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Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Karatti


Before I delve further into my growing pile of imports I thought I’d get another piece of our most recent Matty box out of the way. So today’s review is for the evil Space Mutant Karatti from the New Adventures of He-Man

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics King He-Man


While we wait for this month’s Matty box to arrive, I thought I’d go back and look at another Masters of the Universe Classics figure that we haven’t reviewed yet. So let’s take a look at King He-Man, our first real glimpse

Spirit of Hordak Appears;
Spell of Separation engulfs Internet

After 20 straight hours in a car, I proceeded directly to work and apparently missed all sorts of hullaballo as Mattycollector unleashed their latest figure on an unsuspecting populace. Yes, it’s a random day in May and your MOTUC collection is one less figure from being complete!

Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Snake Face


Time to get another Masters of the Universe Classics figure out of the way and today I’m going with Snake Face. I only had a few Snake Men as a kid, and SF wasn’t one of them. But like so many other

Mattel Announces Stonedar &
Rokkon Two-Pack for SDCC 2013!

All this week, Mattel will be revealing their SDCC Exclusives for their collector brands. As you’d expect from the site’s content, I’m interested in the MOTU & DC Exclusives – luckily, Mattel revealed the MOTUC Exclusive first! This year’s SDCC Exclusive is a bit of a

MOTUClassics.Com He-Man Review
(Masters of the Universe Day)

Back in 1987, LA Mayor Tom Bradley decreed that April 28th as “Masters of the Universe” Day. Today, 26 years later some crazy toy bloggers are teaming up for a day of MOTU reviews. I want to do something special, so I figure it was time

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Mosquitor


It’s easy to fall behind on Masters of the Universe Classics figures. There’s always a new one or two coming out, or just around the corner. So today I’m going back a few months to check out a figure we missed, the

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Strobo


I love crazy MOTU characters, and Strobo is definitely right up my alley. The guy inserted a mirror into his chest and is wearing an outfit that would make most superheroes blush. I can’t help thinking that he runs around Eternia, half