9 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Well, if it were in scale, you couldn’t see it.

  1. The biggest reason I can’t bring myself to put the DC Direct lanterns with my DCUC is because of the metallic sheen to their costumes. It stands out too much for from my current DCUC Lanterns.

    1. See, I love the metallics. I wish the DCUCs were metallic! Well, I like the green ones not being metallic, but I’d like if the other ones were.

  2. Hope Michael Crawford doesn’t read this, but . . .

    Ugly DCD crotch joints!!!


  3. More like, Useless DCD crotch joints. Sinestro there can’t even sit properly.

    Unfortunately, he’s also the one in-scale. That’s why I’m using the same Sinestro in my DCUC display.

  4. I wasn’t going to pick him, but with the GL 5pk Mattel indicated that putting the tiny Sinestro hero on the normal body was “acceptable”, so I assume any future apology SC Sinestro will similarly be a pinhead.

  5. I completely forgot that Sinestro came with him. That’s another yellow lantern to add to the ranks! Even if he’s a billion times too big. XD

  6. We need Dex-Starr! Sinestro got Despo and Larfleeze got Glomulus, but Atrocitus got shorted! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

  7. nice. dcd sinestro is more in scale. 6’7 sinestro for a 6’2 dcuc hal jordan.

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