8 Things… Mattel should
do for MOTU Classics

Every month Mattel unleashes another MOTU Classics figure and every month it sells out within minutes. Collectors seems to love this line. It’s hard not to – classically styled versions of the inhabitants of Eternia rendered by the Four Horsemen. These figures are the perfect mix of nostalgia and modern toy ingenuity.

No wonder Masters of the Universe Classics was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. But this Classics toy line isn’t perfect yet. So here’s my list of what Matty needs to make in order for this line to become the true master of the toy universe.

8. Orange Axe and Shield for Faker
One problem that some of the earlier figures from the line had is that Mattel stuck too close to the original figure when it came to accessories. The one figure that best exemplifies this is Faker. When the original Faker debuted, the only accessories he came with were his Power Sword and Skeletor Armor colored in orange. They updated the figure for the 200X line, but it was a Toyfare Magazine exclusive. So it’s not much of a surprise that they skimped on his extra accessories. But when the Classics Faker first debuted, I was pretty disappointed that Mattel still went the cheap route.

Sure, it’s cute to pay homage to the older releases, but I’d rather get my money’s worth instead. Faker was an early release in a line that the folks over at Mattel weren’t quite sure would make it. So I can understand them being wary of making a ton of new accessories. But that’s the beauty of Faker, he’s just the He-Man mold run through with different colors. So I’m hoping Mattel realizes their mistake and adds these two garish items to the upcoming Weapons Pak.

7. Fuerza T
I realize this is a long shot, but it would still be awesome. Fuerza T is a toy line made by the Argentinean Company Top Toys. They bought the original Masters of the Universe molds from Mattel and began to make their own line. These new characters were a mix ‘n match bunch of bodies, heads, and arms recombined and given all new color schemes. With original bios and an all new story, Fuerza T easily became its own line.

Copyright laws are different all over the world, so I’m not sure where these stand when it comes to other companies making them. I’m pretty sure Mattel doesn’t want to take the chance though. It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to getting sued. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Fuerza team joining their MOTU cousins anytime soon. But I can still dream, can’t I?

6. Camo Khan
Back to Argentina, where toy repaints are the bomb apparently. Back in the ‘80s, when Top Toys bought the original molds, they originally put out the MOTU figures we all know and love. The interesting thing is that they would sometimes repaint the figures, for whatever reason. Some of these repaints are awful, like Beast Man’s blue face or Stratos’ pink wings. Others were interesting and inspired. The most unique, and my favorite, is Kobra Khan Camouflage. Or as he would later become known, Camo Khan.

This version of Khan was given a darker green paint job on his body with black splotches dotting his torso, arms, and legs. There was a light green Snake Man symbol painted on the middle of his chest, and his belt, boots, and claws were painted gold. Yes, I said claws. Not only did Camo Khan have a different paint job, but Top Toys also gave him Buzz Off’s arms. Somehow this pushes the figure into the realm of awesome. Don’t ask me how, it just does.

Even if Matty can’t do Fuerza T, I’m hoping they can still do their own characters. I mean, he’s still all the same parts they’ll already have. He’s the same character, technically. So there shouldn’t be a problem with Mattel doing a… similar repaint of a Classics Khan, right? Let’s hope so.

5. The Little Guys
It’s not looking good for the little people of the MOTU-verse. The Widgets are outright Filmation property, so their off limits. Count Marzo’s figure will be out next month, but we already know he’s not going to come with his shorter alter-ego. This doesn’t give me much hope for Stinkor’s former self, Odiphus. Aside from Orko, there isn’t much indication that Mattel cares to make any character that doesn’t come up above the waist.

The bad thing is, even if Mattel wanted to make them, they already lost an opportunity with Marzo. I don’t think Marzo or Odiphus will sell on their own, and I doubt seriously that a Midget Pak will be popular either. Maybe they can put them in with a large scale beast to cut costs a little. Or they might just be cute, like with Orko, and put a regular figure in with them as an “accessory”. Either way, I’ll need these little guys to make my collection feel complete.

4. Battle Stands
Originally, I wasn’t too excited about the Grayskull Battle Stands. I didn’t have anything against them personally, I’m just not a big fan of stands for my figures. To me, stands usually take up too much room on the shelf and are usually unnecessary, especially on a line like MOTU Classics where they all stand pretty well anyway. But then the order date came around, and I bought a set to review. That’s how they got me.

