ItsAllTrueNet Custom:
ROC Zartan

Today’s entry into the Intermittent Customs comes from one of our readers: Ebonhorn! Ebonhorn has a sweet custom for us, a Rise of Cobra Zartan in Cobra Gear.

From Ebonhorn:
This is a Rise of Cobra custom Zartan. I know that Zartan has an actual figure, but it’s really just a Zartan head on a Joe body. I decided I wanted a Cobra body for him, so I started planning. I realized I liked the Neo-Viper body, but I didn’t think the armor was a good fit for Zartan. On a trip to TRU, I noticed a 25 anniversary Wraith that had been hanging there for months. I knew right away, his body armor would be perfect! I picked up the Wraith and painted the armor blue with metallic accents. After that, a simple headswap was all that was needed. When it took it’s rightful place, Zartan’s head looked perfect on the body. I now have a Cobra Zartan to add to my growing ROC ranks.

The Recipe:

Head – Zartan
Body – Neo-Viper
Armor – 25th Anni. Wraith Body Armor
Paints: Tamiya Metallica Blue & Citadel Asurmen Blue Wash
I painted the body armor and the grey portions of the Neo-Viper with the metallic blue. Once dry, I applied the wash over those areas to mellow the look but to keep the metallic feel.

The It’sAllTrue Crew extends our thanks to Ebonhorn for his great work and we look forward to more of his customs in the future!

9 thoughts on “ItsAllTrueNet Custom:
ROC Zartan

  1. You did a great job. This is something Hasbro should’ve probably done first. Ironically, they don’t bother to give us a 25th Zartan on a Duke body over the last couple years. Now, they don’t put out a regular Zartan. It figures.

    But you do good work. I can see Arnold Vosloo wearing that leading a troop of movie vipers.

  2. Ooooo nice job, Ebonhorn! I’m a sucker for shiny blue things, but this just works so well for this figure. The metallic wash adds a nice touch to it too! Can we send this on to Hasbro with a huge MAKE ME sign?

  3. ebon is a shy guy… but his customizing skills are quite respectable. and i don’t mind talking him up. that looks excellent ebon!!! truly that is a zartan who could kick brendan fraser’s ass!

    1. LOL. I didn’t think of this until you mentioned it… do we know Brendan Fraser is in his Joe cameo? Think it will involve Zartan?

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