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Earths Rocket Red Review

I have no idea what to write about Rocket Red. I’ve got twelve pictures to work around and I don’t think anyone’s going to stick through two pages of me bitching and moaning about how this figure annoys me. I like to have fun with toys, but

SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
The Checklist Updates

The final part of our Armchair Coverage is always the most work: updating checklists! There are still some tweaks and touch-ups to do here and there, but each of the main checklists are updated with the latest info from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s the skinny on what’s

SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
MOTU & DC Classics Round-Up!

SDCC 2012 has wrapped! It’s Monday morning, the SDCC attendees are heading home while the rest of us are already back at work, but, let’s face it, productivity isn’t on the agenda today. This year’s IAT SDCC Armchair Coverage features over 300 links from more than

Ask Mattel July 2nd
Link Roundup (Updated!)

Ask Mattel May 15th
Link Roundup

DC Nekron Week!
Green Arrow Vault Review


The last regular figure in DC Universe Classics Wave 20 is my figure to review, and I think he might just be the best figure in the entire wave. If nothing else, this version of Green Arrow is one last taste of

DC Nekron Week!
Red Arrow Vault Review


We’re rounding the bend of Nekron week with a look at the DC Universe Classics modern version of Roy Harper, the Red Arrow. Although the figure may not look it, Roy’s character has been through some pretty rough times, especially in the

DC Nekron Week!
Hawk and Dove Vault Review


Like Noisy, I’m not really into DC Classics wave twenty. I know the line will continue through the sub, but it seems like a lackluster way to end a generally good run. Of course my feelings are also compounded by the loss