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Summer 2011 Galleries

It’s convention season and ItsAllTrue is kicking off our convention coverage with a look at Tamashii Feature’s Summer 2011 show.  This year Bandai’s showing off plenty of Gundam, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai (Power Rangers), Godzilla and more to whet your toy collecting appetites.

Bringing you our coverage from Japan is Robert Baldwin.  As always, he’s done a fantastic job of bringing us the latest news and pictures from preview night.  He was even able to answers to questions we specifically submitted.  So before we get to the galleries, here’s Robert to give you the rundown of the event.

This Tamashii event, in keeping with their theme of Robots, was mostly a display of Chogokin, Robots, and some displays as to how the toys are made.  Due to time constraints, as well as large crowds, not all of my pictures were quite satisfactory.  But I think I managed to get a shot of every toy that we were allowed to photograph.

The Chogokin figures which I wasn’t permitted to photograph:

Chogokin Drossell Charming

Super Robot Chogokin MagiKing

Super Robot Chogokin Sanvulcan Robo

Along with the pictures of the Super Robot Chogokin Shinken-O and DekaRanger Robo, I think it is quite obvious that Bandai has plans to release more Sentai Robots from the Super Robot Chogokin series.

Most of the Chogokin figures (which we were allowed to photograph), were figures that were already released/announced.

After walking through the main display area with all of the robots, next was the non-Chogokin section, starting with displays of Figuarts ZERO figures (statues) from Bleach and Naruto, which I wasn’t allowed to photograph.

Turning left, there was the Godzilla display. Compared to the Tamashii Feature’s event earlier this year, the only additions to this series were the “Garuda” auxiliary unit for Mecha Godzilla and a pack of Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) equipment – tanks and planes – with a red energy burst for Godzilla. Although there is no official word at this time as to what is in store for this series, the guy I talked to had mentioned a conspicuous lack of the colour gold which needed to be remedied.

Although this new series, S.H. Monster Arts, focuses on Godzilla, Bandai is keeping their options open for the possibility of other properties in the future – but, officially, they’ve got so much on their plate with Godzilla, they don’t have time for other monster properties. Starting in November, these figures are to be sold internationally, but nobody was able/willing to give me any details as to how this was going to be accomplished.

Next display was for the S.I.C. and S.I.C. Takumi Damashii series.  The first thing that caught my eye were the figures of Sky Rider and Kamen Rider Super 1. Information regarding the release of Sky Rider has been available for more than a month, so I was expecting this figure – in full colour – to make his debut at this event. What had surprised me was Super 1. The development of this figure was a well kept secret, and although they had a panel denying immediate plans for mproduction, unofficial word is that Sky Rider will be released in the Autumn with Super 1 following close behind – in time for Christmas.

For S.I.C. Takumi Damashii, they had displayed Kamen Rider Kaixa, Side Basher (the motor cycle) and the Wolf Orphnoch – all from the TV series, Kamen Rider Faiz. Side Basher will be a completely transformable version of the bike/robot, true to its form from television.

The drawings in the S.I.C. section are of characters that the artist wants to make. This is not an indication that Bandai will be releasing these figures, but depending on the reaction of the attendees, who knows?

Beside the S.I.C. display was a display of the figures from Garo. These are NOT the previously released E&P series. Bandai has decided to abandon the interchangeable human-hero setup of the previously unpopular Equipment and Prop series. These figures will not have an alternate human form (and I don’t know if they will be packed with props). By doing away with the interchangeability, Bandai says they have managed to greatly enhance the range of motion for these figures. As for the sculpt, these are the same as the E&P figures, Bandai is using the original sculpt from E&P but building the figures like some of the more recent S.I.C. figures. The first of the Garo series is expected to be released later this year, coinsiding with the new TV series to be aired in Japan.

Across from Garo was the display for Ultra Act and Ultride Mechanics World. The only thing that I found to be completely new in this display was the Jumbot figure from the Ultraman movie. However, photography of this figure was not permitted.

Turning the corner from this area, there were displays of figures from several series such as Figuarts ZERO, Deformeister Petit and D-Arts, but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in this section.

