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So dem arms. I’m going to come down off this soapbox real quick after this paragraph, so bear with me. Kobra Khan, two heads. Tung Lashor, two heads. King Hssss, two torsos. Snake Face, two heads & add-on bits. Rattlor, neck extension add-on. Blast-Attak… well forget that guy. Now, I’m not about to complain that we actually got an action feature on a figure! That’s a saints be hallelujah, right there! But, I did happen to like that I could turn all the Snake Men into a standard figure. And, sadly, Sssqueeze kinda needed that most of all. The arms are a lot of fun, but they’re also bulky and I’d be happy just have gotten a spare set of regular arms here. We did get an all-new figures, and he’s fun, but still. Let’s zoom out of this soapbox paragraph now.

The bendy arms we did get are great. Unlike the old, one-piece loop, we’ve got two separate arms with really solid, ratcheted ball-joints that will hold the arms up (he’ll still fall over if he holds too much, but the shoulders don’t drop). Both of the arms are sculpted great and capped by regular oversized hands with a swivel wrist. They’re a lot of fun and give the figure a fantastic 22” wingspan! These may not be the (only) arms I wanted, but they’re still plenty cool.

Sssqueeze includes just one accessory, his vintage staff. We went a little un-vintage on this one. The color is right and the squarish look is preserved, but the old one could intertwine with Sssqueeze’s arms where this one takes on a much more traditional staff shape. And… since he’s got a staff, I guess he doesn’t need the traditional snake staff? I’m overjoyed and still somehow saddened by that. I shouldn’t be, my extras box didn’t really need another one.

Overall, yeah, I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get any regular arms just because my shelves are tight at this point and I really could use a less bulky Sssqueeze! But I’m not going to look an action feature in the mouth nor am I going to complain they didn’t spend enough money on this all-new figure. The bendy arms are fantastic and a lot of fun. The newly sculpted pieces really make the figure stand out among the Snake Men. The head could be more menacing, but at this point that might make him standout too much.

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  1. Thanks for a great review and holy moly, a bunch of hilarious pics (I LOVE YOU GUYS).
    I kinda wish, they would have stuck with Tanglor – think of all the Sssqueeze/Tangled mashup art we lost 😉

  2. Great review and comics, as per usual. Although I think I’m a bigger fan of this figure than you are, Noisy. Loved the Vintage figure when I was a kid, and this version is suitably upgraded for my liking.

  3. Great review. I really wish I still had my old vintage Sssqueeze figure….in fact all my MOTU figures.

  4. As always a fun and great review and.boy got some reach, (no balling pick on figs I bet could dunk from full.court)

    Never owned original but never knew of him. 200x brought him to my attention though and after getvall I owned as a kid in classics on the get list to help finish factions and agree why no.normal arms. Oh well and still awaiting a mouth hinge on these guys that actually use there mouths.

  5. The 4H knocked Sssqueeze out of the park. Sure, a 200x inspired head, swappable arms and/or swappable snake head hands probably would have been enough to launch him into my top ten of MOTUC — that said, I personally don’t feel as though he’s “missing” anythiing — I got exactly what I wanted: a Classics update of the vintage counterpart. I think also the relief in knowing that the Snake Men faction is complete also adds a lot to him as well.

  6. While I too would have liked swappable arms, I can understand why we didn’t get them as I’m sure these cost a comparable fortune in the scheme of things.

    1. Much like the vintage line these figures are one ones getting the most new/unique tooling, rather than say He-Man, Tri-Klops, Man-At-Arms, etc, that all use the same basic parts! 😉

  7. I never really cared for this guy and I still don’t like thst his head looks like a crocodile instead of a snake (though still better than 200X t-rex Rattlor). But…..holy cow what Clayface is that??

    Got Callix in the mail today and he is FANTASTIC. Quite looking forward to that review.

    1. Clayface is the DC Superheroes figure, which came out alongside the early half of DCUC line. available in single or 2pk with a “mud slimed” Batman. He’s a bit hard to find, what with limited distribution and coming on the heels of the “yellowing Stay-Puft Man” fiasco.

      Mine still holds up after being in storage for two years…despite being one of several cases of mildew (mostly DC softer rubber figures with capes) and has “enjoyed” a week long soak in the tub with soap and water and even some vinegar. sigh…. >_>

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