Ask Matty
January 15th Edition

Ask Matty – January 15th Edition

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DCClassics.Com: Is the Black Lantern Hal Jordan finalized or is there time to switch his skintone to the washed out grey the “living” Black Lanterns were depicted with in Blackest Night?

The images seen are prototypes but we are pretty far along in the process and most deco and sculpting is final on Wave 17.

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks: This year Hasbro switched to biodegradeable twist ties, has Mattel looked into similar ways to make their packaging more Eco-friendly?

Yes, this is something we have looked into and will use when we can.

MOTUClassics.Com: Will King Hssss have some minions this year or are Snakemen fans in for a long wait like Horde fans were between Hordak & Grizzlor?

We do have more Snake Men coming. By 2017 if the line continues on the current road map all of the vintage Snake Men will be done.

DCClassics.Com: Wave 17 presents collectors with a new unfinished “team”: the deputy lanterns. Is Mera being prioritized in anyway to get that team completed?

See our Facebook posting on Wave 17 for the full scoop on Mera!

Editor’s Note: Here’s the quote concerning Mera from that Facebook posting. We’re marking this answer down as a “No”.

…while she did not make the cut this time around, we do know fans want complete sets and we are committed to one day getting her out there!

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks: This question is for Toy Guru: A lot of toy news sites are naming the top figures of 2010, but what toys are in your Top Ten?

Toy Guru jumping in on this one:

“My top ten toys? Well lets see, a lot of this may come down to figures I personally quested to get into plastic. Here’s a run down off the top of my head:

  1. GB Peter Venkman with Protonstream – this is clearly the best GB figure to date and if you were going to have just one, he’s the one to get.
  2. MOTUC Trap Jaw – with swappable heads, hands and weapons, we really did him justice! Likely the best figure in the line. (Buzz Off for me is a close second!)
  3. DCUC Golden Pharaoh – now come on, when we started the line did anyone expect this? I love pulling off the unexpected and meeting fan demand at the same time!
  4. JLU Manhunter Robots – a long overdue addition to the line and with two in a pack it’s perfect for army building!
  5. MOTUC Battle Cat – no collection is complete without He-Man’s steed. The Horsemen really hit a home run with this one.
  6. GB PKE Meter – our first crack at a prop replica and I think we really did it justice. Plus the package is some of the best ever!
  7. DCUC Kamandi – of all the DCUC figures to date, this one was a personal pick from my desk. I always wanted a Kamandi figure and it was a thrill to get him into the line.
  8. JLU Gray Ghost – while he did not make it everywhere in 2010 (he will continue to ship in 2011) this was a figure I also personally wanted since I first saw young Bruce Wayne play with one on the classic BTAS episode. He came out great!
  9. Retro Action Batman – the quintessential DC Retro Action figure and he even has a removable mask!
  10. MOTUC Chief Carnivus – this was also a personal pick from my desk. When I was a kid I loved the Disney Robin Hood animated movie. At the end of the film King Richard shows up as a giant lion warrior. I always wanted a toy of that and when I saw Carnivus in the 2002 series he evoked this image for me. It was a thrill to get him his first action figure!

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29 thoughts on “Ask Matty
January 15th Edition

  1. This round seemed worse than usual. AFI got the Joker/Harley thing and tat’s been about it .

  2. Yikes, not very good “answers” this go-round.

    I’d love it if every time Mattel released a new figure for us to buy, we said:

    “Spending my hard-earned cash on Mattel products is definitely something I’m looking into. Stay tuned to see what happens!”

  3. The only new bit of information here seems to be “By 2017 if the line continues”, since they’ve always used 2016 as the date before now. A sign that Mattel considers MOTUC to be a bit of a success for them?

  4. “DCUC Golden Pharaoh – now come on, when we started the line did anyone expect this? I love pulling off the unexpected and meeting fan demand at the same time!”

    um, okay, I’ll admit this guy was nicer than expected, **BUT** exactly how much “fan demand” was there for this guy outside of a handful of people, two of whom are already working on this line?

