Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Review

Normally, I gobble up DC Classics releases as soon as possible. I like DC and I’ll buy figures of just about anybody. Add that to the fact that I’ve only seen some figures once or twice, and I’ve learned to buy ’em when I see ’em. But this 2pk? I left it at TRU plenty of times. It just didn’t seem worth it.

I don’t normally talk about price here at IAT because… well, because pretty much everything I buy is a little too expensive. $9 for an MU figure? $15 or a DCUC figure? $20 for a MOTU figure? Whether you want to believe that that is just how much stuff costs these days or you’re convinced it’s all a money grab by the companies & retailers is up to you. I’m somewhere in between on the issue.

For me, if something costs too much the simple solution is that you’re not going to see it featured on IAT. I won’t buy it. That was going to be the case for this 2pk. It just isn’t worth the $35 that TRU is charging for it – particularly right after I watched TRU jack up the prices on the Marvel Legends and MOTU 2pks by $5 just a few weeks before this hit.

So why did I pick up this two-pack? Coupons. Right around Christmas, I got a 20% off one item coupon for TRU. And I had some TRU reward bucks that were going to expire. I looked high and low at TRU for anything there I really wanted and, being pretty much caught up thanks to Christmas, I ended up picking up the 2pk for $28. That was at in the typical 2pk range and less than the cost of two figures.

The set does have nice packaging if you care about that sort of thing, but the main purchase appeal of the two-pack is a “corrected” Sinestro. He’s packed with a shiny “Super Friends” Hal (Hal No. 5 if you’re counting) and some redecoed accessories to help round out the value of the set.

If you bought the set for Sinestro, you’re probably okay with the figure you received. The height and build are much closer to being comic-accurate (and, man, if you thought the old Sinestro was small before, it’s flat out comical when they’re together). But Sinestro is still done on the cheap. He gets some parts from Deadman – from his ab-crunch to his ankles, plus the biceps – which gives him some odd striations and pock marks across his body. He shares other new parts with Black Lantern Abin/Amon Sur (smooth biceps, smooth torso, & feet) which are what make this figure possible. And finally, Mattel called on the original Sinestro for the forearms, head, belt, and hands.

This Frankenstein Sinestro pretty much gets the job done though. Sure, I’d prefer if he didn’t have the Deadman detailing and his arms look a little off with the shortened forearms (the overall length looks okay), but he’s a decent Sinestro figure for the folks who’ve been waiting on him for their collection. The annoying thing is that we still need this figure repainted one more time so those of us that prefer him in his Sinestro Corps uniform can replace their figure as well.

What more can I say about this Hal mold that I haven’t already said? It’s his movie year, so I have no illusions about how many Hal Jordan figures I’m going to see Mattel crank out in 2011, but he’s already been overpopulated in the DC Classics line. I still want a Parallax, but I wish we were done with Hal otherwise. He doesn’t have the same costume breadth that Superman & Batman do (a facet of the line Mattel doesn’t really explore) and with him already up to seven figures released eleven different ways (the Zodac 2pk will feature the TRU Hal for a second time, Hal No. 11). I’m well past Haled out.

As for what makes this Hal standout from his brethren? He’s an amalgam of the Hals of yesteryear. He features the classic Silver Age Costume of the DCUC3 release and the metallic paint of the TRU release. He’s further differentiated by the Super Friendsesque logo and his visible eyes. I always thought his eyes were a bit creepy on Super Friends because the mask went right up to the whites of his eyes and so, similarly, his figure creeps me out a little. Even from the extras box he’s already in down in the basement. Continue to Page 2…

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Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Review

  1. Dude, I wrote a pictorial review of these that may or may not see the light of day (depending on my editor at Geek), and I called out the creepy eyes too. Geez, he looks so g.d. weird!

    Very nice review, and the Sinestro comic is priceless. Everyone loves a bastard joke! πŸ™‚

    1. An editor? Ewww! πŸ˜€

      I guess the bright side is that they tried to do something different for him, but the end result just looks strange. Plus, with the eyes and symbol going the SP route, I don’t know if metallic paint was the right choice (as good as it looks here).