The basic green Grayskull brick pattern was sculpted so well. Plus there was the ability for them to sit next to each other in a pattern, creating an Eternian sidewalk of sorts. I was very impressed, and my mind began wondering about the other possibilities. Why not have a different set of stands each year from the various locations in MOTU-verse? Just think, Randor could be on an Eternian Palace base while Skeletor hangs out on a Snake Mountain floor. They could even get exotic and make things like jungles, fields, swamps, or even a space ship. The opportunity here is almost limitless, plus it’s the closest thing we’ll get to playsets anytime soon.

3. Unproduced Figures
If you’ve seen the MOTU Art book or some of the various magazine articles over the years, you’ll know that there are a lot of characters out there who never got beyond the concept stage. There were a lot of reasons for this. Sometimes the designs were refined and turned into something better. But there were others who were passed over because they were impractical to make in the 1980’s. Either their designs were too intricate, or maybe the toy technology wasn’t up to the challenge back then. Either way, these characters exist only as rough sketches an proto-ideas waiting to still be brought to life.

I’d like to see more of these forgotten characters brought into the Classics fold. After all, Classics isn’t just dedicated to one idea of whom or what He-Man is,

but a combination of all versions of these characters. So why not bring back some of the long lost brothers and sisters who were there from the beginning, but just never got their day in the spotlight. If Oo-lar can do it, why not Red Beast?

2. Filmation
It’s sad, but true, that some of the characters we remember most from the cartoon we grew up loving will never be made in toy form. Due to lack of foresight, Mattel gave up those rights to Filmation. Twenty years later, Matty’s going to have to pay to get them back, literally. So far, this has been too big a sacrifice for Mattel to take. But I think they might want to reconsider.

Masters of the Universe, as a brand, will never be hotter than it is now. The interest is so strong that Mattel’s even able to get TV shows to report on their toy news. Plus, the MOTU line was just inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, and its only two years old. When you’re this popular, you’ve got to take advantage of it. There is a current fanbase who is willing to buy these characters at a volume that sells out within minutes of debuting. Toy lines have peaks and valleys of popularity, and MOTU is heading towards a peak right now. If this isn’t the time to make money on those characters, when is?

1. Castle Grayskull
How can you have a Masters of the Universe line without Castle Grayskull? The answer is: you can’t. Grayskull is the centerpiece to the story of He-Man, no matter what version you consider cannon. It’s what all the bad guys want to break into. It’s what all the good guys protect. It holds unlimited power and possibilities. It was the literal center of the Universe in the live action movie. Whoever holds Grayskull, holds the fate of Eternia and the entire MOTU-verse. Sure Eternia was awesome, Snake Mountain is cool, but neither is as central to the myth of He as the big green castle with a skull face on it. But will it ever get made?

In our last Q&A with Toy Guru, I asked him if we might see a smaller playset with few pieces, like the Slime Pit. His answer was basically a no. Like I said, MOTU’s heading towards a peak in popularity, yet they don’t have plans to produce even the simplest of playsets? What does that mean for Castle Grayskull? I love MOTU Classics, but if we get to 2016 and Castle Grayskull isn’t made, I’m going to have to consider this line a failure.


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do for MOTU Classics

  1. Things I think we will see:

    * Snake Mountain Stands – very likely. I’d like them to look like a purple cavern floor, with a removable stalagmite.

    * Unoproduced figures – We’re already seeing plenty of this, with He-Ro, Gygor and Vikor (who’s been trademarked), so I think it’s likely we’ll see these.

    * Camo Khan – Here’s my idea. The first release of Kobra Khan is “normal,” and he’s listed as an Evil Warrior rather than a Snake Man. Then there’s a bonus figure version, with the camo deco and listing him as a Snake Man. I’m not sure Kobra Khan is “A-list” enough to merit a bonus figure, but fingers crossed.

    * Grayskull – I think we’ll see parts of Grayskull–most likely a door facade, much like the NECA door.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll ever see Filmation–not unless a MOTU movie actually happens. That’s the only way I can see them being willing to spend the money on the rights.

