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Matty's Full March-June Schedule! Hordak, Mer-Man, & Faker Reissues

On the MattyCollector News page, Matty has updated their full March through June schedule. Most of it is the same, but we do get our first word of reissues for Hordak, Mer-Man, and Faker.

Toy Fans,

We do our best to plan when products will be released, but sometimes the production and delivery gods have other ideas. We’ve been doing a bit of the release date shuffle lately and thought it would be helpful to print our complete schedule through June:


    • MOTU Classics: Stratos® (re-issue)
    • MOTU Classics: Moss Man® – Flocked Ears
    • MOTU Classics: Moss Man® – Unflocked Ears (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
    • DCUC Wave 12 Boxed Set (Darkseid)
    • The Dark Knight Scarecrow


    • MOTU Classics: Wun-Dar™ & Map of Eternia® (Club Eternia™ subscribers only)
    • MOTU Classics: Hordak™ (re-issue)
    • MOTU Classics: Evil-Lyn® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
    • MOTU Ultimate Battle Ground Weapons Pak
    • Ghostbusters™ 12″ Peter Venkman™
    • The Dark Knight Batman (Night Vision)


    • MOTC Classics: Mer-Man® (re-issue)
    • MOTU “Oversized”: Tytus™
    • MOTU Classics: Optikk™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
    • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Walter Peck™ (with containment unit)
    • The Dark Knight: Two-Face


    • MOTU Classics: Faker® (re-issue)
    • MOTU Classics: She-Ra™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
    • DCU JLU Lobo
    • Ghostbusters™ 6″ [Slimed] Peter Venkman™ with [“Tongue”] Slimer

As always, these dates are subject to change, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know if anything changes.

Happy collecting!


All IAT Calendar and Visual Checklists are now Updated with this newest release information…

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