Matty on Facebook: Public Enemies Wave 2 – “No samples yet”

Today on Facebook, Matty took a moment to update fans on the status of Public Enemies Wave 2:

A lot of fans have posted asking about the remaining pieces of Brimstone. They will be available with Wave 2 figures shipping to Target later this year. This set will include Black Lightning and Major Force, as well as repaints of Batman (in blue and gray) and Superman (in a more metallic deco). The repaints will include the same Collect and Connect pieces as their Wave 1 decos.

We haven’t received samples yet, but we will post package images as soon as we can.

What does that mean exactly? While there’s no exact time frame for toy releases, Mattel not having packaged samples yet means that it will be weeks before these hit. Since the factory hasn’t supplied Mattel with packaged samples, they’re probably either being manufactured right now or will be soon. After that, they’ll still have to make their way across the Pacific and then out to the Target stores. If everything is in the process right now, they should make it out like Mattel says, “later this year”. Hopefully, they’ll be packaged samples soon and we can all feel a little closer to finding them in stores. Until then, they supplied some new images of Brimstone, Black Lightning, and Major Force.

21 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: Public Enemies Wave 2 – “No samples yet”

  1. If Mattel had told fans there would be two waves when they were announced this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s not abnormal for there to be months in between waves. The fan “urgency” is solely because we thought we’d get them all at once.

  2. well, that and the fact that “waves” usually complete a series in one run, not two… the BAF concept kind of predicates that you offer all the parts at the same time… and since 4 characters and then 2 character + 2 repaints is hardly a “wave” i think the fans are ok to be a tad cheesed at this bonehead play. this seems very par for the course w/ DCU, but let’s face it, if toy biz had done this to marvel fans a decade ago, we’d have marching in the streets w/ burning effigies of jesse falcon on a spear tips!

    1. well scary fact is they are yet again following a hasbro idea. This is exactly what hasbro did with the foom wave. Two parts to the wave. Now I’ll give hasbro the leniency in that FOOM was huge and made of i think fourteen pieces or something. Mattel’s reason…well only the heavens know.

      1. It makes sense, to sell them this way, no one wants a metallic Superman when they have the original, or another Batman, but if they come with required BAF pieces, boom! They sell.

          1. And it was for that reason I saved some current funds and only bought Banshee and Icicle!!
            Course I might regret it if the 2nd batch is a pain in the ass.

          2. Oooooh, see, I didn’t know that. I thought this was a 2-part wave, as in, all piece weren’t included with the first wave, and the finishing pieces are in this one.

            In that case, PFFFFFFT to you, Mattel. You probably don’t want to spend the money on a new CNC, so I don’t want to spend the time and money on these figures.

            1. It is that way.

              Just Supes and Bats have doubles. Icicle and Banshee have unique parts from wave one only.

    2. I think the nomenclature has really been a problem here. Mattel hasn’t been shipping a case that lets you put a BAF together by itself all year (except for the Walmart wave). Had this announcement said “the second case assortment” then it would be a bigger deal.

      But that goes back to the original issue where they called it one wave and now call it two waves.

  3. On AFI, Julius said it was Target that ordered them this way. I guess that makes it a little better.

    I just want to finish my Brimstone.

  4. eh… considering I only have the batman, and that’s only because I have a nice friend who happened upon it.. I don’t know how to feel.. I want brimstone too.. and I REALLY want silver banshee and major force.. who knows how lucky I’ll get with those… i’m sick of exclusives to stores I don’t have access too… what’s next? a meijer’s and big lots exclusive? (for the record, there aren’t any of those near where I live either)

    1. What stores do they have up your way?? LOL – I’m not being facetious, it just sounds so markedly different from here. I picture you living in a place where you still have a lot of smaller, local stores that you can go to.

      Down here, it feels like everything has been replaced by big chain stuff. It’s hard to even get lunch at a local place.

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