MOTUClassics.Com Update: Sept Brings Chief Carnivus

Masters of the Universe was inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame at WWPhilly today. And while we hope some original creators were on hand too, it did give Toy Guru the opportunity to reveal September’s Club Eternia Figure: Chief Carnivus. Official pics will be up Monday, but Pendragon’s Post has pictures and news from today’s event. In addition to Carnivus in September, Mattel also revealed the Fall Schedule (minus the who). We’ve updated MOTUClassics.Com with the new info and here’s a look at the figure.

29 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com Update: Sept Brings Chief Carnivus

  1. MOTUC getting it’s well-deserved spot in the HOF was a BIG DEAL and Scott BLEW IT! Where’s Roboto? Man-E-Faces? They get a national stage and they push a character no one cares about??


    1. Dude, you need to calm down. Just skip the September figure or sell it if you’re a subscriber and move on. MOTUC is getting in the HOF because it’s popular, so it doesn’t really matter who they showed. They showed someone and got a ton more press out of it.

      1. you’re soo…. right. he won’t sell out in MINUTES like everyone else… naysayer. i hate to point this out, cuz obviously, you have a limited ability to perceive the wants of others, but he’ll sell out just like every other fig in the line has. i would point out that even man e faces and mekanek aren’t every one’s favor. zodac was vintage and he sucked, as sales go. zodak was new, and he sold out fairly quickly. some of us MOTUCers actually *GASP!* want new characters!!

        whatsmore, it’s good business to do as they’re doing… too many “main eventers” right off the bat and the line dies… they’re rationing out the A,B, and C tier characters to preserve the line’s longevity. a TON of toylines died early because the heavy hitters got released early. my favorite example of this is akuma. he’s THE heavy of street fighter and every time he comes out, you can count the minutes until the most recent SF line dies… SOTA got one wave after him, but NECA and Resaurus packed it in immediately once he was done.

  2. I’m pretty happy with this reveal. I would’ve liked to see one of the main cast, but if they don’t do these figures now we may never get them. And, of course, he looks great. The 4H know their animal-people. I wonder if the 7kers will buy this guy up just because?

  3. Okay the udpates are available now. Ran into a slight snag there.

    The new Fall Schedule is:

    Sept: Carnivus, Gygor
    Oct: Club Figure, Weapons Pak 2
    Nov: Club Figure, King Grayskull, Army Builder 2pk

  4. It looks pretty cool. I’m glad they’re doing more 200x and less vintage this year. I hate to make the vintage people wait, but those guys will sell themselves, the other MOTU eras need a little hype and love.

    1. I like all eras, but I’m enjoying this run – Keldor, Marzo, Whiplash (with 200x head), and now Carnivus?

      We’re on a streak!

      1. KG reissue with new bonus accessory falls into that pattern as well.

        Dang, just imagine if they would’ve given Keldor the right sword? 😀

  5. More Classic figures might be nice here, Mattel. April feels like so long ago and Whiplash feels so far away…

    1. There have already been tons of pure Classic figures.

      But as announced from the get-go, this line is all about the variety, and only now are they freeing up some extra tooling dollars to truly showcase that goal!

  6. YAY! I like how they’re adding more characters to this line! Keep it rolling!
    Oh… in my opinion, if you launch all the original characters first, by a marketing standpoint, you’d kill the line cos all the “originals only” whiners wouldn’t buy the rest of them. Releasing it like this means that EVERYONE is represented! I applaud Mattel on this!

    1. Absolutely. A lot of the more vocal “vintage first” folks seem like they’re perfectly happy to screw over those of us who want a balanced line. They don’t care if we get what we want or if the line even survives long enough to get it.

      I’m perfectly happy holding off on some bigger draws to sneak out the lesser knowns in-between.

  7. I think Grizzlor’s coming shortly after too? Makes sense considering he was trademarked. You have to wonder about the final 2 figures for the year. I’m gonna say Man E and Spikor just keep things interesting.

    The good news for me is the Grayskull reissue in November. Finally! Only a 2 year wait.

    1. I’m happy about KG too. Sad thing is I was there that day getting Lobo, I was just convinced I wasn’t going to get into the MOTU line. And now I have – what a different two years makes.

    1. It sucks not having a KG! LOL

      I’m curious on the armybuilder – two of the same/similar or two different figures that can be built?

  8. I have to say I understand why Carnivus is the September figure, but I can’t help but feel burnt by my subscription. I missed Battle Cat because of their crap website (give us a date of his re-release!!!) and I’ll have to hope Jupiter aligns with Venus in order to get Orko/Adam. And yet I’ve been guaranteed Wun-Dar, Optikk, Marzo and now a guy I’d never even heard of.

    Add that to the fact they’re going to make us commit to all bonus figures next year (can everyone smell the He-Man/Skeletor variants coming?) for the sub, I have to say I’m just going to take my chances and just order the ones I want. If they’re going to pad it out this much, it’ll probably be easier that way. Worst case scenario – eBay when the price goes down, or wait a year for a re-release.

    I like that they’re making new characters, I do. I just feel burned by my sub. I don’t earn enough to commit to absolutely everything as well. I wish they’d give us more of a choice with the subscription, particularly as if this year’s sub included what next year’s will, I’d be stuck with a Gygor and yet I’d have to fight to order Orko and Adam!!!

    1. I can definitely see that.

      Semi-related – why don’t they just include the non-sdcc item in the subscription? Seems like a simple thing to do to make it that much more attractive.

  9. MOTUC was not inducted into the toy hall of fame.

    Masters of the Universe was, meaning primarily the vintage line and also the brand in general. So it was in no way a specific award for Classics, but debuting a new figure was appropriate.

  10. I think it’ll be the first time for me, but I think I’ll sell Carnivus or trade him for a DCUC figure I’m missing. I’m in the line mainly for nostalgia and even then am only looking for figures and characters I liked as a kid or who I find cool now. I’ll be passing on the next year subscription too because I don’t want to be in on all the bonus figures and big figures.

    1. I’m waffling on the next sub. I’ll prolly do it – but I enjoyed having two subs this year so I could pick and choose paint apps. I’ll prolly do next year, but I’ll have to take the risk with just one sub.

  11. Based on the hints TG gave in his Philly post, I think Swift Wind will probably be done by September 2011 at earliest as the Q3 beast. Unflocked Panthor (straight Battle Cat purple repaint) – Feb. 2011 and Megator – May 2011 were switched.

  12. The head just looks too cartoony for my tastes. I’ll still buy him though. I’m loving this 200x kick that the line is on!

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