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Iron Man 2 – Comic Series I

I’m not sure, but I think there might be a new Iron Man movie out. There was something or other about it on television the other day. Oh, and new toys too. I tried not to buy any, but, as usual, I failed miserably. I’ve bought six 4″ figures so far, a blue eyes/reactor War Machine and the five Comic Series I figures reviewed here. I’m able to look through the cool movie designs and resist temptation, but I can’t resist the classic comic book designs. I may be a DC guy now, but I loved Iron Man as a kid.

Classic Armor (Mark V)

First up, we have Iron Man in his classic armor. This is easily Tony’s most iconic look, many of the later armors being variations on the theme established here, and that iconic status is easily captured by this figure. It’s simply the best version of this armor in this scale. My MU purchases have largely been based on the Secret Wars figures I had as a kid. I bought the Marvel Universe version of this armor and I can tell you right now, I shouldn’t have. The sculpted details are far better here, particularly on the mask. The hip discs should hang lower like they do on the MU version, but I like the solution on the movie figure just fine because it doesn’t block the articulation.

While searching through the different figures at the store, we had a terrible time finding a figure where the widow’s peak was painted well. Other than that though, the figure has great paint work. The pearlized yellow and metallic red combine to make a sharp piece.

Articulation was the only area where the figure left me a little dissatisfied. The articulation in the legs (ball hips, thigh swivel, double knees, and ball ankles) and torso pivot are excellent, but I would’ve like to see more in the arms (ball shoulders and elbows, swivel gloves). I don’t mind the missing bicep swivel so much, but ball wrists, like the MU has, would help put this figure over the top. I love the open hands for repulsor blast poses, but without wrist articulation, they’re limited. Finally, the head is can only move side-to-side. A proper ball-jointed is so expressive that it’s a crime anytime it’s not present.

Finally, this Iron Man included two accessories. A translucent red repulsor blast and a “blast-off” base. These are both fun accessories. I enjoy the clip-on repulsor blast, but I haven’t quite mastered the base yet. Mine is a fairly wobbly and I haven’t come up with an iconic pose that the base will hold upright just yet. Maybe I just need more practice. Still, they’re both nice pack-ins. Overall, the key articulation points aside, this figure is the best update to my Secret Wars version I think I’ll ever get.

Stealth Armor (Mark X)

Okay, go back, and read everything I just wrote about the sculpt and articulation on the Mark V armor. Yep, we got a straight-up repaint here. That’s not a problem, of course. Tony’s Mark X Stealth Armor is just a dark blue version of his regular armor and both Toy Biz & Hasbro have been exploiting that for the last few years. To make this part interesting, I’ll mention something I didn’t mention above – sculpted soles. All the figures I’ve bought from Iron Man 2 have sculpted patterns on the bottom of their boots. I love little details like that. The Stealth Armor figure also included a translucent yellow repulsor blast. Continue to Page 2…

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Iron Man 2 – Comic Series I

  1. I still remember having to google for the Marvel Universe site when they misprinted the website on the cardbacks.

    Whatever they’re going to do with or, it’s registered 6-19-2009 to 6-19-2010 according to WHOIS. I can’t believe they’d buy it just to redirect traffic, and they’ve had almost a year to get it live.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again–I can’t hear “Crimson Dynamo” and not think “Red Cyclone.”

    Odds are I’ll pick up Dynamo sometime soon. I saw pics of Comic Wave 2’s Titanium Man and I think he and Dynamo would make a cool pair.

  3. Great review, Noisy!

    You should get some of the movie and concept figs too. They’re a lot of fun!

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This line needed to be 6″. It’s idiotic that it’s not compatible.

    1. It’s Hasbro… they make sweet love to the 3 3/4″ even when not that many marvel fans want the wimpy little guys.

    2. Expect the 6″ scale to get even rarer as more and more lines move to 1:18. This happened in the 70s when oil prices got to high and now with the lack of stable factories in China costs must be cut. 6″ is the old mans scale and 3.75″ is the hip new kid on the block.

      (and coming from me there’s irony in that statement)

      1. The less I *want* to buy, the better. 😉

        Course, we’ll have to make this a website about pizza or something if that happens…

  5. Some of these pics make me think you should be doing the press photos for Mattel. 😀

  6. I’m loving all these lines in the Joe Scale. Being able to stage Captain America and Iron Man with a GI Joe assault team to attack a squad of HISS III tanks is beautiful.

    Crimson Dynamo and War Machine are my standout favorites from the comic armors. I have hard time fidgeting with them when I’m at my desk. As nice as the comic armors are, the Concept armors are the money. Not to mention they just look great rounding out the “Hall of Armor” everybody is secretly building. The Hypervelocity Iron Armor is now my official Iron Man.

    1. I think that’s the biggest draw to the scale is the compatibility. I like that myself quite a bit.

      And a Hall of Armor is a tempting prospect… 😉

  7. I decided that I wanted to post and say great article. You put way too much time into these reviews compared to other blogs, but I appreciate it.

  8. Seeing classic Iron Man standing with these guys, he looks terribly garish.

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