Wonder Festival
Summer 2011 – UPDATE!

While most of us were focused on SDCC last weekend, the Japanese toy industry was celebrating their own show-and-tell shindig at Summer Wonder Festival 2011.  Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, was there to capture the latest and greatest from Kaiyodo, The Good Smile Co., and the other manufacturers who attended.

ItsAllTrue Review: Iron Man 2
– War Machine & Mark V Armor

I mentioned in my Comic Series I review that I wasn't planning to pick up that many of the movie or concept figures. I'm still not looking to be a completist with this line, but there were some non-comic figures that I did want, specifically the War Machine and the Mark V armor. I almost skipped them because I have or will buy their 6" versions, but I'm a sucker for things I like (War Machine) and things that look cool (Mark V armor). That and my slowly growing 1:18 collection is a ton of fun.