Then, we have the S.H. Figuarts figures.  Sentai, Riders, Pretty Cure, Dragon Ball Kai, Scryde as well as Tiger and Bunny.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any development with Sailor Moon.  Bandai hasn’t abandoned the idea, but they also haven’t taken any steps forward.  Keep your fingers crossed, we might get some positive news at the next event.

With S.H. Figuarts getting into the Sentai market, Bandai is looking into the possibility of reviving some of the older Sentai for this series.  At the moment, they are talking about focusing on the “Reds” and additional characters that joined in mid-show.  There is also the possibility of entire Sentais of notoriety – such as Goranger (the first Sentai) and Jyuranger (the first Power Rangers).

Although there are plans to release the heroes in their Ranger uniforms, there won’t be any human counterparts due to the costs and other complexities involved in acquiring image rights from the actors – but characters like Doggy Kruger are a possibility.

With the popularity of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider villains, Bandai will be testing the waters for the Sentai villains as well, with one such villain from Shinkenger already planned to be released.

The Gokaiger figures, when released, will be equipped with a full set of accessories (including their parrot), and as a first run exclusive/bonus, each of the figures will be accompanied by their appropriate helm/pilot’s seats – but this is only for the first batch that they make.  As for an entire Gokai Galleon play set, that would be a little too cost prohibitive at this size.


I’d like to thank Robert once again for bringing us the latest news images from Japan. 

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11 thoughts on “Tamashii Festival
Summer 2011 Galleries

  1. dorkey proves once again that he’s the single greatest canadian-cum-japanese man on all the islands. excellence again sir, you have once again made me drool uncontrollably for toys i can’t have.

  2. no kidding, dayraven. its like the mob, you think you are out- and they pull you right back in…

  3. Man, there’s just no focus, no real plan at all with this stuff now, is there?

    I mean, look at the Gundam figures. Seems like the same plan they used with the Mobile Suit In Action line when they brought that to America. “OK, so, let’s do original Gundam NO WAIT let’s focus on the 0080/0083/08th MS team OAVs! Yeah, THAT is what America wants!”

    And we see with the Godzilla Monster Arts the pain the Revoltech team had to endure in not being allowed to play in the big sand box. Boo on Bandai.

    (and they cost more. naturally.)

    And yeah, no Samurai Troopers. Armor Plus seems to have been abandoned. As usual.

    But the best part, the very most best part is this quote:

    “Starting in November, these figures are to be sold internationally, but nobody was able/willing to give me any details as to how this was going to be accomplished.”


    “sold internationally” to Bandai nowadays means China, South Korea and the other Pac Rim nations. Then, maybe, France and Italy.

    I’ve lost track of how many times Bandai has tried to sell to America, the last one was the failed partnership with Toynami to sell ‘Tamashii Nation’ branded toys to comic shops. Oddly enough, $200 (and up!) toys proved to be a hard sell. Go fig.

    And yes I am sad that there won’t be any more Tekkaman Blade figures.

    1. Yes, this is a recent thing, post-Toynami.

      Bluefin..Hmmm, OK, that’s a DBA for Nippon Imports, in Irvine, Cali.

      Funny, that’s the former area of Pony Toy-Go-Round, which was the DBA of Uchino International.


      They get product from a wholesaler by the name of Kubo Shoten.

      The Bandai stuff seems to come not from Japan but their Hong Kong arm, Bandai Asia Company Ltd.

      Hm hm hm.

      OK, none of this make any sense to all you guys but some pieces to one long mystery from the past I didn’t have are fitting together. 🙂

      (Bluefin needs to step up their game in getting more Gunze Sanygo paint to the hobby trade. That’s good stuff.)

  4. i almost dread asking this, but that godzilla monster arts line… what kind of scale are we talking about?

    on the new garo stuff, any idea of a suggested price point yet?

    1. The MonsterArts are only going to be six inches, which sucks considering how much they cost.

      1. So, it’s like Revoltech but twice the price! Way to go, Bandai!!


        You know the King Ghedora they come out with will be at least $100, right? Dammit.

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