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Ask Matty
July 15th Edition

Ask Matty – July 15th Edition

DCClassics.Com: We were disappointed by the lack of black & white lanterns with the Hals
in DCUC17. Can Mattel find a spot to include the lanterns in those two colors for collectors?

Yes, we are working on this and will see if we can find a way to release these vital accessories!

ItsAllTrue.Net: Does Mattel plan to release Ghostbusters 2 versions of Venkman & Egon even though they only have minor differences to their uniforms and no new gear between films?

Yes, although these figures have very little change from their movie 1 version we would love to get to them in time to complete fan’s movie 2 scenes.

MOTUClassics.Com: Is Battle Armor Faker one of the six 2011 TRU MOTU/DC 2pks?

It was one of the original six but at this point it will be the final pack as retailers have not ordered any additional packs and it looks like the line will end with this pack. The GL/Zodac and Supergirl/She-Ra packs should still hit before the end of the year now for a total of 5 packs. But the sixth pack will not move forward unfortunately. There just has not been enough interest from retailers to keep this line going. While we announced 6 packs and hoped to do 6, we could not find a retailer who would take the min order needed for the 6th pack.

MOTUClassics.Com: Is there a firm number of MOTU Classics reissues for the second half of the year? Will they still be monthly?

Likely there will still be re-releases each month, but all will be older figures that already had been slotted into the production schedule (line time) for re-release. This will also spill over into 2012. The change is really that starting with Leech and Hordak in Sept, we will no longer be going into second runs on newer figures. So all re-releases will be of older figures from the line already scheduled. We won’t be scheduling any more at this point.

DCClassics.Com: With DC Relaunch character designs being mixed in for 2012, will a relaunch design take precedence over a classic design for characters getting their first figure?

That is still up on the air. We are working very closely with our partners at DC and WB to get the most iconic versions if each character out from various eras! Time will tell.

We need your questions for the next round!
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20 comments to Ask Matty
July 15th Edition

  • americanhyena

    I like that they couldn’t bother to mention who the 6th pack was.

  • He-Mullet

    Let me guess: It’s my fault for not buying all the Lex Luthors/Skeletors clogging the shelves at my local TRU…

    • Lay Ze-Man

      I know you’re joking, but maybe, just maaaybe, it’s Mattel’s fault for not offering ANY incentive to buy the DC figure in the packs.

      Maybe . . .

  • Andy

    August 1st Q+A: question #1:
    Why is Swamp Thing taller than even some collect and connects includng the Anti-Monitor?

  • dayraven

    so i suppose the next question is, will that 6th tupac be released on mattycollector?

  • Bigbot

    Whoa, when did Tupac join the DC universe? 😉

  • dayraven

    well you see, tupac was revived by project cadmus and slapped in a stolen copy of the steel armor… that way, the toy can be made entirely out of existing parts.

    • Battle Catman

      Unfortunately, Tupac was gunned down by a mysterious shadowy figure. They were going to reveal who it was in the bios of the last wave of Green Lantern Movie Masters, but they were cancelled.

      • dayraven

        but don’t worry, they’ve put together a fan appreciation tupac bio story for SDCC… available only between 12:30 and 12:35 am on february 29th, 2012. it’ll cost 30 dollars and come in a bio-degradable bowling ball with real “rolling done the lane and into the gutter” sound chip action and no batteries. batteries on sale feb 29, 2016 for 85.95 euro. you know, cuz toyguru is a fan, just like us.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Some speculation on the “missing” 2-Pack, just for giggles:

    Queen Bee vs. Buzz-Off
    Swamp Thing vs. Moss Man
    Wonder Woman vs. Teela
    Batman vs. Hordak
    Red Tornado vs. Sy-Klone
    Killer Croc vs. Whiplash
    Green Arrow vs. Bow
    Cheetah vs. Catra
    Ra’s Al-Ghul vs. Count Marzo
    Warlord vs. Vikor
    Amazo vs. Roboto
    Cyborg vs. Trap-Jaw
    Gorilla Grodd vs. Gy-Gor
    Color kid vs. The Faceless One
    Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Orko
    Clark Kent vs. Prince Adam
    Egon Spengler vs. Scare Glow
    Melted Butter Man vs. Clawful
    Rolled-Up-Newspaper-Man vs. Webstor
    Moe Howard vs. Tri-Klops
    Joker vs. Mo-Larr
    Giganta vs. Sorceress: Jell-O Wrestling Edition
    BreadMaster vs. Wun-Dar (unless “The Tick” wasn’t published by DC; in which case, never mind)

    As you may have surmised, I had a long night shift and a lot of beer afterward to unwind. };D

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  • da man

    Glad that the last few 2pack will still come out but they really should have made the dc figures in the packs have something new colorwise rather than the exact same figure. it was like paying $35 for a MOTUC toy since most people already had hte DC figure. Thats why they are cloggin up the shelves and retailers do not want to order more. They just don’t get it…