Transformers Masterpiece
Exhaust Review (MP-23)

So Exhaust? Same great alt mode that features what is arguably the second coolest deco we can get on this car. Even with the alterations to avoid legalities, the figure ended up with a great look and, moreover, the two cars look great together. What areas are painted look fantastic and it’s a fun toy to keep in the alt mode.

The transformation is the same as Wheeljack and it’s pretty easy. I still get a little fidgety moving the wings around the rear wheels and folding his chest up, but it’s a well-engineered process. In his robot mode, the deco fades away a bit. The chest is simple reddish-orange with the D-logo in a white box. There’s some unique design on the legs, but Wheeljack just kinda beats him out in bot mode.

For the sculpt, the only new bit is the head and I think it seals the deal for me. It nails the original toy’s head and updates it well. It’s kind of an odd 80s design in way, but the massive visor and grumpy expression give the figure a ton of personality. Wheeljack is kinda similar with his trademark head sculpt, so it’s really nice to see Exhaust branch out successfully from being a repaint.

The main difference other than the head is the accessories. I didn’t get a picture of the pistol, but it’s the one carryover from Wheeljack. Brand new are two shoulder-mounted missile batteries. These actually homage the original toy, so you can get them to Wheeljack instead of his cartoon-accurate launcher, but I like them here on Exhaust just fine. The missiles are removable, but the launchers are not spring-loaded, which is cool with me even if the sculpted buttons fake me out.

The other accessory is also kinda more for Wheeljack too. It’s the Immobilizer from the classic episode “The Immobilizer”. It’s one of WJ’s wacky inventions. This one, wait for it, immobilizes people. It’s a faithful rendition of the cartoon version. It’s kinda nice to finally start getting accessories like this from the old show. It adds a dimension to TF Collecting that we don’t see often enough.

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Overall, I know I’ve waxed on a bit more about Exhaust than talking specifics, but I figure Wheeljack’s review covered all of those. As a figure, Exhaust gets the job done. The new head sculpt looks great and the figure, as a figure, is a well-articulated. He’s fun to have. He also turns into a pretty sweet race car. What else do we need from Transformers? Not much. I’ve been a little hard on this mold and it’s pretty undeserved. It’s well done and TakaraTomy using Exhaust as a smart mold reuse to get another Decepticon on the shelves is fantastic. And, after playing with him for a week or more, I still have no desire to smoke. So mission accomplished on subtly changing that deco.

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4 thoughts on “Transformers Masterpiece
Exhaust Review (MP-23)

  1. I’m not a big fan of Wheeljack either, but I do like his car mold, and this deco is a prime example of what really makes the car and figure forms pop.


    oh, and slightly belated birthing tidings on the little one. I just found out my niece (whose birthday was …well now, yesterday) is expecting. yay?

  2. I don’t know why, but despite Wheeljack being my favorite transformer as a child, I’m not blown away by his Masterpiece fig either. I’m not sure what it is. Something about him just seems a bit…off. I don’t know if it’s the proportions or the (lack of) paint or what, but where I was blown away by the Datsuns, Wheeljack is just missing something for me as well. Not that he’s not an impressive figure still, but something about him is off.

    Now that the fervor has died down for Exhaust, I may pick him up. So what exactly was changed with his design? Was it just the red “triangles” on his hood? Was it just those slight changes to give the red a slightly different shape?

  3. Maybe I read right over this, but does he come with an option to make him an Autobot? I gots no need for an auto getting the Deception logo in my MP collection. I’d like to keep him on the Diaclone side of things, right alongside Bluestreak and the upcoming red Bee.

  4. Excellent review and comics, as always.

    Man, tobacco companies spoil things in every direction, don’t they? Had this guy on order from BBTS, it got cancelled for the legal reasons listed.

    Well, I’m not overly vexed about it. I’ve got other things to spend my money on at the moment. Maybe someday I’ll pick this guy up, maybe not. They want to do a Lancia Decepticon without legal hassles, I wouldn’t mind a Slicer repaint.

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