    1. I think you’re right on the Snake Mountain stands, but I’m greedy and want more than just that, lol. Besides, it’s just not right for my POP characters to have to stand around on Eternia bases.

      I do think we’re going to get some more unproduced figures, but I’m just wondering where the line that they’re going to stop at is. I’d love to get that Horde Mummy, and Red Beast!

      Out of all the Snake Men, I think Kobra Khan is the most “A-List”, so hopefully Matty will make his variant. But I’m going to be ordering an extra Khan and Buzz Off just in case.

      I don’t want just some parts to the Castle, that’s lame. I know the 4H will make them look fantastic, but it’s just not the same as having a true playset.

  2. You mentioned that Masters of the Universe is 2 years old but it was just inducted into the toy hall of fame. I think you are aware that Masters of the Universe is many more years than 2 years old, being first produced in 1982. It is either the original line or the line as a whole that was inducted into the Hall of Fame, not just, or only the Classics line.

    1. Yup, you’re right, my mistake. The MOTU line as a whole was inducted. Thanks for the catch.

  3. Why is the He-Man that gets to live IN A HOUSE the sad one???

    I agree with you Vault. MOTU needs all these things and more. It’s a great line, but it squanders its potential at the same time.

    1. He-Man’s a castle guy. Houses just aren’t his style, lol.

      Hopefully by 2016 MOTU Classics will have lived up to most of that potential.

      1. He’ll change his mind once he enjoys the luxury of central AC/heating. While those other chumps are wallowing in mildewing castles The latest He-Man will relaxing on his LAZY-BOY, drinking a beer, and watching the game.

        1. Hey, far be it for us Earth dwellers to ponder the mysteries (and possible amenities) of Castle Grayskull. For all we know, the Elders and Sorceress could be enjoying central air, HD/3D entertainment, and a jacuzzi as we speak. Such is the wonder of the fortress that holds all the power in the universe.

          That said, I’m also pretty sure that He-Man isn’t a Victorian home kinda guy (I’m guessing, since I have no clue what “Victorian” looks like).

          1. Maybe Grayskull’s like the White House. It’s got a swimming pool, movie theater, bowling alley, stuff like that so the Sorceress never has to leave.

            I think He-Man would enjoy a good Ranch style house. 😀

  4. MOTU Classics was not inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame by ToyFare Magazine.
    MOTU was.

    This new young toyline was not given that great honor, but rather the old toyline from the 80s was. You are overstating the importance of MOTUC.

    1. When the earlier poster mentioned it, I looked it up to be sure. MOTU as a brand was inducted, so that’s everything from the original line to the Classics line.

      But I don’t think I’m overstating the Classics line’s importance. Sure He-Man is an important cultural icon, but the brand hasn’t been around continuously like GI Joe or Barbie, who are part of the Hall of Fame. Transformers and Star Wars have had more of a continuous and effective run as a toy brand, and they’re not even inductees.

      I love MOTU, but I think the reason it was added is because of the popularity and success of the current Classics line. After all, what other current representation does He-Man have that would make it so popular in 2010? The 200X line and the Stactions didn’t get this kind of publicity. It’s all because of the Classics.

  5. Item #1: Mattel should convert MOTUC into an all new Red Sonja line.

    Item #2: ….no, that’s it, MOAR Red Sonja! And let the guys who design the WWE figures make the figures! 🙂

      1. Yup, throw in all the supporting characters and you have a great line since everyone has a nifty character-design. It’s LOTR all over again! Thulsa Doom in the palm of your hand, baby!

  6. Vault, you’re much more polite than I am, but at my age I’m allowed to be cranky! So, this is for Mattel, who won’t listen anyway. 🙂

    What Mattel should do for the MOTUC line:


    I’m not talking about picky nonsense about paint apps, such as “OH NOZE the overspray of dark color is too dark in my opinion!”, I’m talking about She-Ra’s head. I’m talking about wrong plastic choices for parts (the ‘gonna break now’ plastic of MAA’s backpack for example). I’m talking about when people get figs with two left arms. These things are understandable in mass produced, hundreds of thousands of units cranked out toylines, but for a boutique line that supposedly is under 20k a figure? No excuse at all. none. And yes, while I do mock the quest for perfect paint there I do understand there shouldn’t be 50% of a batch gotten all having wonky eyes or the like. Doesn’t anybody check this stuff? what happens when the NEXT batch of “OOps! lead paint!” toys turns out to be one of the MOTUC line?

