Vault Review: JLU 3pks: Batman Beyond & Secret Society

Do you know where you were when Mattel announced these 3pks? Do you even remember when it was? At SDCC? In ToyFare magazine? I don’t even remember anymore. I just remember Mattel seeing them and being excited about finally getting Cheetah, to get another shot at Shade, a Warhawk, a new Batman Beyond, and most importantly, Old Bruce. I’d been waiting for that figure since 1999. Little did I know that it was going to be more than a year before I’d actually find one.

Justice League Unlimited is one of those toy lines that just won’t die. Why should it? With its simple style and almost endless character selection, this is one of the few DC toy lines that actually can appease hardcore fans and children alike. What other DC line offers Vibe and Wonder Pig?

That’s not saying there aren’t problems with the line. The articulation is limited to the basic five joints: head, shoulders, and hips. Ever since Toybiz upped the articulation ante, a lot of collectors find it hard to settle for the basic 5 anymore. It’s kind of ironic, since most of us just stand them up on a shelf anyway. There’s also the continuous problem of lopsided and bending legs that have plagued the line since the beginning. But JLU fans are diehards, and they still clamor for the few animated figures that deserve to be made before the lines ninth life finally passes.

Which brings me to my review of my newest two JLU 3-packs: Batman Beyond (Bruce Wayne (old), Batman Beyond, and Warhawk) and the Secret Society (Cheetah, The Shade, and Prison Lex). These figures are a long time coming, literally. They should have been out the first quarter of 2009, but most Target’s were too full to receive new product. So they sat in warehouses, and waited. Eventually, the stock was sold to discount stores like Tuesday Morning, where I was finally able purchase mine. Continue to Page 2…

11 thoughts on “Vault Review: JLU 3pks: Batman Beyond & Secret Society

  1. I gave up and finally got these off eBay. I don’t have any Big Lots or Tuesday Mornings anywhere near me. JLU is the line that won’t die though, but it gets harder and harder to staying interested in. For me, at least.

    1. I agree, it is getting harder to find the characters I care about. But there’s at least a couple coming up still, so I’m stuck with the line till then.

  2. You got a spelling error in the title Noisy….

    “Vault Review: JLU 3pks: Batman Beyond & SECRECT Society”

    To many late nights putting out content for the site. 😉

      1. Opps, sorry about that. As I was typing the word “Noisy”, I told myself in my head I need to double check the title to make sure Noisy was the one writing it. Obviously I never double checked that. 🙂

        1. You’ve got a spelling error in your last post, dwal.

          “Opps” . . . 😉

          Just joshin’ ya, buddy! 😀

        2. That’s ok, people are always thinking my articles are his. Not bad for me, but it probably doesn’t help Noisy’s reputation, lol.

  3. I was tempted to try to get that Beyond pack, but then I remembered I’ve never purchased a single JLU figure before.

    It would be awesome to get Old Bruce in DCUC.

    1. I would LOVE to get more Batman Beyond toys in DCUC style. Hopefully, now that there’s a Batman Beyond book back out, we can get a few.

  4. I wish that they’d add shoulders to the jackets. That dropoff from the shoulder to the arm’s shoulder is just jarring to me.

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