ItsAllTrue Overseas: A Unique View of Wonder Festival 2009

ItsAllTrue.Net has partnered with Tokyo VR Studio to bring a unique view of Wonder Festival 2009 to our readers. Tokyo VR Studio specializes in high-quality virtual tours and they’ve brought their equipment to WonderFest to get us as close to being there as is possible over the internet. The first part of their special coverage features seven panoramas of the entrance and convention floor. Just click on each one to expand the virtual tour, and you’ll be able to scroll up, down, left, right, and even zoom.

Then, as a courtesy to our readers, Tokyo VR Studio has taken over 200 static images of the booths, products, attendees, and general atmosphere of the convention. Please take some time to check out their excellent coverage. And while you’re there, please leave a comment and let the folks over at TVR know we appreciate all their hardwork!

In addition to TokyoVRStudio’s amazing coverage, we’d also like to let you know about
Go Figure’s WonderFest Coverage. Tekwych and Dorkey have brought their usual level of thoroughness to WonderFest ’09! Head on over and check it out!

27 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Overseas: A Unique View of Wonder Festival 2009

  1. This is very cool, I can’t wait to see this kind of stuff in the years to come. this and SDCC coverage, way to announce yourself

    1. Thanks! The next thing we have to look forward to is JoeCon (We might be covering it!)

      But TVR is opening a lot of doors for us, I expect we’ll see a few more panoramas of Japanese toy-related events in the future.

  2. and how come i always have some weird purple design next to me and eb has a cooler one?

  3. Those panorama-photos are AMAZING! How did Tokyo VR Studios seamlessly stitch the panoramas together? Those people must have been moving and yet none of them are blurred or half-missing! (And though it makes me sea-sick, I love being able to look at the ceiling and floor too!). How do they do it!?

    And they should use this as PR to cover more conventions/events!

  4. Woah… o.O It’s like you’re there. Even up and down… I think I got dizzy. ^-^

    These are awesome! They have to come here and do SDCC!!!

    1. Aaaa! Did you check the rest of the TVR website??? It’s like you’re in Japan!! There’s one of a subway car that’s crazy!

      1. I know! It’s amazing! I was completely blown away by the panoramas and the qulaity of pictures TVR took. I left TVR a comment letting them know I appreciated their work. It really is beautiful to see and experience 🙂

        It makes me want to go to Wonderfest next year….

  5. We are now up to 10 pages with coverage of Sengoku BASARA (Devil Kings), Yamaguchi, Fist of the North Star, Queens Blade and ‘Kappa’, an event where sculptors created their own versions of the mythical Japanese creature “Kappa”. From the sounds of things this gets us to about the halfway point of our coverage.

  6. between both websites, we got some AMAZING coverage of wonderfest this year… a heart felt thanks to all involved!!

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