Updates to the
Marvel Universe Checklist

As promised, we’ve got a massive update to our Marvel Universe Visual Checklist. It’s been revised, updated, expanded, overhauled… I’d go on, but I don’t want to have to get out the thesaurus. Suffice to say, it was well past time for Hasbro’s Marvel line to get the same treatment as our other visual resources.

This update has been on the books for awhile. I’d learned a few tricks while making DCClassics.Com & MOTUClassics.Com and I wanted to apply those to the Marvel Universe checklist right away, but reviews, holidays, and life in general kept pushing this update farther and farther back on the schedule.

But now it’s here! The main checklist has been broken down into separate years and split into waves (one of the chief complaints about the old version). X-Men Origins: Wolverine & Spider-Man checklists have (finally) been added and our Iron Man 2 checklist has been brought up to speed as well. And all of the pages are are nestled in the cardback format that has been immensely popular with our other checklists.

While the visual checklists are a fun and an easy to check resource, they don’t always carry all the information, like accessories or release information, that we collectors need. For that event, I’ve also added a Sortable Checklist (for the Marvel Universe line only) to the site. It features all the information about the figures in a searchable/sortable chart. For example, if you wanted to see all the Cap figures in the line, simply type Captain America into the search box and the checklist wil be reduced to entries containing his name. In addition to the search function, any column can be used to sort the checklist.

Finally, the checklists are always a work-in-progress. The 2011 page will be updated as images are made available. I’ve still got some offsite review links to add to the new pages and further updates are already on the schedule (like a Captain America page for the upcoming movie toys) so check back often for the latest information.

And, as always, if you spot an inaccuracy or know of some missing information, feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

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7 thoughts on “Updates to the
Marvel Universe Checklist

  1. You’re Ghostbusters page is still my favorite because it brings back the memories, but these are fantastic. I wish you’d been around during Marvel Legends heyday!

    1. i’m not going to pretend to know anything i don’t… BUT w/ the return of marvel legends this year, do you REALLY think our beloved noisy devil won’t get to a ML checklist eventually?

  2. Thank you for this! The interwebs has been in need of a good Marvel checklist ever since Waiting’s site went down.

  3. These look wonderful.

    We already know the first figures in the Captain America and Thor waves, so I’m looking forward to seeing those soon.

  4. Very, very cool, Noisy. Thank you. I didn’t realize how many of the Wolverine line pieces I’d passed on. I’ll also stop the hunt for the warpath, now that I now there’s a 3-pack on the horizon.

    This service you’ve provided is a toy collecting essential. U ‘da man… again!

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