  2. I was really surprised at how much i really liked this set (cept for the price, that did make me cry a little)…I wasn’t happy about another Hal Jordan, but man, is he shiny. I musta been blinded by the light! I never understood the white eye covers on superhero masks anyhow…It would have been nice of them to release an All Star Sinestro, but heaven forbids the release of Villains…See Tuxedo Joker for reference…

    1. Well, at least Tux Joker is going to be an overpriced 2pk figure now. LOL

      Speaking of that two-pack, I kinda wish the Harley were metallic colors like the Ross cover with her and Joker. That’d be cool.

      1. I concur! haha I forgot about Deathstroke and Joker being all star releases, haha! Metallic Harley would be pretty cool… πŸ™‚

    1. All the 2pks except mine are still at my TRU, yeah.

      I saw on RTM that TRU lowered the prices back to pre-Xmas stuff, but this 2pk stayed at $35. Boo.

  3. Another great review. I’m glad for the reviewers out there that aren’t afraid to not like something.

  4. I haven’t bought this either and after reading this I’m even less likely too. I keep hoping TRU will drop it back down to the $30. Hoping they do the same for the MOTU 2pks too.

  5. I still don’t understand why Hal doesn’t get a fist. You’re exactly right, if there’s two constructs Hal was known for, it’s a giant fist and a giant shield.

    I don’t understand the gun. Clearly, if that’s actually a thing it’s from a time I wasn’t reading GL comics.

    The yellow mace is super lazy, because it sure looks like it’s a Hawkman part. If they’re going that route then why not take a ‘Ken’ baseball bat and mold it in clear green? Oh, wait, Hal DOESN’T HAVE AN OPEN HAND TO HOLD THINGS.


    Well, given how inept and lame we can expect future constructs can be, there’s a giant aftermarket business possible here, that guy who makes the weapons could make some real bank.

      1. He does have his lantern hand, yeah. I think I remember Toy Guru saying that the mace was a last minute fill-in for something else that didn’t work, but I can’t remember what it was.

  6. this 2pack is the definition of what sucks about mattel.

    another hal jordan using the same exact mold that’s been used 4 previous times? they couldn’t give us a new head? really?

    a “corrected” sinestro done up in his classic costume? meanwhile, sinestro in his current, sinestro corps costume has been HUGE in the dcu for the past few years. but no, we get the classic look. to add to that dumbass decision, we get new sinestro corpsmen… without a version of their leader in the same costume. just dumb.

    reused accessories. really? they couldn’t spring for a couple new accessories?

    $35?! are you effing kidding me?!?!? the only REAL reason to buy this is sinestro. and like the motu/dcuc, mattel is expecting me to spend $35 on ONE figure?!

    for one reason or another, no one wants this 2pk. it’s pegwarming hardcore. $5 says mattel will see that and figure 2pks don’t sell. idiots.

    1. Man, where do you guys live? I’m in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and I havent seen this, DCUC 16 at all. Saw my first DCUC 14’s the other day and only Hourman and Obisidian. The TRU near me has the Hal/Abin Sur 2 pack peg warming, and everywhere has lots of Power Girls, but thats it.

  7. Instead of buying this, I bought a second Low/Maash and did a head swap and hand swap with the GL Sinestro. Now I have a correct scale Sinestro Corp Sinestro and an alien GL. If I could just find GL Abin Sur cheap and some missing C & C pieces, life would be good! (BTW, love the reviews!)

    1. I’ve heard that the Abin 2pk was seen cheaper at Tuesday Morning stores, but I never found it. I wanted an extra to make a living Amon Sur.

  8. Ha…so funnily enough I loaded up your site yesterday, read this article and remembered that I had $50 in Toys’R’Us rewards money that expired that night. (I would have completely forgotten otherwise.)

    So I went out, saw this set, and used the rewards money to buy it. :-p

    I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m hoping I can use some of the yellow constructs for the other Sinestro Corps members.

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