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I’ve come to a realization with my recent purchases of Star Wars: Vintage Collection figures: I love that line. With superb articulation and great sculpts this may be the best toy line on the market today. But my Star Wars shelves will never be complete without Spaceballs figures.

It’s been twenty three years since this Spaceballs grazed the silver screen, but as a kid I saw it first on the magic that was VHS. Being only eight, I don’t remember a whole lot from that first viewing. I’m sure most of the adult jokes were over my head, but I do remember thinking Pizza the Hut was slightly disturbing, that Rick Moranis flying head first into a computer console was hilarious, and wondering why did Dark Helmet have toys that didn’t exist? That seemed a bit unfair.

Now, two decades later, I can appreciate the movie on a different level – I would say a more mature level, but I don’t think any Mel Brooks movie can be considered mature. But one thing is still missing. In all these years, no company has ever made figures based on the film. How can that be?

So, what I’d love to see is one wave of Spaceballs figures: Captain Lone Starr, Barf, Lord Dark Helmet, Princess Vespa, Dot Matrix, and of course Pizza the Hutt. And what better way to bring the joke full circle than by having these figures produced by the fine folks at Hasbro? Not only would they look perfect on the vintage themed cards, but they would make for some interesting eye-candy on collector’s display shelves. We all know Lone Starr, Solo, Barf and Chewbacca would go out drinking together. Maybe with a little Schwartz luck, and a lot of strange decisions at Hasbro, we can finally make that happen…

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  1. I would argue that the 12 Chairs and Young Frankenstein are both mature, but I get what you mean.

    That said, I don’t think I’d be into Spaceballs figures.

    I liked the movie OK, but never really was a huge fan.

    Seems like Lucas could be down though, what with their support of the Family Guy parody stuff.

  2. Spaceballs toys wouldnt sell well if Hasbro makes them but I would buy Rick Moranis Darth Vader he was best character in the film.

  3. I never really loved Spaceballs. I liked parts of it but it just seemed like yet another Mel Brooks ‘phone it in’ job, which seemed to be his curse ever since he ran the TV series ‘When Things Were Rotten’. It just lacked snap and bite in my eyes. Part of the problem is, for all the riffing it ignores the fun that could have been had with ROTJ elements. Actually, thinking back, it’s really all about Star Wars with some of the early leaked ESB (i.e., here’s Yoda) thrown in. Kinda fits my idea this would have been very funny if it had been filmed and released in 1979. And where is the perfect sequel that takes on the new trilogy, Spaceballs II the Prequel? Think of the journey of the man who became Dark Helmet! Think how amazingly offensive Brooks could make Jar-Jar, I mean ever more so!

    Saying all that, a Dark Helmet figure would be boss. Retro Kenner packaging would rule 100%

  4. wait a tick, you HAVE to make at least dark helmet, princess vespsa,and lone starr so you can do the doll scene in your very own home. don’t worry, no one will see you playing with your dolls. 😉 that said, as apparently the only brooks fan in the hizzie, i’d like at see least admiral skroob, yogurt, dot, barf, colonel sanders and john hurt w/ the chest burster to make this worthwhile. (plus the aforementioned Big 3)

    1. Hey, hey hey, I’m a big Mel Brooks fan. I just think he went to crap after Young Frankenstein is all.

      I mean, Silent Movie was OK, but man, most of the rest wouldn’t have made good skits in a variety show let alone…ah, never mind.

      No, wait, seriously? You’re willing to defend ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’? When he ALREADY did the Robin Hood thing with ‘When Things Were Rotten’ (coming soon to DVD, yay!) and did it better then?

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole ‘The Producers’ nonsense, don’t mind me. 🙂

      (So he makes a movie that is just about perfect mainly because the casting is f’ing amazing…years later he makes a stage show that due to the casting does pretty good, then he makes of movie of the stage show that’s made from the movie…)

        1. the point is, spaceballs is one of those times 🙂 so get on board!!

          trust me, a good friend of mine is currently in the process of “pimping” his winnebago into eagle 5. this movie was great,and deserves a full investment… i’d even go for a playset with a web cam built in, so that we can always look at “now.”

          1. Sorry, ain’t gonna convince me. :p

            It has staying power sure, but IMO it’s nowhere near approaching the “masterpiece” status that his best work has earned.

            1. Spaceballs is lazy. It goes for the easy, obvious gags when there’s so much potential. I mean, the moment I saw Megamaid had a head like the Statue of Liberty, I KNEW there was going to be a Planet of the Apes joke. I even told my friends in the theater with me during that first run. I got many arm punches of the ‘you smart ass’ kind afterwards when the joke came up.

              No bite. no snap. Not much love. You know how in Young Frankenstein they sought out some of the original Strickfaden machines for the lab? THAT is love. Blazing Saddles, just…the whole damn movie. You can’t even MAKE that movie in today’s PeeCee world.

              I’m sorry to be against you on this issue, DR. You’re a right on guy otherwise. 🙂

    2. After thinking about it, I decided that we need a President Skroob figure if only to have the “variant” figure with his butt on front. (If he has a waist swivel you would just have to turn it and package it as a variant. That would be the best joke ever. 😀 Or maybe I’m just lame…)

  5. from what I understand, Mel Brooks had a deal with Lucas that he wouldn’t market the movie (to avoid confusion with star wars things) and that’s why there is a huge Merchandising (or moichendizing, as they say) joke in the movie, but no actual merchandise. it’s a total shame though.. I’d literally buy everything from the main characters to vinnie, pizza’s robot thug to the black spaceballs with the pick comb who “ain’t found $#!+”

    1. I actually find it quite sad; apparently, Lucas insisted that Brooks needed his permission to parody sci-fi movies, and that’s why he wouldn’t allow any merchandising.

      And people wonder the millions of things I have against Lucas…

      1. That’s not at all what Brooks said on the DVD. He said he was worried about offending Lucas, so he sent him the script, and Lucas sent it back, unopened, with a note saying “I trust you.”

  6. I want a Dark Helmet, Dot, Barf, Yougurt, Princess Vespa, Lone Starr, President Skroob, Pith Helmet version of Dark Helmet pizza the Hut and Vinnie…

  7. I’d buy “Spaceballs” figures, but I’d prefer them in the 6″ scale. If I were going to choose one Mel Brooks film to have an action figure series based on it, though, it would be “Young Frankenstein.”

  8. I thought for sure there’d be a screen shot of Helmet playing with his dolls.

    “Ooooh, your helmet’s so big…”

  9. oh come ON! is NOBODY going to say it?

    Who here wants some A$$HOLE$ in their collection?
    (starting with Police Acedemy’s Michael Winslow! with his radar! and a jar of raspberry JAM!)

    also, the Bear and Escape Pod deluxe set = total BONUS!
    (and DR – LOVE the idea of the Eagle 5 webcam! LOL!)

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