Vault Review: Professor Layton

“A hidden treasure. A murder. And a village full of secrets. Pit your wits against the puzzles of St. Mystere. Can you crack the case?” These are the words that the trailer for Professor Layton and the Curious Village tempted me with. A puzzle solving murder mystery, with a unique animation style and a playful yet elusive soundtrack. I was sold instantly. If you're not familiar with Professor Layton, I encourage you to check his DS Game's homepage.

Three years later, Japan is about to enjoy their fifth installment of the Layton franchise, with an animated movie soon to follow. So far the United States just got the second game, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, last year. I am jealous to say the least. Lucky for me though, I can satiate some of my Layton cravings with the brand new Professor Layton figure from Japan’s highly popular Revoltech line.