    6. Bases and Weapons packs should ALWAYS be available. Seriously. What is the POINT of making a stupid plastic base a ‘rare, valuable!’ collectible?! I think 4 kinds should do it, Grayskull, Snake Mountain, generic ‘dirt/grass/rocky’ and ‘swampy/muddy’.

    7 & 8 Ready? short one. Revamp the entire system as it exists. Stop catering to the scalper crowd. The core ‘cartoon’ figures should be evergreen and ALWAYS in stock- He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Orko, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn. Rotate the ‘second tier’ characters on a quarterly basis. Get the super obscure characters and characters that require almost complete new tooling and using very little of the stock parts out of the way NOW and stop holding them hostage over ‘concerns’ over each figure’s release and ‘will it meet goals’ nonsense. Ram-Man NOW.

    I mean, I assume the ‘Italian Giants’ figs took up the manufacturing resources for at least 3 normal MOTU characters. So why not Ram-Man?

    man, that’s a lot of ranting for a guy who only has a Skeletor, huh? 🙂

    1. You wouldn’t by chance be related to Mr. Rant, would you? lol

      I agree they need to address some of those problems, but I was trying to stick with stuff I wanted to see made before the end of the line. When you open up the quality control and production issues you get a whole new can of worms to deal with. And we all know how easily Matty misses the point in our Q&As, so I thought it best to stay on one issue. 😛

      I’m totally on board with the bases and weapons paks being available for the majority of a year though. I know there are crazy He-Fans out there who want to carpet their living room with Grayskull bases. And I want to see the crazy picture when they do it, lol.

      1. I think once one gets over 35, they install a rant chip. I think I’m on my second one by now. I apologize for hijacking the post, if I ended up doing that. 🙂

        Ya know, I guess I could give Mattel the ‘special’ nature of the Weapons pack, but man do I recall tons of those things pegged on a ‘zip strip’ at Circus World at the mall back in the old days. The idea THEN was kids were always losing the accessories and needed replacements. Given how shockingly stingy the accessory load with the MOTUC figures are…well, never mind.

        but the bases…that’s just DUMB. Plain, simple dumb. They’ve GOT the mold, it’s not a complex shot at all, no real need for paint apps or anything and people are buying the figures. A second run, minus material cost and labor of course, is PURE PROFIT. Cripes, OK, so just do another run in ‘Snake Mountain purple’ if they NEED to feed the damn scalpers but come ON.

        Does anyone have a handle on the production run numbers? I mean a solid guesstimate? From what all I’ve read here 20k average seems about right? I’m pondering some thoughts.

        1. Nah, you didn’t hijack anything. We love it when people post comments. If our articles are funny, interesting, or even annoying enough for someone to make a reply, it means they care and we’re doing our jobs. 😛

          It’s a little easier to guess at the numbers for the figures than it is for things like stands and weapon paks. Noisy might have a guess, but I’m not really sure.

        2. I don’t even like MOTUC and even I’M pissed that they aren’t releasing more bases for you guys xD

  7. I most appreciate the photo of the 2 Grayskulls in the same shot. It is surprisingly difficult to find a height comparison photo!

    No ’87 film figures on the list?
    On second thought, they’d be paying basically to make He-Man and Skeletor, since they can do the ones that had figures, so for 2 figures its a bit much in addition to likeness rights. I doubt anyone wants a Courtney Cox or Pigboy that badly…(yes they do.)

    I’d divide the Faker weapons into 2 categories(and request an orange havok staff too)

    1) Simply include something extra, even a repainted generic accessory with figures like Stratos, who include 1 accessory or less!

    2)Put some more creative thought into accessory pa(c)ks. It is a zero tooling cost item, with a high price for the plastic within. Some of the 1st pack was great for specific figures! A red Stratos jetpack is useless without wings that aren’t swappable anyway. Zodac armor was no good. If it’s a loud color, make it match an existing figure’s scheme If not, go with blacks and greys. A white or silver Zodac armor with a red symbol would have been cool!

