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Matty on Facebook:
More Vikors on the way!

Thought that 3 minute sellout seemed a little fishy? Well, it turns out that not all the Vikor’s made it to Digital River in time for the sale. In a separate announcement, Mattel also let us know how they’re dealing with the glitch that left many fans unable to add the battles stands to their order today.

First up, here’s Matty’s announcement about Vikor from Facebook:

Darn those blustery Northern winds! They’ve waylaid our second Vikor shipment for the moment, but we expect it to land at our warehouse soon. As soon as we confirm its arrival, we’ll have more Vikor figures for sale.

No word yet on when those Vikor’s will arrival, but since Mattel was assuming they’d be here in time for the sale, hopefully it’ll be soon. We’ll have the latest schedule information on MOTUClassics.Com when it’s made available.

The other ordering issue this morning, the glitch that caused many collectors ordering stands to be told they couldn’t be shipped to their country, Mattel is offering some shipping relief:

For a short time this morning, Grayskull stands weren’t available for purchase. If you placed an order during that time for other products and couldn’t add them but you’d still like the stands, order them by TOMORROW 1/19 at Noon PT/3pm ET and Digital River will refund the additional shipping costs for placing separate… orders. The orders will ship separately so nothing will be held up, but you’ll pay only the shipping costs you would have if they’d been ordered together. And if you already placed separate orders for the stands earlier today, you’ll automatically be refunded the difference. (Please note, if you did NOT place an order for additional products and you order the stands, you’ll be charged the standard shipping fees.)

I’d already come to terms with not ordering more stands because I didn’t want to pay the double shipping of getting the stands by themselves, but this could talk me back into it – though I’m a little hesitant to let DR charge me the $9 for shipping and assume they’ll take care of it on their end.

8 comments to Matty on Facebook:
More Vikors on the way!

  • Ghoulia, Esq.

    Still smells like a conspiracy to me. If they were really late then why couldn’t they tell us that beforehand?

    • S. Winters

      It’s not like Scott sits on the dock and watches the boat comes in. Digital River probably got in Vikor and sold what they had and he didn’t find out anything until he called them.

      DR is a bad company to us, it stands to reason they suck for him as well.

      • dayraven

        woah there kochise… DR doesn’t handle warehousing, and they never touch the physical product. they’re webservice only. this was mattel’s gaff. and yes, a single phone call, or emailed boat manifest would notify them as the boat(s) left port, and yes, mattel had that prior, they HAVE to know what they’re receiving from an import stance… customs needs a full account of what’s on the boat before it gets unloaded, or they hold that freight until every item in every box is accounted for. mattel knew what, and how much of what, was coming, three weeks ago. that’s simple fact due to import law. no corp gets beyond that requirement.

        • Shhh! You’re imposing reality! You’ll shatter the illusion that they don’t have a giant (Raiders of the Lost Ark style) warehouse where INSTANTLY when your order is processed they run a minion down the shelves picking and packing and slapping shipping stickers on them! 🙂

          I’ll tell you, if I ever get back to having money, I’m not at all sure I want to deal with these idiots at Digital River. I don’t know where in the chain of command between them and Mattel the stupid people are, but they is damn dumb and need to be removed. I’ve never heard of any company that was seemingly so completely anti-customer as this deal!

          I just don’t get why Mattel management doesn’t seem to care. Is the incoming money so sweet, the profit margin on the items so good they figure that people are lemmings(and addicted!) and they’ll buy no matter what?


        • S. Winters

          DCL handles warehousing and shipping, they are hand in hand with DR. Mattel doesn’t have a separate deal with DCL. You buy into DR you get DCL. Mattel doesn’t handle warehousing or touch the physical product.

          And you’re factual knowledge of import/export law withstanding, are you really so ready to say no corporation gets around certain government requirements? Especially considering how Mattel handles safety testing?

  • R. Lenz

    I’m glad there is more on the way, but I’m going to have to pay double shipping when I buy Vikor because I ordered the Guards today and I bet Matty won’t do **** about that.

  • I’m also glad to be getting a second chance at getting Viktor. I was iffy about him all the way up to sale day, but now that he’s been sold out I want him more. LOL, funny how that happens, eh?

    Love the picture at the bottom btw…the stands don’t do anything to help weak ankles i’m guessing?

  • Lay Ze-Man

    No excuse, Mattel.

    Toyguru’s “apologies” are becoming straight-up laughable at this point, just considering how much easily-avoidable nonsense he finds himself having to apologize for.