Upgrades to DCClassics.Com
& MOTUClassics.Com

Some of you might have noticed that we were a little light on the updates last week. There were a couple family birthdays and some crazy wedding preparation adventures, but mostly, I was neck deep in photographing all of my DC Classics and coding CSS/HTML for the biggest updates to our checklists yet.

After SDCC, while we were in the midst of updating the deluge of information to our various checklists, I was also learning rudimentary CSS programming. I wanted to make the checklists look better than the simple tales that I’d learned a decade ago. We hit upon the idea of doing mockup cardbacks for the figures. A simple purple background on Ghostbusters gave it a classic feel. A few images of the MOTU Classics offerings for headers and MOTUClassics.Com looked great. But I was having trouble with our DC Classics checklist. I abandoned the cardback idea and created this strange mish-mash of DCUC packaging elements. I finished 2010 page and promised updates on the others. Except I never could get around to it. I just didn’t like what I’d built. It wasn’t simple or cohesive. I had to come up with something different. It took me far longer than it should have to think of this update and when I did, I wasn’t sure if I should. I tossed the idea out to the IAT staff and a few close friends and they insisted that I least try. After I did, they insisted that we run with it. I then committed myself to photographing my DCUC collection and putting together our most ambitious checklist yet. The end result is available now and can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails below. We’ve still got a bit of work to do on each one and if you’re a fan of our Marvel Universe checklist, fear not, we know that page is in need of some love and attention, as is our Matty Calendar. You should be seeing those two resources updated soon.

For now, here’s links to the checklists. The MOTU & DC ones a bit longer than these thumbnails, of course; we wanted to keep this page relatively short. We’re still in the trial run on these, particularly DCClassics.Com, so if you find a bum link or a typo, please let us know!

Ghostbusters Checklist MOTUClassics.Com DCClassics.Com

23 thoughts on “Upgrades to DCClassics.Com
& MOTUClassics.Com

  1. Wow, it all looks great, you put some time into this. I don’t even collect DC, and I found myself looking through everything. Nice work.

    1. Thanks, Dwal! The only part that was tiring me out was the pictures/resizing. If I did it right every picture is very close to in-scale with every other one. I used Darkseid as my constant and I had to have him photographed him a couple hundred times. LOL

      Glad you perused it, I’ve got one more page to add to it to make it feel complete to me!

  2. Wow, now if someone could just turn this into a working checklist for the iPhone and Google Android phones, that would be awesome!

    1. Yeah… I love my WPTouch plugin to give the site a mobile feel, but it annihilates my checklist formatting. I’ve thought about saving them as a giant image that could be downloaded. That’d work, but there’d be no links to the reviews.

  3. Noisy, that’s awesomeness! The Super Powers card is a thing of beauty and the Spectre at the top is genius too. Too bad that wrent more figs with features like that.

    And are you getting married? Congrats, if so!

    1. I looked really hard to give each card an individual action feature, but I didn’t want to double up on GITD pieces, so I just kept Spectre up there.

      And, yes, I’m getting married this October. Thanks!

  4. It might just be because it’s the new kid on the block, but that DC layout is really stunning. Putting the amount of effort you guys did to make something as taken for granted as an index shows that you guys want to make this site something special. Not only does it effectively serve a purpose, but it’s a faithful blast from the past.

    Speaking of taking stuff for granted, I’ve been doing just that looking at the MOTUC layout. Is it me, or has it been that way for a few weeks? I actually used it quite a bit in trying to decide on some eBay purchases. I will admit that the titanic struggle between the Lord of Destruction and Trolla’s Finest is damn fetching.

    1. IAT is a labor of love. 😀

      And, yes, you’re correct about the MOTU layout. We had that one ready back sometime in July, but we wanted to announce the big three checklists at once! We’ve got a couple more things to do on that including a cardback layout for the reissues and probably an intro page as well.


    Sorry that required all caps, it really did. That Super Powers checklist is off the hook!

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