ItsAllTrue Review: Iron Man 2
Comic Series II

My favorite thing about Hasbro’s Marvel movie toy lines has been the cross-pollination of the comic figures. I’ve enjoyed the IM2 movie figures, but the comic figures have helped enriched this line and I find myself looking forward to them most. After a good deal of searching, I’ve finally completed Comic Series II.

I was able to find this wave in spurts. I found the Proto & Oversize armors a few weeks ago at Toys R Us. They had a Guardsman, but he wasn’t painted well enough to buy. I found a Titanium Man at Target a couple weeks ago, but also left him behind due to poor paint. I had been enjoying the hunt, but I was starting to lament the paint that was keeping me from bringing these guys home. I wished Wal-Mart would get Comic Series II cases as that would greatly improve my chances (within 30 minutes of IAT there is 1 TRU, 1 Target, and 7 Walmarts). Last week, that’s exactly what happened. After weeks of drought, I finally had my pick of Comic Series 2 figures.

Comics Series # 29 – Guardsman

According to the bio on the card back, this Guardsman represents its first bearer, Kevin O’Brien. O’Brien had impressed Stark with his inventions and, as a result of becoming a trusted ally, was given an emergency suit of armor. Unfortunately, the armor caused him to become mentally unbalanced and he turned on Iron Man in a jealous rage. Other men would wear the armor, Kevin’s brother for one, and the correctional officers of the superhuman detention facility, the Vault. That background expands the possibilities for this figure. It can be utilized as an ally, a villain, or even as an army builder.

I’m starting with the Guardsman because I misjudged him. Based on the initial images of his amazing physique, I thought this was a guy I could pass on. Even at the store, I was sure I didn’t really need to pick up the seemingly naked green man. But when you have a coupon for $5 off a $20 Iron Man purchase, you need three figures. So Guardsman came home with me, six-pack and all.

And on the comfort of my desk, he somewhat flourished. I still can’t speak to his anatomy (I’m not sure what’s going on with his lower back; it looks questionable), but I do like his helmet and I really love his paint and articulation.

As you may have noticed, this guy is green. His paint is really nice, largely because it doesn’t have to do much work. The body is the solid bright green and the dark green is on separate pieces like the boots, gloves, and head. The paint apps that create his de facto tank top, briefs, and arm bands are all sharp. The details on the helmet are similarly well done and the overall metallic look really helps out.

The articulation is somewhat perplexing, but in a good way. His articulation is mostly standard for the line: ball joints in the head (limited), shoulders, elbows, and hips; swivels at the forearms, thighs, and boots; double hinged knees, hinged ankles, and the chest pivot. The main difference here is the boots which are swivels with hinged instead of balls. Despite being standard, this guy really feels like he can move better than most of the other figures. My guess would be the lack of add-on pieces like shoulder pads, bulky details around the hips and chest, etc. He’s unencumbered and pretty fun because of it.

Guardsman included the standard yellow repulsor blast. I’m glad it’s there to help value, but I’m starting to wonder how many of those things I’m going to have by line’s end.

Comics Series # 31 – Titanium Man

This might not be the Titanium Man you were looking for. I’m not as well versed on the modern happenings of Iron Man as the old, so I’m not sure what there is to know about this new streamlined Titanium Man. The armor has the look of the Gremlin armor from Armor Wars, but if I recall that suit was entirely or mostly green (easy repaint, anyone?). Interestingly, the card back bio describes the origin of Boris Bullski, the wearer of the original tank-like Titanium Man armor. I’m still hoping we’ll see that in the line somewhere.

The most striking thing about the figure is his height due to the long, thin torso. You can look at him and think it looks okay or it looks a little off, it exists right at the edge of that perception. The sculpt is entirely new and looks to be an accurate representation of the latest armor, including some nice features. I really like the ribbed costume overall, but the raised paneling throughout makes the figure stand out. In the end, I think what’s best about this figure is that he’s not like many of the other figures and their muscled exteriors. This figure looks like a guy in an armored suit. If I had a direct line to Hasbro, I’d say “more like this please.”

The main problem I had in selecting a Titanium man was the paint on the visor. It was tough to find one that had the yellow stamp centered. Past that, I didn’t have many problems. I enjoy the green/grey combo quite a bit, but I do wish he had a more metallic look like most figures in the line. Still, the grey helps distinguish the figure, particularly being released so close to the Guardsman. Most of the green/grey cuts are crisp, but keep an eye on the two small green patches under the arms when purchasing.

