SDCC Armchair Coverage:
MOTU Classics & A Bold New Era!

Pics will start rolling in here soon, but Mattel has finished up their live panel for MOTU Reveals and things are even crazier than you may have expected.

The panel kicked off with a new direction for Mattycollector – they mentioned several old properties, but were non-committal about doing any of them. It was mostly just talking about where they could take Mattycollector going forward. They then recapped the 2015 line-up we saw in the cases on preview night as well as confirming that Teela 2.0 (Filmation) will come with the Talon Fighter & Point Dread

Then we got down to next year’s business! 2016 will see two bi-monthly subs, one continuing the line by adding different characters in the mix and another based on the Filmation versions of the characters we know & love. Nearly everything was revealed and we have the line-ups here:

  • 2016 Club Eternia, Bi-Monthly w/ Sub Exclusive Despara!
    • Figures
      • Lord Masque – January
      • Vultak – March
      • Darius – May
      • Crita – July
      • General Sunder – September
      • Horde Wraith – November
    • Oversized Items
      • Nightstalker
      • Tuskador (Not Shown)

  • 2016 Club Filmation, Bi-Monthly w/ Sub Exclusive Evilseed 2.0!
    • Figures
      • He-Man 2.0 – February
      • Trap-Jaw 2.0 – April
      • Skeletor 2.0 – June
      • Beast Man 2.0 – August
      • Evil-Lyn 2.0 – October
      • Clawful 2.0 – December
  • 2016 Power-Con Exclusives
    • Granamyr (Green)
    • Beast Man (Red)
    • Camo Khan
  • And of course… Snake Mountain! – Reported to be nearly double the size of Castle Grayskull and featuring a Bluetooth Speaker to replicate the old mircophone. This thing is simply gorgeous. Thanks to Enoch Scott for the picture from SDCC!

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24 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
MOTU Classics & A Bold New Era!

  1. Really well done panel (though RGBs get nary a mention). Snake Mountain looks awesome.

    Anti-Eternia He-Man doesn’t seem to have a home, does he? If he is intended to go with the Filmation/2.0 sub, shouldn’t he be using the new He-Man 2.0 base?

    I REALLY wish Teela wasn’t coming with the Talon Fighter. I assume many of us would like more than one of her?

    1. Oops, meant to say, the Anti-Eternia He-Man, however, will make a fine base for a mini comics Ninjor.

  2. Snake Mountain looks entirely too awesome to be true….it’s what many of us have not even dared to dream of. I am hoping it will be under $500 but who knows….probably another dream.

    I hope it actually gets made. That would be a great end to the best toy line ever.

  3. Well, my wallet just had a moment of panic – as I thought it was finally getting some release with the “end” of the line this year – and then breathed a sigh of relief as all I want out of those are filmation he-man and skeletor.

    And of course snake mountain, but ha HAAAAA that’s not about to happen for me anytime soon.

    1. Though wait, the one pictured is Despara, so is the Horde Wraith a different character then? As in the 200X one? Because if so I will grab the hell out of that one too.

  4. So, I guess, MOTU isn’t dead after all? Teh Lein yet lives?

    Seriously, seriously impressed by the balls they have to show that Snake Mountain set. They might want to consider selling Skeletor’s Throne as a separate item for those that just can’t pony up the insane cost the playset will inevitably have. (cost? Can you imagine the shipping charges? yikes.)

    Filmation MOTU figures interest me.

  5. MOTUC is gettig better!!!!

    All this filmation characters are awesome!!

    All the other dark characters too! Vultak, Lord Masque, Horde Wraith!!!


    I did know that Scott Nietlich was a problem for MOTUC

  6. Snake Mountain. it’s….a thing of beauty…..


    Last time I saw one, it was being tossed around on that Tyler Labine sitcom…Tucson? Sons of Tucson? where he scams his way around as the father to a bunch of abandoned kids? (barely lasted 13 eps a couple years back.)

    oh yeah, Vultak is definitely wearing Hawkman’s wings, which I thought Mattel changed the mold for the WWE CREATE Rey Musterio figures? (basically Mashems) I grabbed Rey on first sighting because of the wings, and it is definitely the same pieces, albeit the connector joint on top has been modified. So much for the whole “we can’t re-use an item for another line” excuse.

  7. Wow, MotU Classics went from dieing to coming back with full force! I never had many vehicles of beasts as a kid growing up, only the Road Ripper, Stridor the War Horse and Nightstalker. Hearing they are makin a new, articulated (ie does NOT have 1 leg stuck bent) Nightstalker makes my inner 6-year old extremely happy. And did I read right? Is Tuskador and over-sized figure? I totally have to get him now!

  8. I lost interest in this line years ago, and I’m still kind of glad. If I’d invested in that Castle Grayskull, and then this Snake Mountain comes along and makes it look like a dinky little piece of crap, I’d be mad. We’ll see if Snake Mountain gets made. Didn’t Castle Grayskull get shrunk from the original prototype?

  9. I am definitely going to have to get some MNOTUC figures again to go with the Thundercats Classics.

  10. I am SO pumped! As soon as I got the email saying the new Collector’s Choice sub was up, I didn’t’ hesitate, not even for a second. I’m a weak-willed man for one who was ready for the line’s grand finale. But here it is, back from the dead! And the transparency now is awesome – all the figures, upfront, that’s the way to get people excited enough to buy! I’m so happy right now

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