Checklists for DC, MOTU,
and Ghostbusters Classics!

This is sort of a grand opening for ItsAllTrue.Net. When we conceived what this site would be, one of the things we wanted were checklists/resources for some of the lines we were collecting. Truthfully, we just really like making lists and this way we get to share them.

Right out of the gate, we’re giving you these 4 handy resources: a MattyCollector Calendar, & Checklists for DC, MOTU, and Ghostbusters Classics! The calendar features a chart of the different toylines offered on the site with release dates. With this chart, you can look ahead to see what Matty is releasing when and know when you can save on shipping as well as when you need to save up! The three checklists feature a visual guide to the figures as well as release information and any other specific info that might be relevant. The Ghostbusters and MOTU Classics pages also feature a news section for the latest updates from Mattel.

We hope these will help you in building your collection like they do in ours. These links will always be available in our Resources box to the right! Thanks for checking them out!

MattyCollector Schedule
DC Classics Checklist
Ghostbusters Classics Checklist
MOTU Classics Checklist

19 thoughts on “Checklists for DC, MOTU,
and Ghostbusters Classics!

  1. Here’s a couple things I forgot to add.

    Our next project is adding a DCSH section to the DC list. Look for that soon.

    And we’re still short a handful of images on our DC Resource, but we will have them up shortly.

  2. These are great!! Must better than the others, I’ve seen. Just make sure you keep it updated!!!(^o^)/

    1. The MOTU page says releases of He-Man are due in Oct/Nov and Skeletor before the end of the year.

      With Fixed parts!!

  3. Other than missing a few DC images these are very solid. I’m looking forward to you adding the DCSH in, they’re really the same line.

  4. Great DCUC checklist! Looking forward to seeing it and the rest of the site develop.

    My only suggestion might be to put the 2009 waves after 2008, (or possibly go from newest to oldest) as it seems to disturb the chronological flow otherwise.

  5. Nice layout and information, appreciate the sell out times being listed on the MOTUC. The only improvement I might suggest for the Matty collector Schedule is the inclusion of the day of the week that the figures go on sale. As is I have to find a calendar to check what day the 15 falls on(any other day and I’m guessing its a Monday.)

  6. These are awesome! My only complaint is the Minimates aren’t included on the GB one!!

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