Scarabus Week, Day Five:
Haures & Azazel

All week along, folks have been asking to see Scarabus alongside some other figures. I had wanted to focus more on Scarabus early in the week and saved comparison pics for today. It does keep Haures & Azazel a bit out of the spotlight, but I’m sure they’ll understand. I tried to use them in the background where I could for this last review.

Scarabus is basically in 6″ or 1:12 scale. Yeah, he’s tall, but compare the size of his face to most 6″ figures. In the real world, he’d probably make more money playing basketball (those hooves would be murder on the courts though) than conquering the world. As such, I think he’s more at home fighting with DC Classics or Marvel Legends than MOTUC or Ghostbusters (dammit… I didn’t think of that picture).

The only thing I think that might make him stick out like a sore thumb when you mix up the toy lines is the level of detail in his sculpt. He might make your other toys feel bad. Like with most toys, it’s basically up to you. I think he fits best with the other figures the Four Horsemen have produced this far than he does anything else. If you’ve been keeping up, the Fantastic Exclusive line has produced 44 figures (45 if you want to count Commander Argus) and Raven looms out there somewhere on the horizon. That does mean you’re mixing the Gothitropolis & Seventh Kingdom toy lines, but it’s a highly-detailed, well-sculpted mash-up at least.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with these figures. Yes, they’re $30 each (some discounts if you buy them in pre-selected groups), but they’re worth it. Having these 10 makes me wish I had the $95 to spend on the limited Toypocalypse Exclusive Light & Dark Talisman figures (the ones featured this week belong to Vault), so if I’m wishing I could run off and spend almost $100 for two more, how I can I balk at $30? They’re well sculpted, well painted, highly articulated, and come with over a dozen accessories. I do wish they had a little more gear than add-on pieces, but that’s hardly a complaint. The add-on pieces really do add to the value, particularly if you have them all. In the picture below, I’ve taken a photograph of Scarabus with each of the 25 face plates (if you have all 12 figures).

As cool as I think that is, it gets cooler. Remember, the twelve figures also include fourteen alternate heads for those plates to plug into. When you factor in the animal heads for Azazel & Haures, that’s 352 different head combinations for a Scarabus figure. If for any reason, one of the decos just doesn’t draw you in, you can virtually making your own by mixing up the heads, plates, and bodies. It’s pretty cool side feature to some already cool figures.

Anyway, that’s Scarabus Week! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and reviews as much as I did! If you have any questions or are wondering about something I left out, let me know in the comments and I’ll answer if I can. Thanks for reading and thanks again to the Four Horsemen for sending these Scarabus figures along!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that all of the figures are still available (as a set, in a few subsets, and individually) at StoreHorsemen.Com right now!

A huge thanks out to all the Four Horsemen – Cornboy, Jim, Chris, and Eric – for making Scarabus Week a reality!

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10 thoughts on “Scarabus Week, Day Five:
Haures & Azazel

  1. These are just damn nice figures. I love the pics of these last two. There’s just something so interesting about them.
    I also wanted to add that I love the little time keepers. They are still available in a 3-pack for just $25 at the Horsemen’s store. The red little guy, Baraeth, didn’t make it into the photos but, if you’re buying Scarabus, your collection won’t be complete without some little demon guys to help him carry all his junk.

  2. Great review and I’ve really enjoyed this week, but one thing did seem slightly odd…

    You didn’t take any pictures of Haures and The Faceless One. He’s the living embodiment of his iconography!

    I kid, but it was great to see them with all the different toylines.

  3. I was going to pass on this guy completely…but the black ram is REALLY f’ing cool.

    Just out of curiousity Noisy…whose armor fits which Time Keeper best color wise?

  4. “This is awkward…”

    “We should kill them.”

    This was hilarious. Although, I will admit that I’m skipping these two out of heebie-jeebieness. Those ram and goat heads remind me of every Satanic-themed movie that’s ever kept me up at night.

    The Hellboy Universe pic was awesome, as was the Barbie one. Though I agree, a pic with Venkman remarking about “Scarabus the Butch” would have hit many spots.

    Thanks IAT, for a week full of classy reviews!

  5. I’m definitely picking up one, but I can’t decide which color I like the best. Right now it’s between Dormant, Demon Fire, and Horos; but I like each one for such different reasons it’s too difficult for me to decide. I like the Dormant because I think his colors all work together perfectly, and I like the silver/black/purple. I like Demon fire because he seems like a real tough, hands-on kind of butt kicking bad guy. I like Horos because he’s so colorful, and I think would mix well with MOTUC. If only I had a bunch of money to blow on all of them.

  6. i love the gloss black ram horns, they just look gorgeous. the wall of scarabi faces is fantastic, we should p-shop that one in andy warhol colors. and come on noisy… we know you’ve done the math… what is the total number of display options available if you have bought all 10 figures? you know you know.

  7. When the Four Horsemen unveiled Haures and Azazel I knew they were as good as bought. Such demonic looking fellows were too much to resist. My only real decision was which Scarbus figure to buy. I finally decided on the regular Gold Scarabus. The scale comparison shot is great. I’m digging the fact that Haures is a bit taller than the boss man Scarabus. I can’t wait to get these guys and mash them into my MOTUCverse.

  8. really tempted to buy one to check it out for myself.. great writeups, guys.

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