Young Justice Review:
6″ Artemis & Robin

Remember Young Justice? That cartoon on Cartoon Network some months ago that showed nine of its ten episodes and then abruptly disappeared in a typical CN vanishing act? Robin? Superboy? Kid Flash? Ringing a bell? Maybe? Well, that cartoon’s tie-in merchandise has finally reached store shelves and that means review time...

DCClassics.Com: Wave 4
(Despero) Retro Review

Continuing our efforts to complete our DC Classics Review Archive, we're making the Retro Review our regular Wednesday feature. This week we're taking a look at DC Classics Wave Four, the Despero Wave.

This wave was released in late 2008. And, at the time, was one of the harder waves for us to complete. With four of the five figures having variants, building Despero was easy enough, but it wasn't always easy to track down both versions of each character.