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This Week in the Green Room

  • We’ve relaunched our visual DC & MOTU checklists as DCClassics.Com & MOTUClassics.Com!
  • We won’t have a regular IAT review of Walter Peck (more on that later), but Lay Ze-Man was kind of enough to post some pictures of his Peck on our forum if you’d like to take a look.
  • Our Marvel thread is overrun by wishlists. I feel bad because I omitted US Agent from my post…
  • Hasbro’s new Hiss Tank is getting closer to release. I was there for the unveiling last year and it’s an awesome piece. I’m glad Hasbro is finally making room on the schedule for it.
  • He may look silly, but I think Robotson Crusoe has potential. Who wouldn’t want to read about a stranded automaton?
  • The Thundercats news hit the Green Room and we’re all a little sad Bandai America has the license. I know my shelves are still missing Rita Repulsa, Silkie, TT Doom Patrol, Big Fau, and a Gwen… but I still have some hope…
  • Mattel provided answers for June 1st and we’ve set up a place for you to submit Ask Matty Questions here.
  • Finally, this week I reviewed theTRU Hal Jordan, Fusion Armor Iron Man, and Tytus while Vault took a look at the A-Team Van, Lego Minifigures Series I and the new Lego Kingdoms Theme.

2 comments to This Week in the Green Room

  • 3B

    Man, you guys have been busy! Hey, ND, I sent you a pic of my modded “modern” GL. I hope you had a chance to check it out.

  • Ol' Bat

    I have no hope for Bandai’s attempt at Thundercats. I’m crushed by that news.