    1. The movie looks would be cool, but I don’t think I’d want them to have the likenesses of the actors. (Sorry Frank Langella.) I think it would be more fitting if they used the movie costumes with the Classics figures. I don’t know if that’s worth Mattel paying for, but the movie Skeletor sure had an evil badass look.

      I totally forgot about the orange Havok Staff! Maybe Matty should just release Faker again with the shield, sword, and staff? That would be pretty cool.

      I agree on the uselessness of some of the weapons in the pak. But white Zodak armor would be awesome.

  8. i would love to point out at this point that the leo faker also had skeletor’s pee flap belt addition thing and it looks awesome… so while we’re dreaming for the uber-skellie faker, let’s go all the way baby!!

    that said, i agree w/ both vault’s numerous things and the “rant” points of SH. there are some basics, like consistantly tight joints, lack of shawn michaels’ eye, soft female dress, that are huge issues and need to be pinned down before i get too far into my wishlist… cuz what’s the point of wishing for sub-par figures?

    they also need to wrap their heads around the concept of “success.” it’s time to stop relying on “we’re a little line and we have very little tooling budget” because CLEARLY the buying public is staying right on top of this line. she ra was the first of the next production bump, and she still was sold through in under 15 minutes. it’s THEIR FAULT that they aren’t producing more toys (and thus selling more toys) and they’re making money hand over fist on this line. things like a semi-melted head for keldor or skeleweapons for faker should be forgone conclusions thusfar. but we’re still, two years into the line, getting the “pocket pullout and shrug” gesture any time we ask for sensible upgrades. or we just get flat out lied to ala the millenium skeleswords. that kind of crap needs to go.

    1. I have a question that hasn’t come up, at least not in the few months I’ve been reading this site.

      What happened to the MOTU 200x tooling? The steel ground out to make a new mold for another product line? They used aluminum and thus it became worn out and was melted down to make a new blank? They went super cheap with manufacturing (having no confidence in the lifespan of the line), used the aluminum-filled epoxy resin style and just threw it away? What?

      Because it seems to me there’s a goldmine in that tooling, accessories that could be palmed off onto the MOTUC line, even *gasp* using, say, the 200x Man-A-Arms as a Palace Guard ‘army builder’ or something.

      Ahh, I’m just crazy from the allergy meds. 🙂

      1. I can’t say to whether that tooling is still available or not, but the more immediate issue is that, based on Toy Guru’s comments, the higher ups at Mattel want to kill that “anime look” dead. We know that Toy Guru first went to Mattel to try and resurrect the 200x line through the direct market and that it should be near and dear to the 4H as the original sculptors, but next to nothing of that look is allowed in the new line. Again, Toy Guru reported that Marzo’s features were deemed ‘too 200x’ by someone and that his release was only allowed because it would’ve caused significant disruption to the production timeline if it were changed.

        We’re on a good run here Keldor, Marzo, 200x Whiplash parts, and Carnivus – a full third of the year with consecutive 200x figures, but the original look for these characters has to be avoided. So, if the tool were still around, Mattel would seem to have no interest in even touching it.

        1. the problem i suspect is that no one’s done the math out for the matty douchebags. the key to getting millenium molds back in circulation is doing the math out and A) showing them that the aesthetic wasn’t what killed that line and B) showing them how much money they could save by re-using existing molds.

          then again, SH’s observations could be on the money… perhaps the reason they’re so against the millenium additions to the line is that they destroyed what is now a precious resource and don’t want to fess up to a boneheaded play.

          1. Oh, I know what killed the 200x line. Crappy packouts that had no bearing on showcasing the figures actually in the show.

            I mean, I’m no accredited expert, I don’t have a ‘Dr.’ in my name, but both as a child (I WAS! Honest!)and WATCHING children at play the pattern is pretty consistent. Kids want to re-enact what they see on TV. They want toys that look like what’s on TV. The He-Man MM line wasn’t providing that after the first wave.

            And I’m not concerned so much about reissuing the figures (altho I know there’s great love out there for them) as I am using the accessories to broaden the choices available to the MOTUC line.

