Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 2 (+ Codebreaker)

Following on the popular success of the Lego Minifigures Series One (#8683) is the next wave of awesomeness. Lego Minifigures Series 2 (#8684) is as equally diverse as the first series, but with slightly more catering towards City theme fans this time around.

With another sixteen figures to add to your collection, the Lego Universe is becoming more diverse than ever before. But these new characters aren’t the only thing to get excited about, because there’re also a handful of new and unique accessory elements to accompany them. I do have to mention that my biggest complaint about the last set still exists. There is a lack of detail on the back of these figures. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but on a couple of the figures it is entirely noticeable. This is probably most noticeable on the Surfer, who seems to be mooning everyone since the back of his shorts weren’t painted on. It’s still early in the making of these figures, and I’m hoping that little issues like this work their way out. But like the first wave, for $2 a figure, these are still a great deal.

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Unless otherwise noted, the figures below all have new heads, torsos, and legs.

#1 Mexican Hombre
This Hombre is one of my three favorite figures in this series. Although he is wearing a plain gray shirt, he comes with plenty of other unique accessories to cover it up, literally. First there’s a large green sombrero with little gold tassels printed along the edge. Then there’s his poncho, which is actually made of two separate cape pieces that rest over his front and back. Last, there’re the new maracas to make sweet music with. Strangely he comes with three maracas. I’m not really sure what he’s going to do with that extra one.
#2 Spartan
THIS IS LEGO! C’mon, you know I had to do it. This Spartan warrior is a good representation of King Leonidas himself. I love his angry face with its burly beard and twitchy eye. I love his armor and the fact that they printed sandals on his feet. And I really love the new shield, long spear, and Spartan helmet with its vibrant red crest. This is my favorite figure in the second series. Now how do I get a hold of 297 more?
#3 Ringmaster
Decked out in classic circus garb, the Ringmaster is one snazzy guy. Top hat, red suit, and white gloves, this guy is surely dressed up to put on a show. I’m also a big fan of his long and curling mustache. Not only does this make for a good carnie boss, but it can double as a 1920’s villain just like the Magician from Series 1. Even though the Ringmaster doesn’t come with any new pieces, he does have a bent whip which appears for the first time in white with this set.
#4 Witch
The Witch doesn’t include any new accessories or parts, but she does represent the first time that a classic green Witch has been made into a minifigure. With a couple of warts on her face, she gives me a strong impression of The Wizard of Oz. I wish I had a Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man now so she could terrorize them. Or maybe even a Lego flying monkey, which would be truly scary.
#5 Vampire
This is my second favorite figure in the series. The Vampire doesn’t have any new pieces, but he does have a very different look from the old Studio’s Vampire figure. I like that they gave him his more classic widow’s peak hairpiece. I also like his newly printed tuxedo chest with its cliché medallion. Then there’s the face, which can only be described as cute with those giant red eyes and smiling fangs. You almost forget that he’s an undead hell beast.
#6 Highway Patrolman
The Lego Highway Patrolman seems just a bit too cocky for me. With his handcuffs and speeding ticket at the ready, I have the feeling he’s either just made an arrest or the Lego State a lot of money. The cool thing about the ticket is that it actually has real words printed on it. Most of them are too small to read, but you can make out a couple. It’s pretty rare for something so small to have real words and not just lines printed on it. I’m impressed.
#7 Jungle Explorer
Dressed in his finest khaki outfit, pith helmet, and monocle; our intrepid Explorer looks like he would fit in perfectly journeying into the uncharted regions with fellow adventurer Johnny Thunder. But with a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass that really works, who needs that braggart Thunder? Our Explorer can discover his own lost treasures and dinosaur islands. Heck, he’s so self confident, I’m sure he’ll even make an arch nemesis before the day is up.
#8 Lifeguard
Baywatch anyone? Although I’m slightly disappointed in the absence of a brick Hasselhoff, brick Pam Anderson makes up for it. She’s built for one thing, and one thing only: to run at the slowest speeds possible while trying to save your Minifigure’s lives from beach stuff. A job this important requires a brand new piece. Miss Brickwatch here gets a lifeguard float that can be held from the back and both sides. Don’t you feel safer already?
#9 Mime
The Mime has this great monochromatic look that’s unique among all the yellow. I also like his chest piece, which seem like it could double for a prisoner’s striped outfit. The Mime is the first in the series to have multiple heads: happy, sad, and scared. Maybe it’s just me, but they actually seem French somehow. He also has a unique piece in the form of his French beret. The most difficult thing about this figure is posing him in a convincing mime caricature.
#10 Weightlifter
Beads of sweat falling off his brow, teeth clenched in determination, you can see it all over the Weight Lifter’s face that he’s beginning to feel the burn. The barbell he’s using is actually made up of three pieces: A short bar like the wand from the Magician, and two new weight pieces that fit on the ends. I’m not sure where that neon green suit comes from though. Maybe he’s on off-duty Power Miner?

25 thoughts on “Vault Review: Lego Minifigures
– Series 2 (+ Codebreaker)

  1. Let me be the first of many to point-out that it’s “Disco Stu” and “Egyptians” xD

    Also, nothing says badass like riding a camel.

    1. Fixed 😛

      That’s why they were so popular with Pharaohs. Nothing says pimp like a camel.

  2. I really do want to like these little guys, but this is one of the few areas where local scalpers beat me.

    Anyone know places other than Toys R Us that carry these?

    1. There were reports of Walmart carrying them, but none around me ever did. I’m not sure if Target’s going to carry this wave or not. Hopefully your TRU will get more in.

      Which ones were you looking for?

      1. For Series 1, I was looking for Super Wrestler. For Series 2, I find Weightlifter and Highway Patrolman strangely hilarious, so I’d love to get my hands on those too.

        1. Our TRU is already sold out. I don’t know if they’ll get any more in since they only got that initial wave of series one. I’ll keep an eye out though.

      2. The Target near me has the Series 2 MiniFigs in the Halloween/Seasonal Section of the store. Fresh new cartons of them!

  3. I also want to mention that the employees at the TRU stores near me have an irrational hatred of the cheat-sheets. Or maybe it’s totally understandable because customers take like 5 minutes holding-up the line while they feel-up the little baggies and triple-check the barcodes.

    1. Yeah, we’ve gotten some stink eye looks, but nothing’s been said to us yet. We try and take the box out of the way and scavenge it so we’re not blocking the line.

  4. SCREW ‘EM!!! so long as you’re buying something, they can by god tolerate the eccentric behavior!

    BTW, the wife loved the photos.

    1. The other thing is, whatever TRU you’re at may be pushing the online surveys they give on the receipts. The collectors in my area have been using them to crack down on scalpers, at least two TRU’s in my area are now limiting action figure purchases to only one per character. Several TRU employees mentioned to me that they’re under pressure to maintain high scores.

      It makes it hard to shop for friends, but at least collectors and kids now have a fighting chance.

  5. Success! I was able to download the key and I found a new box at my local TRU. I was able to snag my buddy iz 2 Hombres and help two moms with their kids find the ones they wanted too. The store limited us to 5 each.

    Team IAT, you should be proud of yourselves. Your handy decoder enabled me, my buddy, and two families experience some Lego goodness. Suck it, scalpers!

  6. Tried the codes in UK and they did not match tried to get karate man and surfer ended up with life saver and mexican man. I kept the codes and am putting together a UK shett will post when complete

  7. Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important.

  8. I was able to collect 10 complete sets at the local target store. they a buck cheaper and no limit.

  9. That surfer guy? It’s Bodhi from “Point Break”, the late Patrick Swayze’s character.

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