Vault Review: JLU 3pks: Batman Beyond & Secret Society

Do you know where you were when Mattel announced these 3pks? Do you even remember when it was? At SDCC? In ToyFare magazine? I don’t even remember anymore. I just remember Mattel seeing them and being excited about finally getting Cheetah, to get another shot at Shade, a Warhawk, a new Batman Beyond, and most importantly, Old Bruce. I’d been waiting for that figure since 1999. Little did I know that it was going to be more than a year before I’d actually find one.

DCClassics.Com: Wave 4
(Despero) Retro Review

Continuing our efforts to complete our DC Classics Review Archive, we're making the Retro Review our regular Wednesday feature. This week we're taking a look at DC Classics Wave Four, the Despero Wave.

This wave was released in late 2008. And, at the time, was one of the harder waves for us to complete. With four of the five figures having variants, building Despero was easy enough, but it wasn't always easy to track down both versions of each character.