            But it sounds like there’s some amazingly bullheaded non-thinking involved at the Suits level, where the gray men in their gray suits do their level best to not take one little risk whatsoever (meanwhile spending MILLIONS on toy licenses that go nowhere and turn instantly to clearance items) argh ARGH !

  9. Well, the last thing MotUC collectors want to do is spend money on accessories for figures lacking them, but along with ordering the Faker reissue last week, I also ordered the “Witching Axe of Ruination” from Spy Monkey Creations. I must admit: it’s an awesome piece!

    At first, I thought it would be too big, but it looks totally bad-ass in Faker’s hands and I like the fact that it’s not the same as He-Man’s axe. I’ll be posting a review and several shots of Faker wielding the “Doppelganger” version of the axe on my blog next week. I haven’t tried any of SMC’s swords or shields, but “Novelty” had a recent post @ http://www.isitfun.net showcasing the shields on various MotUC figures.

    1. Cool, Thanks for the link 3B. I really would like to get some Spy Monkey stuff, it’s just making room in the budget that’s the difficult part.

      You’ll have to let us know how that axe turns out.

      1. Thanks Novelty!

        Looking at the comparison of the Spy Monkey shield and the Randor shield makes me want a Captain of the Guard Randor. He’d go great with Keldor and mustache-less Duncan.

        1. I want one of those too, but I’m not sure if Randor is an A-lister that would get a bonus figure. I’d also like a Randor in his millennium digs, but again, that seems to be a pipe dream after what we’ve read from the Q&As recently.

  10. I’d say the tooling exists, the classics doomseeker’s stand is altered by having no platform disc near the top, but is otherwisr identical to the 200x stand.

    I’d love to see a deluxe weapons pack with alternate heads such as unmasked Zodak, melty Keldor, or other heads which wouldn’t warrant an entire figure. There aren’t any action features, but it is fun popping and swapping parts. Speaking of which, when we get to the lamer, crazier He-Man and Skeletor variants, I think I’d prefer to purchase them as armor sets rather than buying the same Skeletor with a lizard backpack. Then again, most folks would likely buy another Skeletor to display with it, so my cost effective idea has already backfired and become a more expensive ordeal.

    1. Ya know, that’s something that just hit me, because it seems this would have been a wonderful chance.

      Battle Armor He-Man. Think about this for a moment. Why bother with modding the standard buck chest part if you’re not putting the busted armor gimmick in there? Why not just make it a clip on part that in itself could be altered and modded into different accessories?

      I’m sure the reply would be “we wanted to make it just like the old figure” but the point then was action features. Battle Armor. Roboto’s gears. that sort of thing.

      Is this why we haven’t gotten Man-E-Faces yet? A fear of the gimmick?

      And what’s the holdup on Battle Armor Skeletor? How about an all new concept, Battle Armor Man-At-Arms?

      1. I have a really strong feeling we’ll see Man-E-Faces at Comic Con. Even though it’s considered an action feature, putting the 3 faces on a spinning peg shouldn’t cost too much. Especially since the rest of Man-E-Faces body has been made already. So I think we’ll actually get that gimmick.

    2. Seconded on the Alternate Head Pak! I’d love to get those one’s you mentioned plus a open mouthed Skeletor and angry He-Man.

  11. Hi!

    Could you tell me what toyline is that house in the last picture from? Is it in the same scale as 6″-7″ figures? 🙂

    1. Hello, It’s just an doll house, one of those that you build yourself from a kit. I borrowed it from my girlfriend for some picture shoots and it just keeps being useful.

      It’s got some strange proportions, so it’s not really to scale with anything specifically. Here’s some more pictures of it though.

      Outside, porch area. http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=4625

      Inside, living room. http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=5013

  12. My wishlist for things that they can do:

    1. Make 1 bonus figure a month! If they can make 2 bonus figures on some months I don’t see why they can’t do that every month.

    2. Produce sensible variants for bonus figures, perhaps voted on by fans. Battle Armor Faker with orange versions of the weapons in this article for starters, and Skeletor’s loin cloth. Blonde-hair Teela, millennium colours Evil-Lyn; and that’s just for the figures in the line that’s already been made.

