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Bow Review

MOTUClassics Update:
Three New Bios Revealed

Today on Facebook, Mattel unloaded three new bios and packaged shots of three upcoming February 2011 Club Eternia figures: Bow, Battle Armor Skeletor, & the subscription figure Preternia Disguise He-Man. The figures always look good in package and the bios are the usual mix of interesting and cringeworthy…

MOTU Update: Vikor’s Early,
Bow’s Late, and a new Bio Page

Ask Matty
September 1st Edition

Can you clarify where the line is being drawn for 200x influence? Second heads are out, but 200x weapons, redesigns like Sorceress, and characters like Carnivus & Dactus are still safe? From the outside, this rule appears hard to follow.