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Ant-Man Toy Week!
LEGO Marvel Ant-Man
Final Battle Review


Lego #21103
Back to the Future Time Machine (18 Pics)


Lego #21108
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Review


Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 11 (+ Decoder)


DoomKick.com Reviews: Monster
Fighters Vampyre Hearse #9464

Day Two of Guest Review Week rolls on with a look at Lego Monster Fighters from the resolute DrRampageo! Doc recently launched his newest site, Doomkick.Com, and can often be found here in our comments section and forum. Only seemed right to put him to work! Have

Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 7 (+ Decoder)

Usually I first see and pick up my set of minifigures at Toys R Us, but this time it seems they’re hitting all the stores at the same time. The first ones I found were at Wal-Mart, but over the next couple days both my TRU and

Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 6 (+ Decoder)

LEGO Minifigures Wave Six has been showing up all over the last couple weeks. Thanks to my local ToysRUs I was able to snag a complete set with relatively little hassle this time around. We have our decoder ready to go, but this time it’s we’re doing

Manekochan Review: LEGO Friends’ Olivia’s Tree House (3065)


Last year, LEGO announced a new line of toys specifically for girls. I had always thought of LEGO as a gender-neutral toy, but was kind of curious. When Friends finally hit our TRU shelves, I decided picked up Olivia’s Tree house and give

Vault Review: LEGO
Minifigures – Series 5 (+ Decoder)

Over the weekend our local ToysRUs received their first batch of LEGO Minifigures Series 5. I’d been anticipating this for the last couple weeks, making sure to visit each time they got a new truck in. Friday night paid off and I spent way too

Vault Review: Lego
Minifigures – Series 4 (+ Decoder)

I made a great discovery Friday night. Our local Toys R Us set out its first box of LEGO Minifigures Series 4! Luckily my girlfriend was with me, (she’s always much better at picking these out than I am) and we spent a while up at the

Vault Video Review:
LEGO Ninjago


We’re doing something a little bit different today. Since The LEGO Group’s Ninjago is a game based theme, I felt the best way to present it would be with IAT’s very first video review. So check out the ancient art of Spinjitzu in action and tell us

Vault Review: LEGO
Pharaoh’s Quest, Part One


Taking a cue from old movie serials and Indiana Jones, the Lego Adventurer’s theme was everything I loved recreated in brick form. Now LEGO is bringing back the nostalgia with their new Pharaoh’s Quest series. First up are the two smallest sets: Scarab Attack (#7305) and Golden Staff Guardians (#7306).

Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 3 (+ Decoder)


It’s Christmas time, and you know what that means: Lego Minifigures Series 3 (#8803)! Just in time to be the perfect stocking stuffers, this 3rd release has a little something for everyone. But this time around it’s going to be a little more difficult to find the

Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 2 (+ Codebreaker)


Following on the popular success of the Lego Minifigures Series One (#8683) is the next wave of awesomeness. Lego Minifigures Series 2 (#8684) is as equally diverse as the first series, but with slightly more catering towards City theme fans this time around.

Vault Review: Lego Kingdoms Review (#7950, 7953, 7955)


I couldn’t give you an exact age of when I got my first Lego set, but I they were some of my earliest toys. Looking back among my early sets, I can tell you I’ve always gravitated towards the Castle theme. Sure, I had some

Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 1 (+ Codebreaker)


I was never content with the complacent yellow faces Lego men had when I was a kid. I still remember the first time I saw the Pirates theme in the 90s. These Lego men, although still smiling, now had beards, stubble, and sideburns – not to

Vault Review: BrickArms WW2 German Heer Soldier


One of the things I love about toys is the creativity you can put behind them. We all collect our favorite lines, but some of my fondest childhood memories are the characters I made up. Who needs preset backstories? I’ll make my own, thank you. This

Vault Review: Lego #7789 Lotso’s Dump Truck (Toy Story 3)


This is the week for Toy Story 3 toys. Don’t believe me? Check your local Toys R Us. Judging from area reports, most TRU’s got their initial shipments of Mattel and Lego toys for this upcoming movie. Sadly for my wallet, I was tempted by

Vault Review: LEGO Prince of Persia The Fight for the Dagger


On Tuesday, we reviewed two of the new Lego Prince of Persia sets for the upcoming film (in theatres next month). The second part of our Lego Prince of Persia reviews focuses on The Fight for the Dagger (#7571). As before, I’ll keep the level of

Vault Review: LEGO Prince of Persia The Sands of Time


After 20 years, Prince of Persia is finally making the jump from video game to silver screen. A toy line was a given, but I was excited to hear that Lego also picked up the license. I found a few of the sets at TRU this