    3. CnC Castle Grayskull. Castle Grayskull is too big? Then how about making it modular and selling it over the course of a few years? The front of the castle can easily be divided into 6 separate playsets, each one with a feature
    – left tower base with prison
    – jawbridge
    – right tower base with weapons room
    – left tower upper room with gun launcher on roof
    – the skull with the throne room
    – right tower upper room
    – point dread! OK, so not part of the 6, but it would be a nod to the vintage line.

    I agree with the comments above that the core characters should be available all the time on matty collector. If not the core character than at the minimum, at least He-man and Skeletor, with the other core characters lasting for a few months (instead of just 30 minutes).

    1. I had to order an extra Faker this time around because I am going to give him Battle Armor when that Skeletor comes out. I don’t know why Toy Guru is so against making things like that.

      I’d buy every single one of those variants you listed. Does that mean I have a problem? lol

      A CnC Grayskull would be fine with me. In fact, if it were CnC, they could probably make it even more expansive than if they just molded it in a few pieces. So I’d be for that.

      Now if we could just figure out how to convince Toy Guru and the old white men who are in charge of the purse strings at Matty.

  13. I’m OK with a C&C Castle, as long as, again, it’s treated as an ‘evergreen’ item.

    Can you IMAGINE the nightmare if they tied the castle parts to figure releases? How about a SDCC only part? Think they wouldn’t pull that nonsense? “Randor’s Throne! Only available at Comic-Con! it’s an exciting treasure hunt for TRUE collectors!”


    I think, and this is just the evil in me coming out, Toy Guru is above all else concerned about keeping his job. If ONE figure underperforms he might be off to some other segment of Mattel’s products. and the thing is, it’s inevitable that at SOME point a figure (new,not re-pop) will be slotted and it might take an entire day to sell-thru. Maybe Panthor. Say they choose to not flock him and people decide to protest. Then mainly the scalpers are snapping it up. Wait, would that be considered a re-pop by you all? it’s a reuse of the mold but technically a different…anyway.

    So Toy Guru loses his job, Mattel figures the MOTUC line is now dead and they shut it down because “sales did not meet expectations, and besides it’s toy biz normal that a product line only lives for 3 years”

    Um. Barbie. Hot Wheels. It’s a new age, you can sell ANYTHING for as long as you want, as long as you market it right, promote it right, PRICE it right and have REALISTIC expectations. Not every figure is a big seller, BUT EVERY figure is SOMEONE’S most favorite. Yes, even Gwildor.

    (and I’m nuts, I’d LIKE to see MOTU the movie deco and accessories done for the MOTUC figures. I think that would be fun)

    Cripes, if they can’t dig up the tooling for the 200x Castle, why not repurpose something from the kiddy lines? It used to be the norm, you know, use ANYTHING because it saves money and gives you product to move. My GI Joes were very thankful that Mattel repurposed the Barbie Camper into the Big Jim Rescue Rig.

    I’m all over the place with this now, I’m sorry. 🙂

  14. Here’s my doomsday scenario theory for a Man-E-Faces release!

    He’s an easily remembered figure for the casual crowd to get roped into the line, and a demanded character for the dedicated collectors. His release would be like a national holiday for toy geeks. They’d want his release to be special!

    Man-E-Faces, the 2011 SDCC exclusive! The con version will include all the Man-E-Weapons maroon accessories in one of Mattel’s blasted riot-inducing baggy “gifts!” He-Ro and Orko are both fine for me in their Matty versions, but Man-E-Weapons was the version I had as a kid(I had no idea it was a variant, I just figured he was the greatest toy ever) so it would be pretty crushing to me. I still have no Wonder Twins because of Gleek rage.

    I believe the head will function, it’s not spring activated or anything. It’s just the face block and a helmet that would work like Tri-Klop’s head.

    For Grayskull, I’d be cool with a foam or thin plastic facade of the front, like Halloween decorations, if it was very inexpensive. Most folks seem to be using Grayskulls as a background anyway, so a fully realized version may be a waste.

    Also if done inexpensively, I’d love to see small vehicles that resemble the model kit versions. I think the could be made and shipped much more economically(not to mention the fun!) if the buyer assembles them.

  15. I’d love to get an Apprentice Skeletor in this line, but if Mattel’s going to just put the recolored armor on the old figure, then I’d like it in the Weapons Pak, thank you!

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