    (and yeah, we’d already have Ambush Bug and Will Payton if *I* was in Scott’s place, but still…)

  5. I guess Scott’s list was really based on toys he had an active hand in because those weren’t the most impressive ones by a longshot.

  6. Hmmm…I’m sure the deco change for a pale skinned Black Lantern Hal would take the slot of another figure… 😉

    On another note, could the new 5 pack mentioned at the RUMORBUSTER be a Flash 5 pack? With a Wally West, and maybe 4 rogues??? Or is this just a pipe dream on my part? haha

    1. But…but…the logistics! Not to mention Development!

      Why, they might have to omit the machine gun construct this time!

      Seriously, that reply to the Hal Black Lantern question really is no reply, it answers nothing.

      anybody placing bets if Wave 17 has everyone looking up and to the left? 🙂

  7. Toy Guru’s list is okay, but it would’ve been awesome if he named at least one thing from a nother company.

  8. Bah, anyone who would leave Galactus out of a list of the top ten toys of the year is a tool.

    Hell, Kamandi and Golden Pharaoh are on my bottom. Why the hell did they make these things?

    1. I’ll admit that I think Golden Pharaoh is a pretty damn sweet figure. I couldn’t care less about the character, but that’s a figure I went hunting for.

      Kamandi, though, is a kid is cut-off jean shorts who comes with a couple of guns that he has trouble holding. Not particularly impressive.

      And that Galactus figure would only be worth it to me if it cost half as much as it does.

      1. The price ranges from $55 to $20. For 19 inches of well articulated and sculpted Galactus, $50 is nothing to pay. And hell, it’s only $35 right now on amazon, you could shoot the moon right now.

        I liked the Toybiz one, but the joints weren’t nearly as solid and smooth, and the paint was a little haphazard and sticky. While the head is closer to the comics, I feel that the new one captures the feeling of awe that Galactus is supposed to invoke.

    2. I didn’t really think the Galactus was all that; despite it’s lights and sounds, I think it pales in comparison to the one ToyBiz did as a BAF.

  9. kamandi making his list tells me a lot more about his personal life than i needed to know. i’d wager good money that mr guru has a file of “international male” calatogs on microfiche.

    1. Sez the nekkid man holding a baby… 🙂

      No, I think his pride in the making of a Kamandi figure is justifiable. Consider: There’s ZERO ‘heat’ on the character currently, he’s fairly obscure, there’s no ‘team’ linkage other than a fairly generic Kirby Fourth World umbrella. From a ‘gray men in their gray suits sitting in their gray suites’ perspective there is no reason whatsoever to make that figure.

      I’m just sorry there’s no real chance for other figures from Kamandi’s world. Ben Boxer would be a snap, and even has an instant variant possible, but I just know that’s not going to happen.

      And the Forever People? Madness. I’m clearly insane to even think that could happen.

        1. Yes. More than one. Other characters whose Bat-BatB appearance(s) don’t hurt their chances at a DCU figure include Mera, Fire, Ice, Clock King, Kite Man, Ocean Master, Katana, Bronze Tiger, Owlman, Red Hood (Joker), Crazy Quilt, Bat-Mite, Lashina, Jay Garrick, the remaining Metal Men, and many more.

          P.S. I need Outrageous Aquaman. Should’ve been in the Mer-Man two-pack.

      1. Of course there’s no heat. The only people who are going to buy an action figure of a shirtless teenage boy wearing daisy dukes are people who are trying to build the CNC, perverts, and fans. The later two categories are pretty much all people in their thirties or older. He’s easily the biggest pegwarmer of the set, as every Wal-mart I’ve been to has at least 5 of them, regardless of the number of other DCUC.

        1. Well then I wish my Walmart bothered to get this wave! The only DCUC figure I’ve ever seen there was a beat-up Spectre in the red tag area which may well have been bought at another location and returned when it turned out it wasn’t a ‘rare collectible hot hot’ toy.

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