It’sAllTrue.Net Custom: DC
Classics Super Powers Mr. Freeze

Today, I thought I would take the opportunity to show off one of my DC Classics customs: Mr. Freeze in Super Powers Colors.

While Mattel has recently upped their committment to Super Powers from variants to the outright placement of Cyclotron in wave thirteen, there are some decos that I don’t expect them to go back and pick up: a brown/blue Kalibak, a blue-jacketed Penguin, and a white/purple Mr. Freeze. That in mind, I set out to make them in on my own.

Since Penguin wasn’t really a challenge and Kalibak’s on the pricey side, I went in websearch of the no-goggles version of Mr. Freeze from Mattel’s Batman line. The figure does have less articulation (making customization a tad easier), but it is the only the version that could get close to being accurate to the original.

Once the figure arrived, it was just a matter of a little disassembly (to get at the head) and liberal use of acrylics. Unfortunately, getting into the guts of the figure proved a little difficult and I did lose the head-turning action feature, but it’s not missed in the final product.

One thing that made the figure a real challenge was the amount of detail the Four Horsemen packed into the sculpt. While the original Mattel deco ignored a lot of that detail, I was able to use it to bring the figure to life. I was really happy with the finished look, but I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below!

36 thoughts on “It’sAllTrue.Net Custom: DC
Classics Super Powers Mr. Freeze

      1. AV,

        that is a great repaint. I have several testors sets but do not have the more “pastel” if you will colors besides flat white and flesh to do this. Would you be able to tell me the paint colors you used and brand name if available? Thansk AV

        1. No prob. I had to actually use craft acrylics for the colors I needed. Then I had to seal the paint so it wouldn’t scratch so easily. It worked out pretty good, but I wouldn’t give it to any kids to play with lol. The colors I used were metallic amethyst, cobalt blue, white, flesh, and a mix of santa red and tomato red.

          1. AV,

            thanks again for the info. Would you have any interest in doin a Mr. Freeze like this for me? As well, I have an extra Kalibak and would gladly give you one if you would do a Super Powers repaint for me on that as well. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks AV

    1. the old colors are kinda goofy, but I was going for accuracy more than cool (no pun intended)

    1. This is actually Noisy’s. I did it as a gift for him since he’s a huge Super Powers fan.

    1. He’s pretty durable, but still mostly for display. If you try, you can definitely scratch the paint. I have an idea about how to fix that on my next project. Also, in taking him apart to get the head off I accidentally destroyed the turning mechanism. So his head and chest don’t turn anymore. If I ever do another one though, I know how to do it without breaking that part I think.

    1. It’s really too bad that more people can’t find some of those older figures. Hopefully Mattel will do re-releases in some way eventually.

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