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MOTUClassics.Com: SDCC Orko
UPDATE: Regular Orko Added

Articulation for Adam is standard because he’s just a repaint of He-Man (right down to super, super loose ankles), but Orko held a few surprises. The biggest one wasn’t really on the figure, but on the base. If you’re a 4H fan like me, you’re familiar with the clear stand with the little black base. It works, it’s elegant, and it’s unobtrusive. I like it, but Orko’s has been upgraded and I want this one from now on. Instead of the usual post, it tops out in a ball joint. This opens up Orko’s poses like you wouldn’t believe. He can appear to float in just about any direction. Slimer could have really used this stand.

In addition to the stand, Orko’s got a ball-jointed head, shoulder, elbows, and swivel wrists. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but for a guy with no legs, it’s plenty.

Back to Adam for a moment, how are the ankles on the figures you’re receiving? Everyone at IAT has ended up with looser and looser ankles on the past few releases. Are you seeing that same trend?

Paint was good on both these figures. Orko’s colors are almost entirely dictated by his color change plastics, the only exception is the head and eyes. Orko’s left eye is slightly warbled as is the yellow paint on Adam’s belt buckle, but everything else is sharp. I’ve come to appreciate the pearlized wristbands on Adam, but I’m curious about how they’d look straight up silver.

Overall, Mattel and the 4H did a fantastic job on Orko. I don’t know if this one or the regular one will be my favorite, but it doesn’t matter. The sculpt, articulation, and action feature on this one is fantastic. I love the ball-jointed stand and while I still want an updated ‘magic trick’, I enjoy the different effects the color change plastic added to Orko.

Adam is what he is – a repaint of He-Man. That’s what I wanted, so no complaints there. I’m glad they tried the new head even if I don’t think it came out that well. I love his accessories and the idea of the second head, but the big drawback for this figure is the lack of a holster. If we could put the sword on Adam’s back and pose him reaching for it, he’d be that much better.

Update 8/10 – Standard Release Orko

After receiving the little guy via Mattycollector (the only way the non-color change version was available) on Monday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give him his own review. I had already covered the SDCC release which was mostly the same, so I decided to just snap a few pics of the standard Orko and tack them on the bottom of this review. For his great sculpt (including his flowing shirt & expressive hands), articulation (no loose ankles!), and accessories you’ll have to head back to page one as those are all essentially the same (save the book which does not feature a color change SDCC logo) as the previously released San Diego exclusive.

This add-on review will only concern itself with the colors and the paint work as those are the primary difference. Sadly, that one aspect wasn’t completely up to par.

For the most part, Orko looks good. I wasn’t sure which version I would like more, but I’ve decided that I like the fully colored Orko better. He fits right in with the line, his color pallet looks great, and he’s exactly the Orko I wanted when I first envisioned his inclusion as a Classics figure. While the colors are sharp, the paint is iffy. Some parts are good – the O is perfect, the yellow paint (always a gloppy color) came out better on this version than my clear one. The hands were oddly molded red and painted blue, but that seems to have worked okay. I guess the real problem with the paint is the ears. They don’t make it all the way to the hat.

Normally, when I get a paint issue like black marks on Wun-Dar’s face (again the odd choice of the molded plastic showing through) or the white on Zodak not being aligned properly, I chalk it up to “bad paint happens” -that mine is a relatively unique problem while plenty of other collectors got great paint. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Orko’s unpainted ears. At the very least, it’s a bit more widespread.

As the Matty orders have been arriving, fans have been posting their messed up Orko’s in thread at He-Man.Org. Toy Guru added his comments and asked for more pictures saying that he “will not stand for such poor paint issues.” I’m glad he’s paying attention, but the ears weren’t painted correctly on the preview samples handed out to the first look sites and it looks like that mistake got carried on through to the final version.

Truthfully, with a bit of blue paint and a fine brush, I can fix my Orko – far cheaper than the only course left to Mattel, a corrected reissue. I have mixed feelings about paint issues like this one. It’s an easy fix, but at the same time, it’s work I shouldn’t have to do. Quality control is a problem with any line, but things like loose ankles and bad paint suck that much more in a line where we can’t choose our figures.

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UPDATE: Regular Orko Added