MOTU Update: Vikor’s Early,
Bow’s Late, and a new Bio Page

There’s some scheduling changes afoot in MOTUland. Vikor’s running ahead, Bow’s running late, and a change has been made! To soothe us over in these troubled times, we’ve been given Vikor’s bio and the MOTUClassics.Com Bio section has been given a major upgrade. It’s ten tons cooler than before…

First up, here’s what Matty had to say about the schedule changes:

MOTUC fans,

Quick update for everyone on the 2011 Vikor figure. Bow was running a little late and Vikor was actually running early so we swaped them in the schedule. Look for Vikor as the Club Eternia figure on Jan 18th and Bow on Feb 15th. As an added bonus, here is Vikor carded!



These changes are now reflected on the MOTUClassics.Com Upcoming Release Page

VikorHe-Man of the North, Real Name: Vikor
Shortly after King Grayskull’s death, Vikor, a great warrior from the north was chosen by the Goddess to help protect the Sword of He while all of Eternia waited for a true heir to be born. Already a masters of the battleaxe, Vikor’s legend soon spread across Eternia as he quested to vanquish evil – battling the remaining renegade Snake Man and defending the Valley of Gnarl from the Fighting Foe Men. Although his time as a He-Man was relatively short, his contribution to the legend will never be forgotten in the great archives of Eternia.

As we typically do after these announcements, we’ve added Vikor’s Bio to our MOTU Biography page, but we’ve also got a new announcement about that page. If you’ve seen our Sortable DC Classics Checklist you might guess what we’ve changed… the Biography Page is now sortable & searchable. The search feature is particularly handy. For example, if you type in “Marzo”, then the table will show all the biographies that contain a reference to Marzo. Check it out…

MOTU Classics Biography Resource

5 thoughts on “MOTU Update: Vikor’s Early,
Bow’s Late, and a new Bio Page

  1. Is it me or the bio is very empty, storywise…
    He’s from the north, a master of the battle axe, fought evil, he died, Name dropping references to early he-man concepts.

    WHY IS HE CHAINED!? WHO ARE THE FFM?(Nod to the original MOTU concept name?) No reference of his nemesis?

  2. Whats wrong with some things staying mysterious? I think it adds more to the figure’s persona with him having chains and me not knowing why.

  3. I’m alright with the scheduling switch. I’m really looking forward to how Vikor will turn out in-hand.

    Vikor gets moved up in the schedule, Conan O’Brien has reclaimed the throne of late night, and “Conan the Barbarian” is featured as a free movie in my cable box’s “Free HD Movies” section. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. I love the switch that TG made by push KEN(BOW) back to February & releasing VIKOR a month early. January is around the corner now!!

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