Ask Matty
June 1st Edition

Ask Matty
June 1st, 2010

1) SilntAngl asks: Without revealing the MOTUC figure slotted, what release (Sept-Dec) is Toy Guru most looking forward to in the last thirdof the year and why?

Scott Neitlich jumping in on this one since you asked: It is a tough one. The September figure is one I really couldn’t wait for since day one of when we created the Classics line, but the December figure is one of my favorite figures of all time. Honestly, the last quarter of the year is chock full of so much MOTUC goodness it is hard to pick a favorite! 😀

2) Noisy asks: The latest “Best Of” case reissued three more characters from the Giganta wave. That makes Gentlemen Ghost the only Wave 8 figure to not be reissued leaving many fans with headless Gigantas. Is Mattel looking into adding him and his Giganta parts to a future “best of” assortment?

The All Star figures will always have a stand so even if Gentleman Ghost was a “Best of Figure” he would not include the Giganta head. We totally hear that he was a hard to find figure and as such so was the Giganta head. The All Star figures may not be the avenue to get her head back out there, but we’ll try to find a way! As for Gentleman Ghost, we will also try to find a way to get him back out there in time.

Editor’s Note: Typically, collectors use “All-Star” to refer to the figures repackaged with a blue stand while “Best Of” is used to describe the refresher cases which do include reissues of figures with their original C&C parts. This year, Mattel has provided “Best Of” cases to Toys R Us and Target that contain reissues of Wave 8 figures with their Giganta parts. All the figures from Wave 8, except Gentlemen Ghost, have appeared in these assortments making Gentlemen Ghost more and more rare. Why Gentlemen Ghost can’t be reissued this way (as Vigilante and Cmdr Steel have been) is unknown.

3) Vault asks: Looking at the Map of Eternia, is the Fright Zone located
in the ruins of the Temple of Hordak?

No, the Fright Zone is on Etheria.

4) Dayraven asks: Are we going to see an accessory pack for the WWE line
any time soon?

Yes, this is something we have talked about!

5) Mr. Rant asks: Was Mattel happy enough with the sales on the Heroic Weapons Pak that we’ll be seeing an Evil Weapons Pak in the near future?

Yes, we have a new pak planned for later in 2010. It will be called “Great Wars” much as the first pack was called “Ultimate Battleground”.

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27 thoughts on “Ask Matty
June 1st Edition

  1. Finally! A use for Tytus’ weapon! An umbrella bin! LOL

    Don’t take the answer on no. 2 personally, guys, they’ve been dancing around Gentlemen Ghost every which way they could. I don’t normally buy into conspiracy theories, but when the last few refresher assortments have included everyone from waves 6, 7, and 8 but him? It has to be on purpose.

    1. Hey, at least they finally admitted they’d find a way to get Giganta’s head out again. Not that Gentleman Ghost isn’t a fun figure, but I think people are probably more annoyed about not getting to complete the C&C figure.

    1. In my defense, I was referring to the cave playset and not the technopolis. Toy Guru misunderstood, as usual.

  2. convinced now that Mattel is side financed by scalping on Ebay at this point. It’s the only logical explanation for the constant pandering to that crowd at this point.

  3. Yes!!! I loved the first Weapon’s Pak, but it was really hindered by the old one. Hopefully, this second one will go off the hook and have some crazy stuff!

    Quick question, why did you call the first one Heroic in the question?

  4. Are we sure Mattel isn’t leaking Gentlemen Ghosts to eBay slowly? They’d make a lot of money that way.

  5. The first question could’ve used a hint or something. Anyone know what TG’s old favorite figure is?

    Second question is more Mattel bullcrap about the Ghost.

    Third question is a waste.

    Fourth question is Mattel wasting potential.

    Fifth question is the only solid answer.

    One out of five, par for the course on these things.

  6. Noisy,

    I think you’re going to have to include a picture to get your point across to Mattel about Ghost. A picture of all 10 figures from a case, in their packaging, you can photoshop it together, it doesn’t have to be a literal case picture. But just something to further beat them over the head with to say:

    “NO, this is what I mean. Look, theres characters from different waves in one assortment. And look, these guys still have the Giganta parts. So what’s the reason GG never made it into one of these assortments????”

    Really liked the Tytus weapon joke, btw


    1. btw, it was a pic that finally won them over to your side of thinking over the neck barbell issue in DCUC, right?

      1. I’ll take credit for getting the barbells fixed if folks want to give it to me! 😀

        The upside here is the answers are getting better. I remember when the answer was “we made the same amount of GG as everyone else” or the he’s rare, tough luck answers. We’re at least finally getting Mattel to register there is demand, even if they have to treat us like children and explain their inconsistent terminology back to us. 😛

    1. Again, welcome to the madhouse. We should have a pool over which website can get the best ratio of good to bad answers. LOL

  7. LOL and *sigh* about Mattel -NEVER- understanding the Gentleman Ghost/Giganta head questions.

    Either that, or intentionally dodging them.

    I have my complete Giganta, but for the sake of tons of collectors out there who don’t, I’m relieved to see that Mattel’s at least trying to find a way to help out.

    1. Good that they’re finally saying ‘hey, we’ll find a workaround”.

      Bad that they seem clueless to the fact they’re already reissuing figures with their C&C pieces. They just put us Steel/Vig/Terrific a few weeks ago, but that seems to be lost on them…

  8. First question about the Dec 2010 MOTUC figure. Its one of TG’s favorites and he’s said: Stratos, Buzz Off, Spikor, Scareglow, the Comet Warriors and Webstor are some of his all-time faves.

    Really leaves: Spikor, Buzz Off, and Comet Warriors (which I highly doubt).

    And then in another question in this month’s round of answers they say Buzz Off might be coming later, but once again they don’t want to comment directly. Spikor is copyrighted so it also could be him, at the same time he was also indicated as “not coming soon.” So me grimlock, confused..

    1. In one of the Q&A’s, TG said that he has a “personal pick” coming up that’s a 200x figure with a new shield too. If those are three separate figures, he has reasons to geek out about three of the four months. LOL

    1. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him revealed at SDCC, but I highly doubt he’ll be a 2010 figure.

      They keep saying how much they wanna space out A-list characters to keep the line interested 3-4 years down the road, but all that really means is: we want to drag our feet on new tooling as long as possible. 😀

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