Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Mattel’s MOTU Classics Surprises

I was surprised by the surge in traffic on the MOTU Checklist going into this weekend. Mattel had taken a different tack this year and had already revealed everything in both the Grayskull & Collector’s Choice subscriptions. Since it was too early for the SDCC item, I figured we’d just see the handful of guys we hadn’t seen during the announcement – Evil-Lyn & Clawful from Club Grayskull & Tuskador and the Horde Wraith from the Collector’s Choice.

We did get to see all four of those. Evil-Lyn was missing a hand, but her & Clawful looked like we’d expected. The Horde Wraith had a nice sculpt, but his colors had been altered to match the bright grey from Filmation found on many of the Horde rank & file. Tuskador was really the big question mark, but he turned out great. He is (wonderfully) Ram Man size and dem tusks! We’ll all need to make some room on the shelf for him to be sure.

There were a few little surprises. General Sunder will have a nice selection of alternate heads to be other characters and a Horde Trooper will be reissued (now single-carded) that will probably be more useful with a couple of those heads than Sunder himself. Evil-Lyn featured an helmetless head and a Filmation episode-specific accessory (as does Clawful).

So, cool stuff, mostly run of the mill, but Mattel did have one ace up it’s sleeve. It’s killer for me because I couldn’t pick up the Talon Fighter (add that to my list with the enthusiasm killing miss of Rotar & Twistoid), so another vehicle just served as a reminder, but what a vehicle! Mattel debuted the Roton! It’s gorgeous (AFI has a great close-up in their coverage) and it’s got plenty of great little touches like the model kit canopy and a Skelecon pilot! I’m not sure an army-builder should be a pilot, but it will keep a few of us from going crazy at least.

I don’t have any large pics of the items, but again check out AFI & ToyArk for some great shots.

I’m not totally useless though: the Upcoming Releases page on has been updated with all the latest reveals!

8 thoughts on “Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Mattel’s MOTU Classics Surprises

  1. Thanks for the coverage, Noisy.
    I am relly psyched for Roton and Nightstalker – less so for most of the figures.
    It is not, that I don’t like them, but it is more and more stuff I have no room to display 🙁

  2. Was worried the skelecon might be the roton pilot. Hoping we see a 2 pack release down the road cause 1) I aint buying 3 rotons, 2) for me 3 is a good number for army builders

  3. They need to do Skelcons as an Army Builder 2 pack. I can’t justify spending $200+ for 2 Skelcons.

  4. Good showing this year. Really bummed about the Skelcon. That’s a guy who needs to be army built. You could have a nice little Ladybird shelf going now with the Palace Guards (who are more Ladybird than Filmation, especially using the bird plate and, if you’re feeling fancy, DCUC Deathstroke’s sword and scabbard), Point Dread Teela (for real, look at the Ladybird pics — it’s her!), Cringer (again, check the pics) and the Skelcon. Add in those silver Palace guard dudes at some point, maybe a crowned Palace Guard head as a pack in with Stridor and bam, you’ve got it!

  5. I’m so glad that the 2015 MotU sub made it through and cheers to those who bought additional subs to do so. I knew that once we were free from the vintage line up that we would see great things and a resurgence of the line. I’m really happy with both of the 2016 subs. The Roton is pure icing on the cake and looks great! Skelcon is awesome but I do hope we get them as a two pack late on.

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