Ant-Man Toy Week!
LEGO Marvel Ant-Man
Final Battle Review

“Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.” – Hank Pym to Scott Lang, Marvel’s Ant-Man.

My Marvel Select Ant-Man didn’t arrive on time, darn you FedEx!!!, so I’m having to switch reviews up a bit. Today’s review will quickly focus on LEGO set #76039 Ant-Man Final Battle. I was going to toss this one up on the weekend because the set contains spoilers – seriously, right on the box! Don’t scroll down! so stop now if you’re really intent on going to the movie cold. I say could, because I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I assume the LEGO set has given me a few more clues than I would’ve preferred. So I’m giving everybody an out right now!

The set contains a few different highlights. The biggest part of the set is the ant. I personally don’t care a ton about this piece. I like LEGOs for big set pieces and the minifigures, so this big ol’ bug wasn’t really a selling point for me, but at $20 it feels like a good set and the Ant is cool. He’s articulated well with moving wings, head, and abdomen all having pretty good range.

The legs can also rotate around, but are limited to that movement since they’re connected to the body via technic pieces. There are some other cool features, like the aforementioned wings being a thin plastic, the pincers opening and closing, and that there are more than a few spots for a figure to sit or stand so that’s cool. On the bug side of things, also included are two little ants for Ant-Man to team-up with.

The main draw here for me though is the minifigures. Unlike Hasbro LEGO didn’t shy away from Yellowjacket (yay!)! Unfortunately, translating his design to LEGO was not free for complications. The design to build his harness out of LEGOs is really bulky and the weight just drags him down. He’s a cool figure with great tampos and a new helmet, but he’s gonna need something to stand on. I’ve been using the super jumper to get the job done.

The set also included two Ant-Men. We have the basic figure which is my favorite part of the set. The suit looks great on the tampos and LEGO made a new and sharp looking helmet piece to get the minifigure just right. He looks great. Underneath the helmet, the LEGO head has two expressions: a basic Paul Rudd smile – I can see Rudd shaking his head yeah when I look at it and a confused/disconcerted expression which I think is also pretty great for the character. Easily the highlight of the set. Continue to Page 2…

6 thoughts on “Ant-Man Toy Week!
LEGO Marvel Ant-Man
Final Battle Review

  1. The set doesn’t spoil a thing, honestly. If anyone has seen the movie yet, they’ll know what I mean. The set is exactly like what you mentioned with the Lego Mandarin ‘final battle’ set.

    I do wish they included a hair piece for the set if we want to display Ant-Man without the helmet

  2. I’ve not seen the movie yet, so I can’t speak to the spoiler-ish parts of the set, but I do appreciate your going to such great lengths to shield us. Thankfully, I don’t have a problem with spoilers and I picked up the set a few weeks ago.

    The minifigs are by far the star for me, but I must say that the large versions of the Lego bricks is GENIUS. Very creative and they look great!

  3. The movie was FANTASTIC! And yes, the Lego set doesn’t spoil anything after all…I’m still a little confused why we got black-suit Ant-Man, but it’s a cool minifig!

  4. Yeah, DITM is right about the “spoiler” thing. I’ve seen the movie and I still don’t really get the minifigure.

    1. Oh, isn’t Black Suit Antman Hank Pym from his “glory days”?

      But, yeah, I was thinking about that during the movie–why or whether he had two helmets. It seemed that the silver one was the center of all the attention. Maybe Lego just fantasized a bit. IIRC, Hank Pym’s costume in the flashback scenes was darker than Lang’s.

  5. Oh, is that what the all-black head was for, a sort of joke about keeping the black-costumed Ant-Man’s identity secret? I mistook it for some sort of bomb, but no such thing appeared in the movie.

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