Articulation is standard on this figure: ball joints in the head (limited), shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles; swivels at the wrists and thighs; double hinged knees, and the chest pivot. Again, we see the ball-jointed head being placed so low on the neck as to only be given side-to-side movement and the ball shoulders are limited from going upward due to the bulk of the armor.

Titanium Man includes a yellow energy blast that can be added to his hand for a powered-up punch. It’s a great piece and really adds dynamic to action poses. The only thing is, I would’ve like to see two of them since it’s a relative small energy piece. Continue to Hulkbuster Armor…

28 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Review: Iron Man 2
Comic Series II

  1. Why did they make Hulkbuster undersized. It makes no sense to me. All the MU big figures are actually bigger than the others. This just doesn’t make any sense. I do like the look of titanium man A LOT!!!!

    1. I really want to do some more, but it’s been sparse at my stores lately! I’ve been hunting for the IM2 figures, but short of the TS3 deluge, I haven’t seen much of anything to report back on.

      But that article is one of the most fun to do – heck, just snapping pics in the stores is fun – and it will be back when we see an opportunity!

  2. Glad to see some more Iron Man reviews! New stuff on this toy line is getting sparse.

    1. It’s all on eBay! LOL

      I don’t add things to the list until their officially announced, but there are a handful of items out there that are presumably coming.

      I’ve seen…
      The air assault drone carded
      The weapons assault drone carded
      Ground Assault Drone in a 4pk with an IM and Nick Fury
      A 3pk of Movie Hulkbuster (Monger), Holographic Armor (clear blue), and another green WM.

      And I feel like I’m forgetting something.

      Anyway, one month: SDCC and Fall will be revealed. I’m gonna be way busy that week. LOL

  3. I would have rather gotten the oversized version of the Titanium Man, but it still looks like a really great figure.

  4. This is a decent line and I’m looking forward to in getting a few more waves under its belt. I’m tired of wading through the same dozen figures over and over.

    1. My stores here are pretty thin. I think Hasbro is holding back because of the Joe flood, but the stores could use more product this time (at least here).

  5. Nice review, Noisy. It’s a shame about the Hulkbuster’s size because he looks great in your other pics. The one with him punching the Monger in the back ground is a cool pic, btw.

  6. I want to skip this line so bad, but the comic figures are really starting to get to me.

  7. I really enjoyed your review. This line has been fantastic so far except for the paint apps, but I’ve come to expect that for Hasbro movie releases. I hope the paint will get better on future waves. The drones on eBay look fantastic and I can’t wait for them to come out.

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure what do about the drones. I’ve been trying to buy the comic stuff and I’m excited for Monger, Arctic, and the Centurion armors, but a few of those movie figures will likely still grab me.

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  9. That HB is woefully undersized. He’s supposed to be HUGE! He should easily be as tall as the Monger, and wider/thicker to boot. Call me old fashioned, but the companion pic, ML to MU, says pretty much everything i need to read. The only edge new HB has is some of the detail in the sculpting, but frankly, given that they sold at the same price point, is does not sweeten the pot for the little guy one iota.

    1. I left it commentless because I can go either way on it. I went with War Machine as the 2nd figure because the new one beats the ML.

      I don’t remember how much I bought ML9 for, but I don’t think it was $6.49 though. 😉

  10. Glad to see this review. The Iron Man 2 toylove is starting to die off now that the movies been out. I hope Hasbro keeps it going. It’s their better Marvel line right now.

  11. Great refernce to the Guardsman cover! You know your Iron Man better than you say.

    It’s a shame that Hulkbuster isn’t oversized. That does make the upcoming movie Hulkbuster a bit more appealing at least.

  12. Great review Noisy, I always love your comic panels, they’re funny as hell! (hell is funny?)
    Anyways, Hasbro’s IM2 figs have been great this year, they’re finally digging into the comic book stuff that many fans have been clamoring for, hopefully one day they’ll give the same treatment to the 6-inch line ‘coz the Wally wave was pretty good!!

  13. Finally found these at Wal-Mart today. I passed on all three because each has a flaw be it height, style, or armor choice. Hopefully, wave three of the comic stuff will turn out better.

  14. I was lucky to find each of these at Walmart (GA), which of course I picked up. Almost passed over the Hulkbuster simply because all of the one’s that I looked at the paint jobs were horrible. Glad I found one that was flawless, well at least to me. This wave has been the best yet.

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