Force Awakens Checklist Update: Target 2pk & BF Shock Trooper

Just some quick updates on my Star Wars Black Series: The Force Awakens checklist! I’ve finally got images from the elusive Wave 2 up (Phasma, Poe, Zuvio, & Target Product Placement Guy) and have added in the Battlefront Shock Trooper (though we don’t quite know where it will show up yet).

The other update is for that unannounced, but widely leaked two-pack featuring Poe Dameron in Finn’s clothes and a Riot Control Stormtrooper. This two-pack is widely expected to be a Target Exclusive. Well, we assume it’s exclusive, we know it’s at Target because folks are already finding it!

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5 thoughts on “Force Awakens Checklist Update: Target 2pk & BF Shock Trooper

  1. “Target Product Placement Guy” = Guavian Enforcer (aka not!Red Hood/Zero)
    it took me a minute to realize who you were talking about. 😉

    btw, holding up my Poe I found the other night at Kmart to that pic, it looks like it may be different sculpts on his head? definitely different paint, as X-wing Poe has a five o’clock shadow. Mine also looks like he just smelled something bad, but that pic looks like he just went “hmph. not impressed.”

    …and comparing my Finn, it doesn’t look like they share many parts at all?
    maybe upper legs and arms?

    1. I found this 2pk today in my old hunting grounds. I can now confirm that Poe and Finn are two completely different molds.

      The Poe head does appear to be the same for the X-wing version, with slightly better paint. However, 2pk has a 5o’clock shadow that doesn’t reach up to his ears, for some reason?

  2. Can I just say that while I appreciate the amount of information Jedi Temple Archives has, their reviews are 50% whining about Hasbro. Jeez.

  3. I thought the Shock Trooper was a Walmart exclusive, but maybe that was a rumor. Just as well. The only Walmart near me never stocks their toys.

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