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Vault Review: Skeleton Army
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #020)

Just one skeleton comes with two gladius swords, a spear, and two shields with different decorations. This is enough to arm a small army of skeletons. He also comes with four alternate hands (six all together) and an alternate arm/hand designed to hold a shield. Lastly, there is the name placard that all the Sci-Fi Revoltechs come with.

As if the skeleton wasn’t cool enough on its own, they also included a detailed base. A worn and crumbling pillar surrounded by broken earth with more undead skeletons digging their way out. The partially emerged skeleton isn’t just for looks, he’s articulated with a revolver joint in his shoulder, swivel/hinge wrist, a swivel neck, and a hinged jaw. This is way more than you would expect out of a normal base, but it doesn’t end there. The reverse side of the base also doubles as storage for all those extra accessories.

With as great as this figure is, there’s one drawback. Some of the joints are extremely tight. Since he has such small revolver joints, and his limbs aren’t that big either, you’ll want to be very careful adjusting and posing him at first. After playing with him for a while, the joints eventually loosened up enough to move comfortably. If you do accidentally break a joint, keep in mind you can always replace it with the shoulder joint in the base’s skeleton since they’re the same size.

Yeah, I love this figure. He’s one of the coolest toys I’ve ever owned and I can’t recommend him enough. I bought three of this guy, and I still want a couple more. But for $25 a figure, I needed to show a little restraint. Sadly, not for long though. Kaiyodo’s already announced the release of a second edition of this figure with two different looking shields. Guess I should start saving my money now…

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12 comments to Vault Review: Skeleton Army
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #020)

  • Isn’t it a good thing that ‘logistics’ and ‘development’ aren’t watchwords with this line? 🙂

    That base is awesome. It just about qualifies as its own toy!

    I want a Ymir.

    Another great review! Makes me kinda wish they could tap the Universal Monsters license.

    • AdventureVault

      Yeah, it really puts Matty in perspective when a company like Kaiyodo does so much right and goes out of their way to give back to the fans.

      I’m really happy with the base, and a Ymir would be awesome.

      They might do Universal Monsters some day, which I would totally buy. It just depends how much they are willing to spend on the licensing I guess.

  • Superdadd2

    I really dig these figs… I just wish they were taller. I didn’t know about second wave, but figured Revoltech would make a second wave after they came out the second alien from “Aliens.” So, I just got the two. Thanks for the update.

    That’s also a great price on these.

    Awesome pics as always!

    • AdventureVault

      Thanks Superdadd. Yeah, I really love this line. The different scale bothered me at first, but I think I’m used to it now. I do wish the skeleton could fit in with my Simon Belmont figure though.

      AmiAmi.com always has the best import prices. That’s where I get my stuff from usually.

  • Fire King Xi

    Where did you find the Skeletons for $25/each?

    These guys look great. I would love to see Revoltech branch out into other mythology movies like “Clash of the Titans”, “The Odyssey”, any number of Hercules films and so forth. Imagine what Kaiyodo could do with Medusa, Pegasus, or the giant scorpions.

    Speaking of stop motion sfx, have you seen the original Mighty Joe Young. I think the fight between big Joe and Lion still rates as some of the best sfx work done in films.

  • dayraven

    AV, you’re way off on MJY… touching, yes, but it doesn’t hold a candle to kong.

    the skellies are just too small/too expensive to really army build (seriously, wouldn’t we all like about 20 of these things?) they look fantastic, but they’re that damned revoltech scale that’s too big or to small for about 90% of other toy lines. they’re pretty much “plays with HALO!” and that’s about all. but the craftsmanship is definitely there, and on their own, they look absolutely excellent.

    • AdventureVault

      Sometimes you just have to buy a good toy because it’s a good toy. You can’t let the constraints of scale dictate every purchase.

  • PrfktTear

    These look great!

    In the front row on the right, what is that rather plasticy lookingy Skeleton with the hinges? It looks very familiar.

  • Adam

    Exactly how tall are these figures? 6 inches?