also turned out that the brains behind BMOG live just a hop, skip, and an hourlong trip on a turnpike down from us! You always gotta support your “locals”, right?

For more info on the BMOG project, I’ve included the first part of the pitch from the KS page, so be sure to check that out to learn more about the project and then click on through for some of the cool stretch goals and if you’d like to see the BMOG’s in action head over to DoomKick.Com for IAT friend, Doc Rampageo’s look at these awesome new toys and interview with one the creators, Trent Troop!

Remember the robot toys of the 80s? World-spanning battles of good and evil across the living room floor? Shape-changing and modular warriors of all shapes and sizes? So do we, and those memories inspired BMOG, a building toy system that lets you make wild, robotic animal characters where each component is an action figure accessory.

BMOG characters separate into numerous weapons and devices, each with additional 5-millimeter ports and pegs. Because many toy companies use 5mm as a standard grip or hole size, individual BMOG parts are extremely versatile; they can work with both modern or vintage toylines, some going back over thirty years. Among the dozens of compatible lines are famous franchises like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, other building systems like LEGO and K’nex, and even obscure favorites like Starriors and the Yuusha/Brave series – plus many, many more!

Each Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt figure will come on a model kit-style plastic sprue and include a decal sheet so you can build and customize your BMOGs the way you want… and the universal 5mm peg system allows each set to combine with others to form new creations from the depths of your imagination! Let your creativity roar out with BMOG!

Meet the BMOGs

The first two BMOG figures are URSENAL, brash warrior of the heroic AUGMENTOIDS, and MANTAX, slippery sea-spy of the evil PARAXXOIDS.

Colors Shown are Examples Only

Ursenal is a robotic bear formed by two assault rifles, two missile launchers, a multi-range scanner, a warhammer, a combat claw, and his head (with 5mm peg “grabbing” jaws)! Ursenal represents the standard BMOG character size.

Mantax is a robotic manta ray composed of a battle axe and a laser pistol! He represents the smaller Mini-BMOG character size.Both figures are gang-molded for affordability and color-consistency and will be injection molded in high-quality ABS plastic.

The Kickstarter Exclusive Set

The first main colorway for Ursenal and Mantax is black (after all, when accessorizing, black goes with everything!) However, by contributing to our Kickstarter project at the $15 and up levels, your reward will include one or more figures in a special colorway produced only for this Kickstarter funding project.

To Learn More, Check out BMOG’s Kickstarter Page!

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