ItsAllTrue Review: Iron
Man 2 – Fusion Armor (#15)

I’ve been trying to stick to comics series Iron Man 2 toys; trying not to delve too deep into movie or concept figures, but sticking to that is like being in a candy factory. Yesterday, the toy hunt bore fruit in the form of Fusion Armor Iron Man and Whiplash. I easily passed on Ivan Vanko – I’m in this line for cool armors – but the blueness of Fusion Armor called to me. I carted it while shopping for groceries so I could think about it and sure enough it was still in my cart at the checkout stand.

So, why does a guy that only wants comic armors buy this figure? Well, even though Hasbro calls this concept design Fusion Armor, it looks eerily similar to what a movie version of Stealth armor would look like. Its bio even sounds stealthy for a second…

Designed using super advanced technology, this armor turns ambient light into a weapon. It collects and focuses any light source into powerful lasers, letting Iron Man fire in any direction from any part of his body.

See, it is collecting light* and you’re thinking “okay, stealthy…”, but then it shoots lasers from anywhere on its body! In any direction, no less. So after you wrap your mind around that, you can do one of two things. You can treat him like he’s one bright light away from a really bad accident or just do what I did and decide he’s got Stealth Movie Armor.

* – Boy does he collect light. Sorry about the glare in some of these pictures. The figure isn’t terribly glossy, I just had to practically pour light on this guy to be get his details to show in the pictures.

In terms of sculpt, this figure appears to be a straight repaint of the MarkII / Mark III armor, but I haven’t bought those figures so I can’t say for certain. Like the Mark V figure, the detailed paneling is consistent throughout, but the overall sculpt is uninterrupted, sleek, and looks great. The shoulder armor consists of two separate c-clips that fit over indents in the shoulders. I hated these on the first movie figures, but they’re nice and snug here. They’ll pop off if you force the arms into some positions, but they stay on for the most part. The boots have some visible ridges in the plastic, but that’s the only downside to this otherwise terrific sculpt.

The figure has very little in the way of paint applications. He’s mostly the dark blue color, but he does have a few metallic blue relief areas like the faceplate and parts of the back, arms, and legs. All the painted areas are sharp and free of slop. I think this is my best painted IM2 figure. The eyes and arc reactor are thick enough that they stand out from the dark plastic. The only complaint on the paint here is the same as I’ve had on many of the darker figures – the Hasbro product number. I know it has to be somewhere, but it could be hidden a little better. Continue to Page 2…

20 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Review: Iron
Man 2 – Fusion Armor (#15)

  1. Love the deleted scene pic! I can see movie accurate toys judging fluff toys as inferior! LOL

  2. You should try sone of the concept armors. They’re some of the best figures! I love the Hypervelocity IM.

    1. I like the Inferno Armor, but I can NOT find a decent paint job of it in the tri-state area. LOL

  3. Ha, great strips as usual!

    Never really thought about the “implied” muscles thing . . .

    1. I didn’t either until I was staring at the picture trying to sort out some comments. It’s kinda put IM in a different light. LOL

  4. Great review. I wish I could find anything new from the movie. The pegs here are emptying with nothing new being shipped in.

    1. I’ve seen comic series 2 pop up twice, but no Hulkbuster. This was the first I’d seen new movie figures.

    1. LOL The “wait… what” is always what I say when I’m trying to work the logic of the strip out.

  5. Do companies really think every toy has to have a rocket launcher? Seriously why would a guy wearing a suit that is itself a weapon with laser blast, need a giant clip on rocket launcher?

    1. Maybe if the rocket blaster could clip on anywhere? LOL

      It’s just blue Mark II, they didn’t think much more than that. Speaking of… I wish I could find a Mark II. I don’t know about where other folks live, but he’s the one figure here that become suddenly rare when the movie hit.

    2. Ebon, one could just as well ask, “Why does every member of an elite, clandestine, anti-terrorist military unit with a ninja and dudes in space age suits need a ginormously-huge-yet-ineffective rocket launcher?” Yet, after about 20 or so ROC GI Joe figures, I am left with a f@cking box full of said launchers and zero answers.

    3. They pack in the rocket launchers so beefier figures like the Iron monger and hulkbuster suits can fit in the same price point. Plus with the launchers, they have a bigger budget for the regular sized figures since it won’t matter if the launchers end up with the short end of the stick.

  6. Great pics as always.

    I figure the rockets are the offset for the kids. They make them accurate to appeal to us and function to appeal to the kids. Articulation is a plus for both sides.

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